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Fridge / Super Mario Maker

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Buzzy Beetle shells becoming helmets for Mario to wear is somewhat more clever in Japan, as Buzzy Beetles are called "Mets" (short for "helmets") in Japanese.
  • In underwater levels, the Fishbone enemies completely replace Dry Bones; if they were underwater, they would no longer be "Dry" Bones.
    • That does open another can of worms: Underwater Dry Bones do appear in SMW. So why can't they exist now?
  • Why doesn't Mr. Game & Watch have a custom theme when he finishes a level? Two possible explanations:
    1. Game & Watch games had no music, so there's no music that could be used for his victory theme (unless they mixed random beeps together, like in Super Smash Bros.), or
    2. Super Mario Bros. was actually a Game & Watch title.
  • Charmander and its evolutionary line have fire burning at the end of their tails. Said fire represents their life force, so if it runs out, they die. In underwater levels, though, there's no bubble protecting the flame from the water, which would normally spell doom for Charmander and Charizard... except the ones featured in this game are not normal Charmander and Charizard. That's just Mario in a costume.
  • Why is Super Mario Bros. 2 not included in the theme packs, and nor are any elements specific to the game? Simple. Super Mario Brothers 2 in America was a remake of Doki Doki Panic, so cannot be used within Super Mario Maker.