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  • The mere fact that Nintendo has made an official Mario Level Maker is a crowning moment, both for Nintendo and the Mario Hack Fandom that finally have some acknowledgement from Nintendo.
  • One SMW fan named PangaeaPanga made a level called Pit of Panga: P-Break which is by far as hard as any romhack you'll find, except he beat it without using tools and the level is uploaded! It took him 9 hours to beat it, but he did it! note 
    • He also created an even harder level, titled Pit of Panga: U-Break, that took him 40 HOURS to upload it, but he did! You can watch him clear it here.
    • PangaeaPanga isn't just any SMW fan: he's the WORLD RECORD HOLDER of fastest time to beat Super Mario World...blindfolded. That's right, the person that's beaten Super Mario World in 23 minutes blindfolded took 40 hours to beat his own map.
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  • Another creator, not content with automatic music levels, created and uploaded a level only beatable by perfectly synching with the in-game music.
  • While also heartwarming, a level called Depression. The level simulates moments of depression and panic attacks, while later providing encouraging and uplifting words to the player towards the end.
  • The game has sold one million units worldwide within its first few weeks of being out.
  • Many creators have made levels based on other games, from classic titles like Frogger and Space Invaders to slightly newer games like Luigi's Mansion and Ace Attorney. It's even better when they hold true to the source material.
  • Ceave Gaming. He is an extraordinary video game design analyzer, who specializes in Super Mario Maker designs and tricks so cool that it looks impossible to create from scratch. Hands down to recreating a Pokémon Battle System and level randomization.
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  • Koji Igarashi has made several quite clever levels nodding to both the games he's worked on, and the franchise's own history.
  • Someone once managed to complete Ross' level You Are A Monster without killing any Yoshis!
  • The Kuribo's Shoe makes a triumphant return after being absent for more than a quarter century (unless you count ports and remakes of 3).
  • André of GameXplain's levels are incredibly well thought-out, with every detail accounted for and considered to be some of the very best amongst all levels. Impressive, when actual Game Devs have made levels with blatant flaws and mistakes.
  • In the original Super Mario World, Bowser only had a Clown Car-based sprite, so the developers obviously had to redesign him for more versatility with other forms here. The result? The one on the right. In some people's opinions, this sprite looks much more menacing than the original and at the same time much more powerful.
    • On a meta-example, Geno from the Cutstuff forums made her own sheet of Bowser's new sprites using only footage of the game, and applied the original SMW palettes to it.
  • Super Mario vs. Mecha Bowzilla.
  • Brick 101 celebrated the 20th anniversary of Super Mario 64 by recreating it in 2d using the SMB 3 engine. And was then nice enough to upload a full playthrough so even people without the system can enjoy it.

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