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  • I find it odd that Mega Man, who faced off against threats such as Onslaught and Abyss in the past, isn't back to save the world from the MUCH bigger threat of Galactus. Did Dr. Light think he wasn't capable of beating him?
    • Apparently, the creators didn't put him back in the game due to the fact that they'd have to change his moveset a little just to put him into the game. But, that's a gameplay reason (that, quite honestly, I'm annoyed by, but that's for another day), not exactly a story reason...
    • To add to that, he would've made an alright rival to Taskmaster...
    • He's not in the game because of bad blood within Capcom. Keiji Inafune left/was fired from Capcom, revealing some tasty secrets along the way. Naturally, as Mega Man was his pet project from day one, they canceled two of the three Mega Man games in developement(the other being a Korean MMO) and kept only the two characters they deemed important: Tron and Zero.
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    • There's no bad blood. If there was, they wouldn't have added Frank West, another Inafune creation, into Ultimate.
    • Maybe they just wanted to put Zero in for a change? Mix up the roster a bit?
    • Zero was put in there in place of the original blue bomber because he had more variety in his moves and was overall the better fighter, just look up Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Sv C Chaos if you need proof of that.
  • Why did Zero get a new VA in English anyway? I have nothing against JYB, but what gives? Was Lucas Gilbertson too expensive or something? Could they not get a hold of him and fly him down to the States for recording? Last time I checked, Paul Dobson (also a member of The Ocean Group, and a much more recognizable/prolific one at that; Gilbertson is affiliated with The Ocean Group's "sister" studio, Blue Water Studios) is here voicing Doom and Shuma...
    • You're possibly answering your own question: Lucas is affiliated with the Blue Water Studios. While it's a branch of The Ocean Group, they may work differently. Or maybe he has some personal problems?
    • They normally don't work together, but they have shared voice talent and/or other resources (such as voice directors) on a few occasions (i.e. the more recent Mega Man games, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam). It's possible that there were just scheduling conflicts though and as far as I know, Lucas is still affiliated with The Ocean Group and its subsidiaries.
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    • It's been stated by the people in charge of the voice acting that they couldn't tell the voice actors or their agents what the project was until they got into recording because Capcom was worried about leaks. They couldn't get Viewtiful Joe's original voice actor partly because of this. Same thing could have happened with Lucas Gilbertson.
  • Fate of two worlds. So do they mean to imply that Street Fighter, Mega Man, Devil May Cry, Vietiful Joe, Okami, and Resident Evil all take place on a single planet?
    • For all purposes, I believe so. Namco x Capcom rolled with a similar idea.
    • Theory: Okami is feudal times. Street Fighter and Resident Evil are across the 20th Century. Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe are present day. Mega Man is the not-too-distant future. This then creates the issue of time travel, but that's something a comic company wouldn't be unfamiliar with.
    • I heard a fan explanation that Galactus's presence caused a rift in the space time whatever, and there is a parallel Capcom universe now; each one of the individual Capcom worlds is a part of that new world and vice versa. ...I'm not explaining it well, look up "Turnabout Crossover."
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    • It seems that the answer is both yes and no. Zero's ending shows the Silver Surfer trying to return Zero to the world of Megaman X specifically (and almost dropping him off in Megaman Zero's universe) so clearly each of the Capcom worlds are still separate on some level though with cross-overs, cameos and time lines (like aren't all Megaman games implied to be the same world?) it's hard to know for sure how many separate worlds Capcom has. If you take the entry quips as cannon it seems that the villains (as explained by the tie in comic sold with the collectors edition of Mv C 3) used Galactus' power and fused all the worlds into a single amalglam world. That's the only possible way that people like Phoenix Wright and She-Hulk could be familiar with one another since even a united Capcom world wouldn't explain that. Of course the video seems that everybody was teleported in and in classic hero fashion blamed the first person they saw and started brawling. Though later videos seem to imply the good guys sorted things out. Which actually begs another question.
  • You know when Akuma charges up energy for his Messatsu Gou Hadou, Messatsu Gou Shoryu or Tenma Gou Zanku? Am I the only one who can hear children laughing when he does so or am I just going senile in my old age?
    • No, you're indeed hearing the laughter of children. The same effect IIRC could be heard in Street Fighter IV as well.
    • Ah-ha. So since that's true, what's with the laughing then? Maybe he's good with kids.
    • To quote this page, "This is never explained, but a popular theory is that since Akuma has power over death, this is the sound of lost souls laughing as Akuma condemns his victim."
    • It being children is a bit harsh. Then again kids laughing at you is worse than grown ups laughing at you. Especially spectral children representing each victim of the Satsui no Hadou's existence.
    • I heard that it's because Japanese demons sound like children laughing. *shudder*
    • Children can be fricking disturbing if used in particular contexts.
  • Silver Surfer wasn't put in because they couldn't find a way to implement his board into regular gameplay. Fair enough. Then it was stated that he looked too much like Iceman without it. While that's mostly true, my only thing is... why state this? Iceman has no role in this game. If he WERE in the game, it would be understandable, but since he's not, it just seems like a reason that was unnecessary.
    • If Iceman were in this for whatever reason they could just make him exude icey steam or whatever it is to make him stand out from Norrin. Besides Silver Surfer doesn't use JUST his board.
    • Probably a gameplay choice based on the importance of Galactus' Heralds, especially in the Heroes and Heralds mode for Ultimate. Hard to make a shiny silver guy stand out when there are suddenly a lot of shiny silver people.
  • Phoenix Wright? Seriously? How's he supposed to hold his own against... well, anyone on the roster? He's a lawyer.
    • Besides the obvious PHOENIX PUNCH? Well, either A) Power Creep, Power Seep makes his punches as strong as his other lawyer friend's, B) most of his attacks involve shouting at people and pointing, C) he uses various props and murder weapons from his more famous cases to attack.
    • Just because he's a lawyer, doesn't mean he can't kick and punch people.
    • Sorry, but what makes it odd is that he isn't originally a fighter at all... Even Frank West can fight zombies in his game. Besides, isn't Nick said to be peaceful and averse to actual fighting?
    • He's mostly in for the fanbase, but really, if they can turn him into a fighter, then they've won. Anyone can give Wolverine a moveset, maybe Capcom wanted to show off. Also it's Capcom and Marvel. Not really the pillar of realistic portrayals here.
      • (op) I can grant that. It'll be interesting to see if they can make a character who fights with the force of his personality instead of fists and lightning bolts.
      • They did it, sort of. Wright fights without fighting, his attacks are based on Courtroom Antics , accidents or looking for evidence. Also, he has 3 stances based on different stages of his trademark investigation. By the way, he also uses lightning bolts while presenting evidence.
      • It seems to have been explained, albeit four years later, in Project X Zone 2. In that game, Morrigan overcharges his Magatama to allow him to, as Maya put it, "be as powerful as the Steel Samurai". It's not too much of a stretch to assume the same thing happened here.
    • While the anime wasn't out when this game was made it offers us an alternative interpretation. Everybody in the Pheonix Wright world are bad asses. When we see witnesses and lawyers freaking out to "Objections" it's not them reacting to the words, there is a physical energy produced. We're shown people being knocked off their feet by the power of those words similarly to when characters power up in other animes such as Dragonball Z. If two people with zero shown or implied powers can knock people around with the power of their words it's frightful to think what they might be capable of if they were trying.
  • Speaking of Nick, I'm curious about how they handle the "OBJECTION" as an attack. The problem is the language setting: with JPN language he'll shout "Igiari" and with ENG language he'll shout "Objection". So far, there's no problem with that... But how would it affect the speech bubble? It would seem odd if the speech bubble reads the kanji of "Igiari" while he shouts "Objection".
    • I think they would translate it, you know...
    • (OP) I mean, sure, they will translate the voice, so ENG Nick will shout Objection. The problem is about the speech bubble. Would the speech bubble change if we switch the voice actor from Japanese to English and vice versa? That's my question.
    • They can either just use one language for the speech bubble (most likely English since the game is bigger in the west), or make it so that speech bubble is about the same size for both languages, with the exact same hitbox underneath. Remember, this is a 2D fighting games, Hitbox Dissonance is a fact of life here.
    • (OP) I'm not talking about the hitboxnote , I'm talking about the text in the speech bubble. Just a simple problem, yet it's worthy for a scratch on the head: Will the text read "OBJECTION" in both languages? Or will it be "OBJECTION" in Western release and the kanji for "Igiari" in the Japanese release?
    • (OP) Maybe they will do what they did for SFIV and have a Country Switch, If you try to play the Japanese version of the game on an American PS3, the game will switch Igiari to Objection so that it matches the US release of the game.
    • One presumes it'll be the same size Speech Bubble for English and Japanese, presuming the Speech Bubble itself is what does damage. Or it won't actually be a bubble, just a pointer finger, a caption, and wave of energy.
  • (poster of first response)- When I said "I think they would translate it, you know...", I was referring to the speech bubble, not just voice.
  • Will we have to re-buy Shuma and Jill for Ultimate if we already have them for Vanilla?
    • No. If you already bought them in vanilla, then you keep them in Ultimate. If you didn't buy them in vanilla, you have to buy them.
  • What exactly is M.O.D.O.K. doing in the pre battle line up? He snaps something, but I can't figure out what.
    • A fly lands on his cheek. He then swats it.
    • It looks like a sort of palm snap, like him snapping his fingers and scratching his face thoughtfully. Interpret that into something that makes sense.
  • Could someone please explain the "I AIN'T EVEN MAD" Nemesis meme? I don't get the reference.
    • In one of Maximillian's (sp?) videos, he described Nemesis's Punching Hyper combo that can ignore anything, such as Spencer's Bionic arm to the spine and Chun-li's Kikosho. In other words, Nemesis ain't even responding to your attack.
  • Do we know what everyone is guilty of? If Phoenix can convict everyone in the game (even HIMSELF if a mirror match is going on) Then what's the charge? Also how the hell can you convict GALACTUS!?
    • The same reason Captain America fights Amaterasu and Chris Redfield will beat down Nova — every other character except the ones on your team are Skrulls. The only exception is the Super Skrull, who is in fact Jarvis.
    • Actually, Galactus can't be convicted, because he has immunity... Hyper Armor immunity, that is.
  • Maybe it's just me, but isn't it a little odd that one of Frank West's hyper combos uses the paddlesaw when that would be more suited to Chuck Green if he was added as DLC? Especially because every other move of Frank's is combo weapon-free, and that he's based on Dead Rising 1 Frank.
    • That hyper only uses the paddlesaw when his camera level (I mean, the "Lv" icon near his health bar) is Lv 4. Below that, he only uses brooms, bats and hatchets. In Lv 4, some of his normals and specials also change into the paddlesaw.

      As for the original question, though, perhaps it's because he can use combo weapons in DR 2? I might be wrong.
    • It could have been left over from when Chuck himself was considered for MVC 3(Vanilla or Ultimate, I don't remember), and when he was cut the dev team had his moves transferred over to Frank. At the very least, it explains why his moveset uses so many DR 2 weapons.
  • A very minor one, but it seems weird that Frank is addressed as, well, Frank West in his name-under-his-health-bar thingy, since most of the other characters are addressed by either their first or last name (Tron, Chris, Haggar, Wesker), unless they had a title (Strider Hiryu), a more iconic name (Iron Man, Super-Skrull), or someone else already had their name (Phoenix, Phoenix Wright).
    • Frank West himself insisted on it. Success in journalism is all about getting your name out there. And you can't have people assuming some other Frank beat Galactus and saved the world.
    • That, and Frank West is one of the few character's whose home series mentions his last name outside of the manual.
    • Just having 'Frank' would be a bit flat. Remember, the name under their health bar is the name used throughout the game eg. character select screen. Chris Redfield gets away with it by being iconic.
  • Mashing buttons for hypers - can somebody explain what's the use of it aside from extending hits and damage?
    • Nothing. Mashing buttons merely adds more damage and a lot of hits. It's bad for damage and hitstun scaling, but better when you need something dead fast.
    • If you played Frank West, mashing hypers will net you a higher number of hits before you tagged in Frank West with another hyper combo, and then he can use the camera attack at the end and quickly gain level.
  • What is Firebrand's Luminous body special referencing from the series. It doesn't resemble his Aerial or Legendary/Ultimate forms.
    His Luminous Body hyper references a rather obscure ability of the Red Arremers in the first Ghosts 'N Goblins: If the player takes too long to defeat an Arremer, his skin turns grey/white and he becomes faster and more aggressive.
  • I know the plot is an excuse, but shouldn't Tron and/or Zero be devoting a bit more attention to warning somebody about the parade of apocalypses scheduled to occur and drive almost everything that lives to extinction? You'd think the topic would come up rather more often than it does.
    • It's never explained explicitly for Tron but Zero is fully aware that he comes from an alternate world. And this is Zero from Megaman X not Megaman Zero as is shown by his ending.
  • Why does Galactus threaten to crush you like an insect AFTER you beat him? Wouldn't it make more sense for him to say this after you defeat his heralds?
    • Most likely a programming error. His voice files have a VERY death cry-esque scream in them.
    • He's trying to deny the fact that he lost to a lowly mortal.
  • Are Street Fighter vs X-Men, Marvel vs Capcom and Marvel vs Capcom 2 considered canon? It's been a while since I played those games but if I recall properly Ryu was accepted as an Avenger and Chun Li as an X-Man in those games. As cool as it would be for Cap to acknowledge Ryu as a team member when building Team Avengers, the bigger question is why are Wolvie and Ryu fighting in the intro. The two of them getting dumped out of a portal onto a rooftop should have resulted in both of them groaning "you again?!" and promptly teaming up but if Mv C 3 is considered a new beginning. . .
    • Nope. None of these games are canon or have any bearing on each other. As for Ryu and Wolvie, they're iconic of each company (it's called Wolverine Publicity, after all).
  • Why is Deadpool treated as a hero, while Taskmaster is treated as a villain? They're both mercenaries who are in it for the money, and will work alongside anyone as long as it benefits them in some way...
    • Deadpool has his own line of comics, of which he is the hero? Does that have any bearing on it? But yeah, Taskmaster shouldn't really be called a villain in this game - he's not evil in the slightest (where does that leave Vergil?).
    • He slipped the developers some extra 50s now and then to get himself listed as a hero. I dare you to tell me he wouldn't.
  • Why was Venom on Marvel's "Don't Use" list?
  • Why is Zero's DLC costume that of X instead of his Megaman Zero attire, especially when Frank's DLC costume is also X?


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