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The Game

  • As this video shows, you can put pretty much every enemy into a Koopa Clown Car. Right down to the more absurd ones such as a Chain Chomp (attached to its peg!), a Bill Blaster, a Blooper Nanny, Circling Boo Buddies, and a Yoshi Egg. Not only that, but if you jump off a Yoshi and he falls into the Clown Car, he will also attack you. The Koopa Car still charges at you with a menacing look even if it contains something harmless like a Mushroom or the Egg. One exception is with Boos, in which the Clown Car itself will follow the Boo's cue and stop in its tracks with an amusing "scared" look.
    • The face the Koopa Clown Car makes if taken out by a block, in contact with Spike Traps, or ridden by a boss that has received damage is amusing too.
    • In this video, the player finds a Koopa Clown Car, which immediately gets manned by a coin and kills him.
  • Following the 1.30 update, if anything other than Mario is seated into a Fire Koopa Clown Car, they will also shoot and attempt to kill you. Including normally friendly items such as power ups and Yoshi eggs.
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  • With amiibo costumes, you can change Mario into an 8-bit form of whatever figure you have on hand. The silliest one is probably Wii Fit Trainer, who does all kinds of yoga poses while platforming. Her normal walking animation is in the dancer pose (meaning she's traversing most of the stage on one foot), for example. It's very funny to watch.
  • When Mario equips a shell on his head, a gong plays. If he equips a Spiny Shell, the sound of a blade sharpening plays instead and the spikes have an Audible Gleam. They're small details, but humorous ones no less.
  • In the editor, if you shake a Lakitu to turn it into an unoccupied Lakitu's Cloud, he actually gets thrown out of it, complete with a scream.
  • Picking up a Mystery Mushroom with a Luigi costume will play a sound of Luigi shouting "YEEEAAAHH!".
  • If you complete the 100-Mario Challenge on Easy, Toad is there to inform you that "Princess Peach has been taken to another castle!"
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  • If you don't find it disturbing, Weird Mario may qualify as this. Even his shoe-riding stance manages to look weird; he has one arm stretched behind his head while he rides along.
  • Each weekday has its own short title screen opening. Tuesday's has Kamek turn Mario into a Goomba and Thursday's has a crowd of Goombas carry Mario offscreen. Flyday's has a fly attempt to fly away with Mario but is hit by a fly swatter (which causes the Flyday label to turn into Friday) and Saturday's has Mario being crushed by a Thwomp. However, Sunday's is notable in that Luigi runs up to Mario, stares at him for a second and shoots a fireball at him before running offscreen.
  • The highly-interactive title screen (a call back to Mario Paint's title screen) has a few funny Easter Eggs hiding within it.
    • For one, the title screen is actually a fully-playable level, complete with enemies and a timer. That means it's fully possible to die or Time Out on the title screen.
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    • Tapping the first "M" on the logo will cause it to turn into a "W" so that it reads "Super Wario Maker", and Wario will chime in. If the theme is set to the original Super Mario Bros., it'll also spawn a Mystery Mushroom with Wario's outfit.
    • Tapping the second "A" on the logo makes it launch off like a rocket, complete with a countdown. After takeoff, it launches off-screen for a second, and then returns to its original position from the bottom. This also clears the screen of items, much like the rocket in Mario Paint.
  • How does Princess Peach get kidnapped at the beginning of the 10 Mario or 100 Mario challenges? She gets captured by two Goombas alone. In Expert Mode, the game lampshades the whole ordeal:
    "Princess Peach is in trouble (again)!"
    • In Super Expert Mode,
      "Princess Peach is in trouble (yet again)!"
  • If you fall down a pit, you'll sometimes get a very rare Easter Egg as the screen continues fixated over the pit. There's eight of them. All of them are compiled here, but if you want a description on some of them...
    • Mario hits the bottom with a thud. Then he gets up, hops, skips, and jumps along, goes through a door, and then gets into a car and drives off. After that, a barking dog is heard chasing after him down the road. Then a flapping bird follows. And then a buzzing gnat.
    • A ton of Marios are in the bottomless pit having a conversation that slowly turns into a party, only to end with Peach saying "Mario?" and interrupting the party, full stop.
    • Mario hears an echo of himself and starts making sounds just to hear it. This gets to the point where Mario starts beat-boxing with his voice clips in an increasingly ridiculous manner, which eventually causes the echo to mess up, revealing it was actually another Mario.
  • One of the visual effects you can put in will distort the image and audio. That's right, "Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy" is back with a vengeance.
  • If the chosen final stage of 100 Mario Challenge on Normal or Expert difficulty happens to have a Bowser Mystery Costume and you then make it to the end with it, you get this exchange:
    Princess Peach: Oh my... Bowser?! Did you save me yourself? How kind!
  • Even the electronic manual gets a chuckle with these bizarre questions in the FAQ section.
  • If you prevent Mario from entering the castle at the end of a level, he'll keep walking into whatever's blocking his way, but will eventually give up and enter a Troubled Fetal Position (actually just crouching, but it's to the same effect). Doubly funny if you do this while wearing a Mystery Suit.
  • The Kuribo's Shoe from Super Mario Bros. 3 can be turned into a high heel shoe. As if the original powerup didn't look silly on its own.
  • When you erase objects near Mario, he'll enter a Troubled Fetal Position and sweat all nervously. If you try to erase him, he'll sweat even faster. Moving a Burner near Mario will also give the same effect.
  • Completing the final level of 10-Mario Challenge or 100-Mario Challenge on Easy as Peach will have Toad say this.
    Toad: Princess Peach? How did you escape!? ...Oh, it's just a costume.
  • There are many random, but funny bits included in the artbook that comes with the game. One of them in particular is a pin-up... of a VERY tall Goomba (or two Goombas, if you interpret that instead) stuck in a pipe.
  • If you use the Big Mushroom powerup (only obtainable by scanning certain amiibos), Luigi can be found riding on either Dry Bones or Bowser Jr. Not really the most expected place for him to be, is it? Also, for some reason, Princess Peach rides Bowser while you're using the Big Mushroom. Dropping them with the bridge axe, though, reveals Peach is a Magikoopa in disguise.
  • Version 1.20 of Mario Maker added in a useless-but-funny easter egg: Placing a set of Warp Doors on the level and tapping on either door will make a knocking sound. Knock enough times quick enough, and the aforementioned Weird Mario opens the door in a random pose, and promptly closes the door again. It's not just limited to the SMB1 style either; in the other styles, not only does Weird Mario still open the door, he opens it while wearing a power-up appropriate to the style, even ones not in Mario Maker!
    • Super Mario World style deserves some mention, because among the possibilities is Weird Mario with a swollen stomach (P-Balloon), and Weird Mario riding a Weird Yoshi.
    • As does the New Super Mario Bros. U style, which has Weird Mario wearing the Penguin Suit, Propeller Mushroom, Acorn Mushroom, and even a very tiny Weird Mario (Mini Mushroom).
    • And if you only knock a few times, Weird Mario knocks back at you.
  • The unlockable Arino costume has its moments, as can be expected from its origins: if he falls into a pit, he says "that was your own fault" in Japanese and upon completing a level, he sings along to the level clear theme, saying "I cleared it, I cleared it, maybe I'll make it home before dinner!" in Japanese, referring how his usual filming sessions last far into the night. Note how he blames you when you fall into a pit, but claims he was the one who cleared the level if you do so.
  • The game only allows you to give an enemy one Super Mushroom to make it bigger. What happens if you try to double-up? The enemy grows bigger still, and then sneezes out the mushroom (intact, no less) as it shrinks back to the previous size.
  • The Statue Mario costume has tiny 8-bit Mario dragging around the Tanooki Suit's statue form. When he runs, he lifts the statue onto his shoulder.

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