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    Plot and Setting guesses 
The Plot of Mario Maker is a dream
Mario Maker is somewhat similar to LittleBigPlanet in scope, settings can be nearly used interchangeably. but obviously some things are different such as riding Lakitu clouds in SMB-style though Mario hasn't exhibited any of his later game's abilities in older forms which indicates a Redux of sorts.

Wart will make a grand return, which will provide a justifiable narrative; the game is a dream and it's up to Mario's subconscious to guide him through familiar locales from various points in the series. LittleBigPlanet's world is a collective of Dreams, it would be a missed opportunity not to include things such as series bosses to boot!

The retro skins are illusions.
Notice how the retro skins have the characters cast a shadow on the background, yet the NSMBU skin doesn't. Even the SMW skin has the shadows (even though it has a parallax background).

The entire game is non-canon.

The auto-tune voice is Course Bot.
  • Course Bot is the one that keeps hold of levels so he might be the one that keeps hold of Blocks, Items & Enemies as well so he says them when you place them.
  • Course Bot's face is also quite prominently shown on the conner of the editor.

How Peach got kidnapped by two goombas
Bowser would usually do it himself, but The intro cutscene is actually using the Super Mario Bros. theme In-Universe. She has no animation in that game, so Bowser sent some goombas to get her since there was nothing she could do.

The SMB 1 style suggests that Bowser Jr., too, has a Giga form.
The Amiibo costumes have Bowser and Junior in their modern designs rather than their NES design. However, the Bowsers that you place in the level use the original sprite, and the Bowser Jr.s were given a similar design. Why the discrepancy? Well, Masahiro Sakurai has explicitly stated that Giga Bowser was created as an excuse to use his NES body type in a 3D environment. Since Junior has a similar body type here as well, then...

Costume Mario's forms are actual, elaborate costumes that look and sound exactly like the character in question.
The ones that don't look exactly like Mario (read: anything other than his various forms and Luigi) use masks and animatronics-like magic. In fact, the Bowser Mystery Suit was already used by King Boo in the final boss battle of Luigi's Mansion, except now Mario's operating the suit instead of him. If you really want to try to try to tie this to canon, then maybe E. Gadd studied the Bowser suit after King Boo's first defeat to help him develop the entire Mystery Suit concept.

Alternatively, Costume Mario is a variation of the cap transformations in Super Mario 64 DS.
Mario already had the ability to transform into other characters in that game. Here, it's similar; the only difference is that, instead of gaining their abilities, he gains their sound effects and voice.

    Gameplay Mechanic guesses 
In true Kaizo style, characters will have optional restrictions
All of Mario's past and present has the ability to move and jump. however it's to the stagemaker's choice to include the original limitations for difficulty purposes or to keep stages fresh; so for example, SMB Mario might not be able to move the screen to the left once it wraps off the screen however his maximum running speed develops quickly which sacrificed some jumping ability as a result.

Whilst Super Mario World Mario might be able to throw Koopa shells upwards, slide down ramps and have a much more freemoving, but easily controllable jump (which can be jumpcrouched, as well as Spinjumped which may or may not replace NMSB Mario's groundpound for SMW Mario). whilst New Super Mario Bros. U Mario might be similar to SMB Mario however he can scroll the screen to the left, Walljump as well as performing Ground Pound. it may not be limited to just Mario as a character (if slim Mushrooms doesn't make Luigi redundant), it may be possible for a stage to "shift" if you pass checkpoint-like objects.

  • Seems to be confirmed, in some capacity. Each game plays like the original. For example, SMB Mario can't pick up objects, SMW and NSMBU both have the Spin Jump, and NSMBU has the Wall Jump and Ground Pound. There are a few differences, though; for example, SMB Mario can scroll the screen the left, and the Spin Jump in NSMBU can bounce off of Piranha Plants and spiked objects like in SMW. However, they can't be enabled or disabled.

You'll be able to select other characters than Mario to play as.
The likely candidates being Luigi, Peach, and Toad.
  • Confirmed for Link, Yoshi, Isabelle, Wii Fit Trainer... but only with a corresponding Amiibo
    • Yes and no for the "corresponding Amiibo" part. The characters they unlock can be played as even without the amiibo; scanning it creates a Mystery Mushroom which can be placed in the level, and which turns Mario into the corresponding character (What they call a Mystery Suit) when picked up. You don't necessarily have to own an amiibo, just play a course in which someone did scan an amiibo. Mystery Suits can also be unlocked via the 100-Mario challenge.

There will be Metroid and Zelda style skins.
Kind of a given, considering it was stated there may be skin styles not based off of Mario, and it's mostly based off the NES original.
  • Jossed, it's been confirmed there won't be any skins that aren't from Mario. Zelda and Metroid characters are able to be used as amiibo costumes, however.
    • There's nothing saying there won't be DLC themes though. So unless they said somewhere they won't be DLC, this still has a chance of happening.

There will be Yoshi, Wario Land and Donkey Kong Country skins
And if different skins are unlockable, they could be used as a way to ease the player out of just Mario skins, due to technically being Mario.

You will be able to either bring bosses into the levels or create your own
  • Confirmed. You can place Bowser and Bowser Jr. in levels.

DLC Packs
There will be DLC packs which introduce new enemies and new skins beyond the "classic 3" and NSMBU.

You will be able to create your own music.
The game will allow you to make your own music. Like maybe bringing in Mario Paint or something of the sort to perform this.
  • Jossed. Koji Kondo explicitly stated in an interview that there won't be a music-composing feature. However, as shown in the Overview trailer, you can create levels that use Music Blocks in a pseudo-music composer fashion.

You can switch between Mario and Luigi.
As in Mario or Luigi's playstyles. Heck, even throw in Peach and Toad's playstyles too! Floating Mario, anyone?(Or you can unlock different characters like Bowser who can breath flames while jumping around.) (Side note: I want the three WMGs above me to happen so much!)

There will be two Wario Mystery Suits.

You can have Bowser fight himself, or even his own son.
  • Considering the Amiibo costumes, it would bring unfortunate implications.
    • Confirmed. Both Bowser and Bowser Jr. Mirror Matches are completely possible.

A 100th costume will be added later.
For the future Smash Ballot winner. It seems weird they would stop the amiibo costumes at just 99, and it's likely the ballot winner will get an amiibo,
  • Seems to be a given, since the only amiibo that can't be used in any way is the the Mii Fighters since they're customizable.
  • There already ARE 100 costumes.
    • Then it'll be the 101th costume.
  • CONFIRMED! A DLC costume featuring Faimitsu's Mascot Nekky has been confimed as DLC.
  • Nekky is not in Smash. Bayonetta was the winner, but we don't see the Ballot winner's costume.

Costumes will be added with nearly every new amiibo released, possibly indefinitely or for at least a long time.
Mewtwo and Lucas already being costumes from the start suggests that the game's programmers do have Smash's DLC in mind. It seems more likely than not that, at the very least, Roy and Ryu will be added as well, and possibly Cloud, Bayonetta and Corrin (either male or female).

Following the Success of this game, we can probably expect more "Maker" games from Nintendo
Because who wouldn't want to make their own Legend of Zelda overworlds, towns, and dungeons? Or Metroid mazes? Or even 3D Mario levels a la Super Mario 64?

Related to the above, there will be a 3DS equivalent to this game
Similar to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, it will be focused mainly around Mario's Handheld adventures, like Super Mario Land, or even the Game & Watch games.
  • Confirmed. It's called Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS. But it's more of a port from the Wii U version, with a few ups and downs (UPS: a more helpful tutorial, Super Mario Challenge, and StreetPass; DOWNS: removed Mystery Mushrooms costumes, amiibo support, and inability to upload courses).

Guesses for upcoming costumes:
With updates upcoming and more costumes being added for Event Courses very soon, there's bound to be at least a few WMGs for these. We know that Necky, Arino and Mario-kun will be added, but what more could be included?

If slopes are added, they can be created by shaking normal ground blocks.
  • And you change its steepness by shaking it again, and change the direction by tapping on it.
    • Or maybe the steepness changes depending on how many ground blocks you've selected and how you've selected them.

Eventually, Luigi will be added.
  • And I don't mean that amiibo costume (sigh), I mean Lost Levels Luigi, the slippery, high jumping bro himself. You can already shake Mario, so it's possible that he could be selected by doing that. And if he picks up a Weird Mushroom, he'll turn into Weird Luigi, the ultimate in high jumping power. Or just gain Mario physics, either one works.

The Pikachu, Charizard, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Lucario, and Greninja costumes will finally get sound effects for the March 3rd 2016 update
Well, in the last big update, they changed the course element voice to say "Junior Clown Car" instead of "Koopa Clown Car" in the New Bros. U style as well as adding course IDs to the course loading screens, so I don't see why not.
  • Jossed.

The 8-Bit Link amiibo will have the same function as the 8-Bit Classic Mario and 8-Bit Modern Mario
Well, they're both Milestone Celebration 8-Bit amiibo. Mario transforms to Big Mario, but with 8-Bit Link sprite swap.
  • Jossed. It only gives a Costume Mario power-up.

There will be an update to Super Mario Maker for 3DS that allows people to upload their course online.
Jossed there was no such update.

There will be a sequel to Super Mario Maker for the Switch that adds new features.
It will have slopes in. New bosses like Boom-Boom, Razor, the Koopalings. New power ups like the Frog suit.
  • In addition to the costumes in the Wii U game, new costumes will be added.
  • It will have Super Mario Challenge from the 3DS version, or something similar.
  • Confirmed! See here: Super Mario Maker 2


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