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Headscratchers / Super Mario 3D World

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  • What happened to Meowser's clones after the final battle? Did they actually get killed by the giant POW block?
    • Probably. Your clones get killed all the time when using that power-up, after all.
  • Are the Sprixies all girls?
    • Probably. No males have been discovered, but people may sometimes wonder, how do the Sprixies propagate?
      • My guess? Just like everyone else, Baby Sprixies are delivered by storks. That or magical asexual reproduction, and they don't actually have a sex.
  • How does anything survive in Lake Lapcat between being submerged in that black rage goop, being underwater, and Fury Bowser traveling around submerged?
    • Back in Mario Sunshine the black goop did the same stuff, reshaping reality and submerging living Piantas and Nokis until Mario freed them. Its Magic Goop, We Don't Have to Explain It. And Bowser is only visiting, the place is probably a paradise otherwise.
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  • Is self-bubbling a canon ability?
  • This is a very minor headscratcher, but what is up with the red and green hammers that are owned by the Mario Bros.? Appearance wise, they're the same type of hammers wielded by the Sprixie Princesses. Are they special in some way?

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