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Headscratchers / Super Mario Maker

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  • Why did they demake Boos and Yoshi again for the Super Mario Bros. style when they could've just used the existing sprites from Super Mario Bros. Deluxe? Did Nintendo forget they existed?
    • Yoshi isn't actually rideable in the SMB theme; he's only playable as an amiibo costume. The costumes have certain size limitations (the same size as Small Mario), and the Yoshi graphics in SMB Deluxe are much bigger than that (about the same as Peach), necessitating the use of a new sprite. As for Boos, SMB Deluxe just used downgraded Super Mario World sprites, so they probably felt the need to create a more original version to match everything else. I wouldn't put it out of possibility that they forgot about it, though.
  • So, why aren't slopes in the game? It's not a dealbreaker, the game has a lot of potential regardless, but it seems strange to not include such a basic thing. Even if it was restricted to the Mario 3 and SMW styles, that would be better than nothing.
    • I can think of a few reasons: 1) Although a "basic" element of gameplay present since Mario 3, it's not as basic as the stuff they did include, and they likely focused on the essentials. 2) Maybe they didn't find a way to make them work with the original Mario 1 style, and couldn't find gameplay elements to compensate? 3) Considering how much stuff there is in the game, slopes would have either caused some levels to become overly hectic (By that I mean to the point where they're unplayable or not fun), create unexpected glitches, or both.
    • There's also the fact that, as some people who work in game development have told me, slopes are very deceptive and apparently an absolute nightmare to program effectively, let alone ones that are variable and can be placed anywhere. An example would be how Sonic can sometimes glitch through the slopes of Chemical Plant Zone if he's going fast enough in Sonic 2.
  • Why'd they make a new sprite for Bowser's Super Mario World form?
    • Most likely because he needed a new sprite for being outside of his Clown Car. Being incredibly Off-Model compared to most other sprites in World was likely also a factor.
  • Why wasn't there a theme for Super Mario Bros. 2? Is it because of the situation between that game and Lost Levels?
    • Probably because it has a completely different gameplay style compared to the other games included. No Goomba Stomp, completely different enemy archetypes, and the gameplay is mostly focused on carrying and throwing things around. They probably wanted to keep all the game styles similar, so it's left out. The game is still referenced by the doors in the Mario 3 theme and the Peach and Shy Guy Mystery Suits, however.
  • Why are most of the Amiibo costumes so ugly? The other assets from newer games were brought down to proper NES levels of color and size, so why did they decided to break all the rules on the costumes and make them look super out of place? Especially on Sonic and Pacman.
    • Maybe they were going for model accuracy rather than hardware accuracy; a lot of characters would be unrecognizable at 16x16 pixels with 3 colors. Also, for Sonic and Pac-Man, they're using sprites from their debut games; Sonic the Hedgehog and Pac-Land (Pac-Man's first appearance with limbs). Either way, it's better for characters to be recognizable rather than accurate; it's not like the other assets that're reimagined in an older style with the same limitations.
  • Why does the P Switch turn into a ? Switch in the New Super Mario Bros. U style? There's a perfectly functioning model for a regular P Switch in that game.
    • Averted. The December 2015 update changed it into the P Switch.
      • Makes me wonder why it was like that in the first place, but I'm happy it's fixed.
  • When Mario dies, what's with all the red "X"s that appear on the screen?
    • Those are places where other people died in that level.
  • So one time Mario died and then there was some weird audience clapping door knocking and a person whispering the name of the game at the end ...what the what was that?
    • Easter egg. This game is weird, even for Mario.
  • Why aren't there placeable mid-stage checkpoints?
    • Nintendo Didn't Think This Through?
    • I think they were trying to encourage bite-size levels, Super Mario Bros. 3 style, so players could get through (and evaluate) as many as possible. Technically, the maximum level length is quite long, but that may be to keep breezy running levels from being too confined. They're also a little tricky for beginner editors to work with; they can inadvertently troll a player if used improperly.
      • How do you know that checkpoints can they troll a player if used improperly if they still aren't in the game yet?
      • Lunar Magic.
      • Headscratcher averted, mid stage checkpoints confirmed.
      • Additionally, levels have to be cleared from the checkpoint onward to sidestep that issue.
  • Why is the Propeller Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, a Mario game which the item debuted from, an exclusive power-up item for the New Super Mario Bros. U style instead of the Super Acorn? The Super Mario Bros. 3 and World styles have main power-up items, the Super Leaf and the Cape Feather respectively. And the Super Acorn is the main power-up item in New Super Mario Bros. U.
    • They probably thought there was more level potential with the Propeller Mushroom.
  • Anyone have any idea how courses are sorted by difficulty? I observe them through the Super Mario Maker Bookmark site, and I notice they're all over the place between difficulty and clear rate. There's definitely a correlation, but it seems weird that courses with 0% clear rates and hundreds of tries can potentially be in any of the four difficulties, for instance. Some of my courses can drastically decrease or increase in clear rates without changing their classification, while I've had some that barely changed at all and got shifted up or down.
    • I assume that in some cases, new levels that not many people had the chance to clear yet might influence its percieved difficulty. A 1% clear rate for a level that only 20 people have played isn't the same as a 1% clear rate for a level millions have played. The level of said players is also a factor; lots of Mario Maker players are experienced adults who grew up with the series, but lots of other players are children who don't yet have this experience, and are prone to failing and/or quitting a level more often, influencing the clear rate, and by extension the difficulty.
  • So it kinda makes sense for most of the Japanese-only characters to have Non-Dubbed Grunts, but why does Shulk only speak Japanese? Would it really have been too much trouble for Nintendo to reuse audio from his home-series or Super Smash Bros. ?
  • Chitoge as a Mystery Mushroom costume. Why? At least the other non-video game IP's make some amount of sense (either to tie-in with some type of SMM competition/promotion or it's a character that has a huge amount of international appeal), but why Chitoge?