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  • Abridged Arena Array: The only stage you'll really see in competitive UMvC3 is Bonne Wonderland (barring the occasional Training Room), due to a combination of a) its calm and unobtrusive stage design ensuring both players can't get distracted, b) lack of background detail resulting in a steady framerate, and c) it being the first option on the stage select making it easy to get to in a hurry and the random option having a chance of leading to an undesirable stage.
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  • Accidental Innuendo: Spencer's "You don't know nothing about swinging!" line to Spider-Man, especially regarding the latter's astonishing number of love interests and his actions post-One More Day.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Fans weren't happy when, after the game went out of print, Jill and Shuma-Gorath became completely unavailable to download from that point forward. Fortunately, the downloadable re-release on PS4/Xbox One/Steam brought back those characters without the need to purchase any extra DLC.
  • Broken Base: The inclusion of Zero brought a long-standing debate over whether his Mega Man Zero incarnation should have been in the game instead of the Mega Man X version of the character. Zero's ending, where he visits the Mega Man Zero universe with the assistance of the Silver Surfer, only served to add fuel to the debate.
  • Character Tiers:
    • In Vanilla: Dante, Phoenix, Wesker, and Wolverine are the Tier-Induced Scrappies, high-tier version. From the low-tier side, Thor gets better (but the fans still placed him at the low tier level). Hsien-Ko's not so lucky.
    • Vanilla Phoenix might go down as the most hated fighting game character of all time, due to how she would still win regardless of how poorly your opponent played. Even in Ultimate after her nerf, winning in a tourney with Phoenix results in being booed offstage.
    • Wesker was hated early in Ultimate's lifespan for his buff where taking off his glasses boosted his speed, leading many to decry his spot as the third character on many teams where he now gets "Level 4 X-Factor." Nowadays, Wesker has dropped in his tier position, mostly due to people figuring out his weaknesses (owned heavily, ironically, to his overexposure).
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    • Zero (and to a lesser extent Firebrand) are hated for their ability to make the game single player. Good Zero teams can and do win with perfects quite regularly.
    • In a very offensive and aggressive game, the best duo is Morrigan/Dr. Doom, a projectile spamming defensive duo that hard counters most of the cast. Can you say "hated duo?"
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome:
    • Sentinel used to be the most popular character in the vanilla version, until a patch nerfed the character's health. Even then, the number of Sentinel users was only reduced slightly.
    • Come Ultimate, the most popular teams are a mix of Dante, Deadpool, Zero and Vergil.
    • Dr. Doom, Magneto and Wesker are commonly picked due to their superb Assists on top of being pretty good on point.
  • Contested Sequel: Though with very amicable terms to Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. Players debate if this game's refined mechanics, unique roster (filled with some great pulls like Rocket Raccoon, Dormammu, Wesker and Vergil), fantastic presentation and fun gameplay can make up for its stranger design decisions, such as the extremely contentious X-Factor, extremely restrictive metagame and smaller roster than MvC2. It's usually agreed that the game is quite solid, but these factors are still hotly debated years after the game's release.
  • Crack Pairing: Felicia and Super Skrull appearing in the art for one T-shirt hasn't stopped certain fans in Capcom's official forums from shipping them together.
  • Crazy Awesome:
    • Deadpool is so crazy that he attacks in nonsensical ways like using the HUD to attack opponents.
    • Dante, of his own admission.
    (after beating Deadpool) Sometimes you gotta out-crazy the crazies if you wanna beat 'em.
  • Crossover Ship:
    • Iron Man and Morrigan are paired with many characters from within the game. Morrigan has been shipped with Iron Man (by virtue of Iron Man's winquote and the first intro movie of vanilla MvC3), Chris (by way of Chris's Take My Hand moment in the first intro movie and the final picture in the fourth intro movie), Deadpool (by way of a hilarious scene in the first intro movie), Dante (which predates this game by a margin of a few years), Shuma-Gorath (she appears to be... fond of Shuma's tentacles), and Wolverine (by way of his own ending in the game). Iron Man has been shipped with almost all of the women, especially Morrigan (by virtue of the already mentioned intro movies), Crimson Viper (by way of his pre-fight quote), and even Tron Bonne! A web animation takes it to the logical extreme.
    • Hulk/X-23 and Deadpool/Dante, due to the sheer amount of eye contact between the pairs during the opening cinematic.
    • Thanks to the fourth intro movie, Haggar/Felicia.
    • Dormammu/Trish (the high dosages of crack are even lampshaded by the fan artist). If anything, the game is quickly proving one infallible truth: if you can think it up, you can ship it.
  • Epileptic Trees:
    • In Wesker's ending, due to him capturing some Marvel heroes (shown in picture: Phoenix, Spidey, and Cap) and placing them in People Jars, as well as infusing them with Uroboros virus, many fans think that he's the one who caused the Marvel Zombies plot. His slightly-modified ending in Ultimate touches this deeper, as per his quote:
    Wesker: The fantastic specimens from this new world should yield zombies to be truly... marvel.
    • Some fans speculate that Sentinel's original ending from X-Men: Children of the Atom triggered the Days of Future Past stage in Ultimate.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Wesker, Jill Valentine and Dark Phoenix are the main sources of this, but several other villains fit this trope as far as taste and fetish dictate.
  • Fan Nickname: Mentok the Mindtaker for Skrull, due to his green skin, and many gamers being only familiar with Marvel through the movies (which wouldn't feature the Skrulls until Captain Marvel (2019), and even then not with K'lrt himself), and not the comics themselves.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: Taskmaster's Carrot Orange outfit from his time in the Frightful Four makes a return.
  • Fountain of Memes: Anything Deadpool says is liable to Memetic Mutation.
    Deadpool: Have gun, will shoot!
    Deadpool: Anime power up time!
  • Franchise Original Sin: There were a few Marvel characters who were added to the roster for the express purpose of promoting MCU films, such as Thor, Hawkeye, Doctor Strange (who hadn't gotten his movie until five years later but was always planned), and most notably Rocket Raccoon (who was a big unknown before his film debut was a massive success). Furthermore, they downplayed the presence of X-Men characters in favor of others (2 had 18 out of 28, 3 has 7 out of 25) with only four X-Men returnees from that game (Wolverine, Magneto, Storm, Sentinel). But since it made X-Men less of a blatant Spotlight-Stealing Crossover, added more space for the general Marvel Universe, and gave three new X-Men additions with fan-favorites Phoenix, X-23 and Deadpool, this was an effect fans generally liked. The MCU-inspired characters (for the most part) didn't take up space, allowing established veterans and other Unexpected Characters alike from all corners of the universe to be represented in the game. However, this was turned Up to Eleven in Infinite, where one of the biggest complaints was that almost the entire Marvel roster were related to the MCU, and were big-name stars, without any mutants, Doctor Doom, or the signature unexpected additions, and combine that with a severe lack of polish, made the game feel like a cheap cash-in and MCU plug.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    "She-Hulk smash! Heh... Imagine."
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Zero is at the very top of the tier list, and when played on-point has been known to decimate entire teams by himself. This mostly revolves around his Sougenmu hyper combo, which can be used to loop his opponents for massive amounts of damage, if not outright death on weaker foes.
    • X-Factor, particularly Level 3, was designed to be a Comeback Mechanic, but proved to be so overpowered it can quickly change the tide of the battle. Damage in this game is already quite high due to the heavy combo potential, but X-Factor can boost a characters speed and damage to truly absurd heights. Many of the best characters in the game benefit from X-Factor heavily, and it's not uncommon to be the reason why monsters like Dark Phoenix and Vergil can be so dangerous.
    • Phoenix's Dark Phoenix Hyper Combo makes her one of the strongest characters in the game, with devastating attacks that cover the entire screen. It's supposed to be balanced by a constant HP drain, but that's nothing when her second hyper can heal her, and her incredible mobility makes her quite difficult to hit anyways. Throw in X-Factor and she can turn the tide of the match all by herself, dealing massive amounts of chip damage that she might as well be hitting you normally.
    • Doom's Hidden Missiles assist do much to strengthen zoning teams or characters. Doom himself is a solid character in his own right too, so it's not even really a trade-off including him on your team just for his assist.
    • Vergil's normals have extremely long range, and several of his moves have hitboxes from behind, making most jump-in cross-ups useless against him. By combining his Devil Trigger hyper with X-Factor, his combos dish out absurd amounts of damage and build a lot of meter, thus enabling him to use his level 3 hyper, the strongest attack in the game. Finally, his remaining hyper is a fullscreen attack that he can combo into extremely easily, making him an incredibly effective anchor with insane comeback potential.
  • Genius Bonus:
    • Captain America's quip against Zero can be a reference to the binary numbers concept, or the fact that Japanese fighter pilots in WWII were nicknamed "Zeroes", though Cap didn't fight in the Pacific. Or the fact that "zero" is a generic insult.
    • Phoenix Wright's line when defeating Firebrand. He casually quips, "Well, look at that! I guess you can beat the devil!" It can remind one of another certain attorney who took on the Devil and won. The quote itself is more or less a reference to both Miles Edgeworth and Manfred von Karma of his own series, but it can still apply to the book.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff:
    • For some strange reason, Shuma-Gorath is popular in Japan. According to Seth Killian, Shuma-Gorath was chosen by Capcom's Japanese developers because he was listed in an old Marvel universe handbook; coupled with a lot of "characters in tights", a one-eyed tentacle monster really stood out, even though he's not a popular Marvel character.
    • In a Q&A session with Niitsuma, he stated that Spider-Man's announcement was intentionally held off until the Tokyo Game Show because he is a popular character in Japan.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • Cinematic hypers resetting the hitstun decay, which means that long MvC2 style combo videos that run into the hundreds of hits are still possible.
    • Dr. Doom has a glitch which can also qualify as a Game-Breaking Bug, in which he can abuse the cooldown frames of his Hidden Missiles to generate more missiles at once. This does extra damage, but using it too much in a row can freeze the entire game, forcing you to reset it.
    • Zero's Sougenmu glitch, which involves snapbacking the opposing player's point character with Zero's shadow clone while one or both of their Assists were out, causing none of the opposing members to jump back into the fight for the remainder of the match. This was patched up.
    • There's also another glitch, dubbed "Quicksilver", in honor of Dante's time-controlling Style in DMC3, found by Rogueyoshi.

      It involves Dante calling in a THC (Team Hyper Combo/Cross-over Combination) during a style cancel using Stinger (or Wild Stomp). This freezes the game until Dante returns to a neutral state, meaning that if a skilled Dante can loop his style cancels, the glitch remains in effect until he pretty much whittles away the health of the poor soul on the receiving end of this (if the opponent is blocking, they can eventually escape by using a Team Assist Counter). Like the Doom Hidden Missile glitch, doing this for too long eventually causes the game to crash.
    • One that has nothing to do to gameplay is one of Deadpool's new opponent-specific winquotes in Ultimate: "...and THAT's for pooping on my lawn. I'm the only one who gets to do that." Considering the tone of the quote, one could suppose it should be directed to Amaterasu (who is a wolf, whom many people mistake for a common dog), but weirdly enough (and maybe because of this), it ended up as the quote against... Spencer? What is doubly strange is that Deadpool already had a quote for him. Doesn't stop fans from letting their imaginations fly as to why the guy with the bionic arm would take a dump on Pool's lawn.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The Ultimate version of Nick Fury appears in C. Viper's ending. Most people saw it as odd… until the Updated Re-release came out with the name Ultimate MvC3.
    • Zero taking a pot shot about X's absence from the roster has been made funnier now that it's been revealed that Zero's DLC suit actually is X.
    • M.O.D.O.K. was nicknamed "M.O.D.O.T." (the T for "Trolling") by many due to the fact that he managed to be included in the game despite being "obscure." In Ultimate, one of his alts. is that of a real M.O.D.O.T. (the T this time for "Talking") in the comics, specifically in the Howard the Duck comics.
    • On gameplay videos featuring Galactus, people would often post the comment, "Much like the Fantastic Four, I am not playable." Cue Ultimate, where Galactus really IS playable!
    • Iron Man flirts with all the ladies in the roster... sans Ammy. Cue Ultimate, where Ammy is finally the target of flirting... by Rocket Raccoon of all people. With the similar quotes, too:
    Iron Man's intro against female characters: So, you doing anything after this?
    Rocket Raccoon's winquote against Ammy: So... you doing anything after this, cutie? Rowwwr!
    • Doctor Strange's comment about "starting an all-female Defenders" becomes much funnier with the announcement of Fearless Defenders, an all-female team.
    • Chun-Li calling Thor attractive in one of her win quotes. Travis Willingham, the current voice of Thor, later got married to Laura Bailey, Chun-Li's voice actress.
    • All of the Civil War references, now that the Marvel Movieverse did that storyline in the third Captain America movie.
    • Nobody expected Rocket Raccoon for UMvC3. But after the uber-success of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, suddenly he doesn't seem so far-fetched.
    • Capcom stated that the reason Zero was chosen over Classic Mega Man was because the latter didn't have enough flashy moves to constitute his inclusion. note  Cue the Blue Bomber's inclusion in the fourth Super Smash Bros. game, where he has a multitude of weapons at his disposal.
    • Ultimate gave Ryu a new utility Hyper Combo known as Hado Kakusei. Before its name was officially revealed (and even after), many fans took to calling it "Denjin Mode" (after his Denjin Hadoken Super Art)... even though the Super Mode had nothing to do with lightning outside of the Shin Tatsumaki Senpukyaku generating a thunderstorm. note  In Street Fighter V, Ryu actually does get a "Denjin Mode" in the form of his Denjin Renki V-Trigger.
    • One of Deadpool's standard win quotes has him call out the player for not recording the match. Then Ultimate got rereleased on PS4, which automatically does record gameplay footage which can be saved at the player's leisure.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: On the opposite end of the They Changed It, Now It Sucks! debacle (see below), there's an equally large swarm of people complaining that the game is too close to MvC2 and TvC.
  • Memetic Badass:
    • Mike Haggar was elevated to this following his appearance in the fourth trailer. When he sees a huge fiery tornado caused by Dormammu and Thor's fight, his reaction is to nonchalantly rip the nearest signpost out of the ground and Power Walk towards the two.
    • Phoenix Wright. It doesn't matter if you're a supervillain with diplomatic immunity or an Eldritch Abomination who's above human laws. Phoenix will still find you guilty.
  • Memetic Troll: M.O.D.O.K., normally a half-comical, half-sadistic villain of Marvel Comics, becomes this. From his Evil Laughs in many in his attacks (and in his Victory Pose in particular), some of his quotes that can come off as sadistically insane, his unorthodox playstyle (in that he can fly freely and mainly excels in keep-aways), and the fact that he just looks plain ridiculous and comes rather out of the blue (when compared to many other Marvel fan favorites that don't come in), the fans seemingly see him as a potent troll. Oh, and his theme goes with trolling.
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • The announcer's declaration "You have saved the Earth!"
    • The activation sound of a Level 3 Hyper Combo (except when it's interrupted or you're on the receiving end).
    • Strider Hiryu's Cypher. SHWING!
    • When you're on the delivering end, K.O., or even better, HYPER COMBO K.O.
    • When playing as Phoenix Wright: "I've got all I need!"
  • Never Live It Down:
    • One of Iron Man's winquotes is shared amongst all female characters (with the exception of Amaterasu) and involves him asking them out on a date. This unfortunately includes Tron, who is only 14 years old, leading some to jokingly label Tony as an ephebophile.
    • Doctor Doom's Foot Dive won't be forgotten any time soon.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Galactus destroying the world should you lose to him is a little more unnerving than it should be.
      • To rub salt in the wound? Should you lose to him, and wait on the Game Over screen (which in vanilla you HAD to do if you wanted to get the Galactus ending), the screen literally RIPS IN HALF, just to remind you that the Marvel and Capcom worlds are now in Galactus' stomach acids.
    • Dormammu's Level 3 Hyper. He traps the opponent in a dark bubble (Dark Dimension), then he goes big (or the bubble goes small, we can't be sure) and then pops the bubble with his fingers, with the opponent inside.
      "Welcome… To my realm…"
    • Likewise, Shuma-Gorath's Level 3 Hyper starts with a nasty closeup of his face getting all bitey, and then finishes by teleporting the opponent inside of Shuma-Gorath, who now looks like a colored balloon with an eye sticking out.

      In Ultimate, with his new costume, it's all made creepier with the Extra Eyes.
    • To a lesser extent, the effect of the X-Factor in Ultimate MvC3. It turns the user into a black silhouette with red outlines and aura. It's a bit unnerving to some.
    • Nemesis made his Fighting Game debut, but is it lessening any of his horrifying nature? Hell no. Tentacles burst forth from nearly every pore of his body, he's one of the tallest characters in the game, and his Level 3 Hyper? Well, it involves his final blob form constricting the poor opponent, then doing... something from a first person view, no less. Capcom probably got away with adding him in because he bleeds a green liquid.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • X-Factor. Particularly level 3, which some players feel is too strong and lasts too long, to the point characters like Sentinel and Dark Phoenix can KO anyone with a basic 4-5 hit combo. While X-Factor was toned down in Ultimate (damage and speed boosts have been reduced across the board and characters in X-Factor are affected by damage scaling, particularly in terms of hypers), it could be activated in midair. Once again, fans were divided on its necessity but the dev team continued to defend the point that it is a core element of the game.
    • The Simple Mode. It is geared towards the newcomers to the game, with the simplified command for specials and hypers. However, because of the nature of the mode itself, specials and hypers are easily spammable in this mode.
    • Team Aerial Combos are ludicrously easy to setup (all it takes is one button!) and impossible to escape from unless you can predict what random direction your opponent is holding his analog stick. Worse, a successful combo starter gives away free hyper gauges (1 gauge for down + S, half gauge for side + S, no gauge for up + S), meaning a dirty player can just spam launchers and knock you around in the air, just to greet you with a Team (or Delayed) Hyper Combo when you land.
    • The playerbase found a way to convert most TAC set ups into simple Infinite combos. To make it even worse, this was right before EVO.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song:Wolverine's theme is surprisingly similar to the main theme of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, resulting in videos that mix themes.
  • Tear Jerker: Some of the things certain characters say when defeated by a light attack could qualify. Special mention goes to Phoenix and Spiderman.
    Spiderman: "I let everyone down..."
    Phoenix: "Scott..."
  • That One Attack:
    • Arthur's Goddess Bracelet can combo into itself and create loops for high damage.
    • Akuma's Zankukyaku, the multihitting version of Ryu's Senpuukyaku that is vital to his infinite set-ups, later nerfed. There's also his usual Shun Goku Satsu (or Raging Demon, if you prefer), and in this game, it comes even faster than in the Street Fighter games plus it's almost completely invincible allowing you to just plow through any attack the other fighter brings out with it.
    • Storm's Hailstorm takes almost the whole screen and causes nasty chip damage.
    • Magneto's Gravity Squeeze (Level 3) can hit the enemy anywhere they are, even OTG. He can do this after his long chain of combos for large amounts of damage.
    • Dormammu's Stalking Flare, a fireball which slowly homes in on opponent and causes high chip damage. Furthermore, doing KFC after that makes him able to launch ANOTHER Stalking Flare (or his other hypers).
    • Zero's Genmu Zero (Genmurei). One of only three non-cinematic damaging Level 3 hypers in the game, it is large and hard to dodge and comes out very fast.
    • Morrigan's Astral Vision. It produces a copy of her that mimics her every move, but appears behind the opponent, creating heavy lockdowns and punishes. Unlike every other level 1 hyper, Astral Vision builds meter, so a competent Morrigan player could potentially use it indefinitely. Combined with her Soul Fist special, it can turn the game into a Bullet Hell.
    • Phoenix's fragile, but when defeated while she has 5 hyper bars, she'll be resurrected as Dark Phoenix with full (but degenerating) health and more strength. Her normal attacks fire small bullets of flame, and combined with her normal projectiles and teleport, she can make a nasty lockdown gameplay. Worse still, the X-Factor can stop the health degeneration, and combined with Healing Field, she can stay healthy long enough to decimate all of her opponents' characters. A Level 3 X-Factor Phoenix Inferno is basically a one-hit KO.
    • Haggar's Pipe Bash. It has a big hitbox, long reach, causes severe hit/block stun when it lands, aerial version can be used as an instant overhead and gives him a ground bounce. It's completely safe to use.
    • Wolverine's Dive Kick. It comes out rather quickly, has a huge hitbox, and causes stagger OR bounce depending on the opponent's position at the time. If you're up against a good Wolverine player, getting hit by this basically means you're as good as dead.
    • Dante's mid-air launch move. It has a long reach and is commonly used to start up the potentially long combos he has. Combined with the ability to teleport behind and above your opponent, it can quickly catch the opponent off guard, and basically means instant death.
    • Tron Bonne's Gustaff Fire assist deals large damage and is very fast, but the main annoyance factor is that she has an extremely small hitbox that is located somewhere around her feet and becomes invincible immediately after the move is performed. Many other assists with long invincibility times, like Haggar's spinning lariat or Hsien-Ko's super armor pendulum swing, are disliked for similar reasons.
    • Doom's Hidden Missile assist does not have invincibility advantages, but can hit anywhere on the screen and stop combos. Pairing it up with Morrigan's Astral Vision hyper to make her even more annoying to deal with is an infamous strategy.
    • Doom's Foot Dive is arguably just as bad since it's spammable and grands him easy combos that are likely to KO his opponents especially when they're on the end sides of the screen.
    • Phoenix Wright's Turnabout mode has three:
      • His H attack, nicknamed "The Finger". It is a semi-launcher normally, but becomes a ground bounce if performed on air or a loopable wall bounce if done while crouching. Even if blocked, it does MASSIVE chip damage.
      • His Level 3. It is the same as Magneto's gameplay-wise, meaning it hits instantly no matter where the opponent is, even if they're on the ground. The difference is, it's also the second strongest hyper in the game, beaten out by only 10 hitpoints from Vergil's much harder to use hyper.
      • His "Press the Witness" assist used to be completely invincible in Turnabout Mode until a patch nerfed it. Even then, it is an easily spammable attack, and doesn't decrease the Turnabout Mode timer since Wright isn't fighting directly.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • Fans were preparing to complain about the same game they've been waiting for a decade. Complaints went from assist characters taking too much damage, missing "important" characters (despite most of the requests not being important to the Marvel universe since The '90s or—in the case of Capcom characters—it not having any released game since The '90s), the roster size being smaller than MvC2 (despite half of that game's cast consisting of "clone" characters and those few really cared about), its combo-easiness compared to MvC2 (despite there being several infinite combos), that the game takes little to no skill, to trivial stuff like Deadpool's lines, slight changes in movesets, and the game not being Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes running on MT Framework.
    • A minor one from Ultimate, people are complaining about the visual effects of X-Factor (the character becomes a black silhouette with red outline and aura, as well as the highlighted X on the lifebar). Another one is the HUD; people preferred the vanilla HUD because the new one is jumbled (Assist 2 on the top, point character in the middle and the Assist 1 on the bottom of the arrangement).
    • Jill in general. Some fans hate that her moveset was changed from what it was in MvC2, which consists of keep aways (such as summoning enemies), shoulder tackles, pistol counters, and rocket launchers. Now, it's rushdowns, kicks, kicks, more kicks, and a pair of VZ61 sub machineguns. Even her Spy Cat Suit design has been criticized, which was also the reaction for many Resident Evil fans.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Jill is considered this for many people for several reasons. Some hate that she's based on her Brainwashed and Crazy self from RE5 complete with Robo Speak, so she doesn't have worthwhile banter or trash-talk with the other characters. Some people simply hate that she's represented as a villain and not her true heroic self, leaving the hero/villain ratio of Resident Evil characters on the roster as 1:3 (Chris vs. Wesker, Jill, and Nemesis). As stated above, her design change and radically different moveset from MvC2 to MvC3 weren't welcomed by several fans, either.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Any character reveal was followed with calls of "BROKEN!" The few that don't tended to get the opposite:
    • Ryu got this kind of flak from a surprising amount of fans. Some have even gone far enough to state that Akuma's presence makes Ryu obsolete in every way possible, despite the fact that Ryu can wallbounce and Akuma can't, has better stamina, and possesses quirks such as an aimable Shinkuu Hadouken.
    • Sentinel was this in the early days of Vanilla, even though Capcom was aware of how powerful he was and worked to tone him down. There's already a few players loudly proclaiming a need to create an anti-Sentinel team. He does have counters, though, and he's more balanced than he was in 2, and even more after the nerfings.
    • Phoenix. The fact that she has to be killed twice if the opponent has five bars and that Dark Phoenix is easily the most dangerous character in the game doesn't help anything.
    • In Ultimate, this has fallen on Wesker who was already annoying to deal with in the vanilla version. Highly damaging normals with high priority, teleport spamming, shooting in the air and a reliable Level 1 Hyper that hits from nearly anywhere on the screen. In Ultimate however, he gains ability to do Level 1 X-Factor damage when the shades come off (even worse when he activates Level 3 X-Factor), all make fighting him an absolute chore; this pretty much for a while before people discovered his counters, has made him one of the best on-point solo characters in the game.
    • Morrigan, especially since her playstyle involves spamming the screen with projectiles. Chris "ChrisG" Gonzales has popularized a lockdown team with Morrigan and Dr. Doom that many players simply cannot do anything about, particularly since she can gain meter during her Astral Vision super.
    • Vergil is now this due to a severe case of Complacent Gaming Syndrome, via his solid range with normals that reach behind-and-above himself, reliable combo extensions that take a while to master (which can really strike and lock you down from nearly anywhere), as well as having one of the most damaging Level 3 Hypers in the game.
    • Doctor Doom is this for his easy combos, as well as the Hidden Missiles assist. His days from MVC2 have not worn off in the slightest.
    • In ''UMVC3'', Zero caps off a years-long streak where he's broken whenever he appears in a fighting game. He's a glass cannon due to low durability and gradual grinder due to poor one-shot damage, but a skilled Zero player can easily one-hit kill anyone else in the game with just specific types of combos out of many he has which can be confirmed off of a huge majority of stray hits (or just maintain his HP lead and offense which just a single decent and not-as-complex combo), which is why he appears so often in tournament-winning teams.
  • Ugly Cute: You could argue Shuma is. His appearance is a strange tentacle monster with only one eye but in a way it looks squishy.
  • Unexpected Character: As per tradition, the roster is chalk full of these that'll make anyone only expecting A-listers scratching their heads.
    • Marvel
      • M.O.D.O.K. was probably the most obvious example, as he was never requested or even thought of by fans until he was actually put in the game. In fact, he was chosen for that reason.
      • X-23, while popular, is quite literally a female clone of Wolverine, and didn't sound likely when Wolvie himself was in. That, and compared to everyone else on the Marvel roster, she was extremely recent having only debuted in 2004, a mere seven years prior to the game. For comparison, the second newest Marvel character here is Deadpool, who debuted in 1991 and predates her by thirteen years, and the others are a lot older than that.
      • Super-Skrull isn't an iconic Marvel villain, but appeared here as because his All Your Powers Combined was a good compromise to not having the Fantastic Four themselves.
      • Taskmaster is well-regarded by fans, but isn't super well-known outside the core fanbase, so having him here definitely caught some off-guard.
      • Rocket Raccoon. While everyone knows who he is now thanks to the MCU, back then his inclusion caught a lot of people off-guard wondering who the hell this talking raccoon with all these guns is supposed to be, as the Guardians of the Galaxy weren't big even with Marvel fans. In fact, some were even counting his inclusion as a strike against the game, which now seems Hilarious in Hindsight.
      • Nova wasn't exactly a big-name hero at Marvel, so him being in the game wasn't something people expected.
    • Capcom
      • Hsien-Ko, to say the least, was a shock for a number of reasons. Darkstalkers was a long-dead franchise with only Morrigan and Felicia being well-remembered years later. When both were revealed, it wasn't thought Capcom would actually give the series a third rep. Furthermore, even among the cast of Darkstalkers itself, Hsien-Ko wasn't even close to being the third most iconic of the bunch. If the topic of a third rep came up, many would assume it'd be either Demitri Maximoff, Lilith, Anakaris, Jon Talbain, B.B. Hood, or Q-Bee. So when Hsien-Ko of all people was revealed as the series' third rep, that was a surprise.
      • Amaterasu of Ōkami, while popular, was part of an Acclaimed Flop and her quadrupedal design didn't seem like a good fit for a fighter, and thus was a character few actually requested. For many, it was a pleasant surprise.
      • Trish wasn't what people thought would be Devil May Cry's second rep over the more requested Vergil, who had to wait until Ultimate to be added.
      • Mike Haggar is from the obscure Street Fighter spin-off Final Fight, who has a cult following but is hardly a big name unlike his persona.
      • Arthur could already be considered one, as most only know Ghosts 'n Goblins as that old Nintendo Hard video game. So imagine the shock when Ultimate added his rival Firebrand, who's even more obscure than Arthur, as a second rep.
      • C. Viper from Street Fighter IV was added as the fourth rep for the series, with the others being the much more iconic and classic Ryu, Chun-Li and Akuma, while she had only debuted just over two years prior to this game, and wasn't even intended to be the star from the beginning (it was supposed to be Abel, but fans caught on to her much more).
  • Vindicated by History: Back in 2011, there was no shortage of gamers tearing the game to shreds over a lack of content, bizarre roster choices (no Mega Man, really?), and what many felt was taking advantage of the playerbase with Ultimate being released the same year. As time went by, when Disney revoked their license only to later collaborate with Capcom to create Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, the reception has become far more positive. That's mainly because Infinite is far, far more hated than 3 ever was, which seemed to magnify the issuesnote  while creating new onesnote . Now, 3 is much more praised by fans than it's ever been, who hold it as an example of how good the series was before Disney got involved. The roster in particular is held in high regard — not only are there plenty of characters to choose from, but it actually feels like it draws from the comics, as opposed making everything a plug for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fact that it had a good mixture of characters from different teams instead of characters from both the X-Men and Street Fighter series dominating the Marvel and Capcom sides helped.


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