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I know the previous games had little in terms of plot, but they did have some small story elements and character interactions, mostly in the endings.But in 3, the events of the previous games seem to be completely ignored. Returning characters such as Ryu and Wolverine act like they don't know each other, despite the fact that they have fought and joined forces to combat bigger threats in the past. The Apocalypse, Onslaught and Abyss events are never mentioned by the characters that did participate in them. Additionally, most returning characters (especially the Marvel ones) are now different in appearance and wear different outfits, possibly implying that they are different versions from the ones that were in the 90's games, despite having similar movesets. And since the character roster is also different, one can assume that the characters that did not return probably never participated in a major conflict, and that the ones added in this game are "new" to this continuity and didn't exist in the previous one.

It's pretty obvious that they decided to press the reset button, and deviated from the original story in favor of a new one. If this game were to continue the story started by the previous entries, you'd expect characters like Shadow or Ruby Heart to return. But since the events of the older games are never referenced, and the characters act like they never happened, it's safe to assume that this game is not set in the same continuity as the others.


I know that Chun-Li has a color resembling Shadow Lady and that Akuma had a Cyber-Akuma as his DLC costume (which is no longer available), but those are likely meant to be Mythology Gags, just like almost all the other colors/costumes. Same goes for the "Days of Future Past" stage, which is probably just an alternate Bad Future, since many of the characters marked in the poster appear in other characters' endings.

My theory is that the original continuity ended with the defeat of Onslaught and the Capcom characters returned to their world(s) in Captain America's ending. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 could very well be a Dream Match Game due to the large roster, odd stuff like Charlie returning to his original self with no explanation, and having less of a plot compared to the previous games. But if you want to count it, then everyone went home after the defeat of Abyss, only to never be heard of again.

Scrooge McDuck will be a DLC character
Capcom did make the NES DuckTales games and Disney owns Marvel now, so it's possible.
  • And he could have the moon as a DLC stage! It'd be PERFECT!
    • Remember that Capcom have to make yet another license with Disney to make it happen. And still, if it could happen, it would wreck the very name of "Marvel vs. Capcom" since there's a Disney character inside!
  • Another reason why Marvel needs to add in Howard the Duck. The PERFECT rivalry.

Amaterasu is Viewtiful Joe's Pet
Well, Joe DID ride her in opening two.
  • Please. If anything, Joe is her pet.
    • They are just partners, just like in Ōkamiden! Is just that even with Joe's size we know he is no kid anymore... even if he doesn't get that...

Mega Man is absent because...
He's going to be in Super Smash Bros. 4/U whatever and they want to make a big to-do about his return to the fighting genre via Smash Bros.
  • Due to the fact that he is also missing from Ultimate, it is looking incredibly likely that Executive Meddling is going on behind the scenes, especially seeing as Mega Man is remaining static with only 2 representatives.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Several gaming sites have already acknowledged the rumor, and leaking legend Lupinko and sidekick Chibi are dropping hints on who's in, as opposed to just giving us the list. If their hints have been decrypted correctly, we're getting Phoenix Wright, Strider Hiryu, and Red Arremer for certain, with Thanos and Dr. Strange strongly believed to be in.
  • We're getting Strider Hiryu, Red Arremer, Vergil, Phoenix Wright, Frank West and Nemesis for the Capcom side with Doctor Strange, Nova, Hawkeye, Ghost Rider, Rocket Raccoon and Iron Fist on the Marvel side.

If there's new Darkstalkers character to be revealed, it would be Lord Raptor.
He shows up in Dormammu's ending, along with Wesker, Akuma and Red Arremer/Firebrand. They're playable (especially since Firebrand has been confirmed), sans Raptor - so it's a matter of time that he's confirmed as another DS rep.
  • Didn't Niitsuma state that if he were to add any new DS reps, the first pick would be Talbain?
    • Yup. Unless there's more DLC coming our way (and I doubt it), don't get your hopes up.
    • Dang, still no Jon Jon.
    • He's in... sort of... Amaterasu's DLC alt resembles him. Or the Jon fans are getting trolled almost as hard as the Mega Man fans.

Wright's moveset will have the following
  • The "slam table" maneuver. Possibly summoning a table
    • Confirmed as part of his Level 3
  • Throwing/whacking people with evidence (With a yell of Take That!)
    • Confirmed
  • An uppercut, also with a yell of Take That!
    Oh, about your uppercut... Try yelling, "Take that!" next time. I find it packs a little more punch.
    • Jossed, sadly.
  • A "pendulum corpse" maneuver to swing across the screen.
    • Jossed.
  • Something that stops an opponent with a yell of Hold It!
    • Sort of: every third hit with it dizzies the opponent.
  • Objection! as a super.
    • Confirmed as a special which initiates his most aggressive stance.
    • Phoenix Wright's Level 3 Hyper will be...a boot to the head.
    • Phoenix Wright's Objection! will be used to insta-cancel enemy Hypers (at some expense, of course).

Wright will be mute in the English versions outside of Objection/Hold It/Take Thats
His subtitles and mouth movement will be accompanied by beeps.
  • Failing that; whoever is going to voice him in the Professor Layton crossover will voice him here first.
  • The "mute" hypothesis is jossed; whether his voice actor will be reused remains to be seen.

Most of the new cast will be replaced before Ultimate comes out.
To keep up the "surprise" of new characters, all of the leaked characters will be quickly replaced by similar characters.

There's going to be a reference to Odin's beer, and where you can buy it in Ultimate
Because this game needs an equivalent to the Jill Sandwich.

There's gonna be a second Galactus fight
When you defeat Galactus in MvC3 he says I MUST NOW SQUASH YOU LIKE THE BUG THAT YOU ARE. Then it's the ending. In UMVC3, Galactus will unleash his full power and become a full-fledged SNK Boss.
  • Well, it was said that Galactus has a few new tricks in Ultimate. I wouldn't rule this out.
    • Perhaps he'll actually fight you mano-a-mano (I.E. not taking up the entire background), and have the strength of Hulk/Sentinel, the speed of Vergil/Strider, and the stamina of pre-patch Sentinel, all with super-fast versions of the moves he already has.

Doctor Strange's ending will be the same as Hsien-Ko's ending, but real
...because that's what I really, really want it to be.
  • Jossed. And yet
    Doctor Strange: (win quote against Hsien-Ko): Your condition... My magicks might be able to help.

The Nemesis T-Type in Ultimate is a Tricell experiment Gone Horribly Right
Here's the Tricell Laboratory stage before and after. After breaking out, Nemesis swiped a Rocket Launcher, picked out his favorite trench coat and wrought an adequate quantity of havoc.

Phoenix Wright is going to be a Lethal Joke Character

To bridge off of the above "Wright's moveset will have the following" and "Phoenix Wright is going to be a Lethal Joke Character" WMGs, we've already heard that Nick fights without fighting. However, that doesn't mean that he can't have someone else do the fighting for him (loophole!). And because of the Power Creep, Power Seep elements of this series, who's not to say that Franziska's whip couldn't actually hurt one of Nick's foes or that Godot could actually fire eye beams (of course, this means that he'd would have to be voiced by Nolan North) or that a simple Finger Wag from Edgeworth could actually demoralize the opposition? Sure, it sounds weird, but when a former-pro-wrestler-turned-mayor can piledrive a Dimension Lord, nothing is no longer out of the question.
  • Confirmed. Maya, The Judge, and Missile appear in some of his attacks.

The Poster in the background of the Sentinel Stage = Mega Man's return?
The poster in the background of the new Sentinel stage there is a poster with characters from Marvel vs Capcom 2 that aren't playable in 3. All are marked with red stickers that say things along the lines of "apprehended" except for one: Mega Man. Coincidence? Or the devs Trolling us?
  • Don't forget the stickers that say "Slain". It could be a troll, or it could just be Scenery Porn. Who's to say that some of those "Apprehended" characters won't make an appearance either?
  • Seth confirmed that it's Scenery Porn ("We think that it's just a cool thing to do".)
  • It should be noted that the Days of Future Past stage occurs in a Bad Future, and thus has no influence on the present states of the characters on the posters (for example, Jin was supposedly slain, but he's perfectly fine in Hawkeye's ending). That being said, Mega Man does appear in Nova's ending alongside Proto Man, Roll, Zero, and Beat (as part of the Mega Nova Corps), as well as in Thor's updated ending (seen in the moon alongside Ryu and Morrigan).

Phoenix Wright is possibly the biggest badass in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
First of all, he's got the least combat experience out of all the characters. Secondly, he can pwn Galactus like the rest of the roster. Lastly, he's basically pulling double duty, both fighting and performing an investigation at the same time.

Phoenix Wright's inclusion in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is why he only suffered minor injuries in Case 2 of Apollo Justice
Having only bore a lot of powerful attacks, Wright became more resilient, hence the hit-and-run and flung into a pole only left him with a sprained ankle.

Vergil's resurgence of popularity from being in this game will convince Capcom to bring him Back from the Dead
  • Not that the fanbase hasn't been calling for it for a while, he's rarely achieved this level of mainstream attention. Becoming an A-lister should be reason enough (assuming they ever get back to the main canon). Kind of like how they never seem to really kill off Bison, only make his status "ambiguous."
  • I doubt it, considering that Vergil's Deader Than Dead in DMC. Nothing outside of an Ass Pull could restore a man who pretty much went nuclear and then had his corpse used to create certain enemies in the fourth game. And outside of that, it's hinted that the Yamato (which is with Nero) is his Soul Jar.
    • In a world with so much supernatural stuff floating around I think knowing where the Soul Jar is simply makes it that much easier and that much less of an Ass Pull if you bring him back. Half the work and really the difficult half of the work is already done for you.
  • Well that wouldn't be the craziest Ass Pull games have pulled to bring back a character. Kazuya and Shadow for instance (also see Joker Immunity and Popularity Power). I'm guessing if Vergil is somehow revived/reborn, it'll be as Monster from Beyond the Veil in an artificial body. Sounds like a bad fanfiction plot, I know. However, tons of games out there, action games especially are always reluctant to let go of any character unless they can bring in a Suspiciously Similar Substitute for fear of losing an important gameplay-element, plot be damned (with Vergil's existing popularity, Capcom would be foolish to create an identical substitute for him). Ultimately, he doesn't even to come back in story-terms; Capcom could just implement a non-canon mode letting you play as him.

The reason why Phoenix Wright is in the game is ...
Defending the player for the events in Deadpool ending. Hence why they are counterparts to each other. It's going to take an Ace Attorney to prove the player's innocence.
  • Alternatively (as suggested below) he is there to convict all the other characters in the game (including himself) for denying Mega Man a slot.

Why Phoenix Wright's Level 3 is the most damaging (i.e 600K) in the game?
It's because that the hyper is essentially a mental assault. As many people said, mental breakdowns damages one more heavily than physical harms. Not only that, some of his attacks are indeed inclined with mental assault and Your Mind Makes It Real: In the Courtroom Mode, when he's shown to "throw" the right evidences that he found, he isn't throwing it - he just holds it in front of his hand and a variety of projectiles shoots out from it. Then, his "Objection" is basically telling the opponent to shut up - thus, stunning them. As well as his aura finger attack in Turnabout mode; it's him accusing the opponent as guilty.
  • But why does it work on the heroic characters as well as the villains?
  • Well, in game 2, case 4, Wright did manage to "prove" that Adrian Andrews was responsible for murder, even though she wasn't.
  • (OP) Same as why Ghost Rider's Penance Stare works on everyone regardless of how evil they are: Gameplay and Story Segregation.
    • Penance Stare appears to work on anyone the Spirit of Vengeance thinks is guilty. GR used it on Doctor Strange once, believing that he was Lucifer in disguise, and it nearly killed him.
      • That is not how the Penance Stare works, it burns the soul for the sins you have committed. Everyone in the cast has sinned therefore everyone is susceptible.
      • Sentinel and its soulless chassis say hi. And I'm pretty sure Ammy has not committed any sins to speak of.
      • And does a mindless biological abomination like Nemesis even have a soul?

The reason "Venom was never an option" according to Capcom...
  • because Eddie Brock doesn't have the costume anymore, leaving Marvel no reason to promote him. On the game-play side, Capcom has no interest in his play-style as it was. Therefore, if Eddie Brock is made playable, it'll be in his Anti-Venom state, playing identically to Classic Venom but with multiple tweaks. To remedy to outrage this will surely produce, he'll have an Alternate costume to make him look like his classic self.
  • Surely Venom isn't in the game because he would play virtually identical to Spidey. And if you thought the "WHAR MEGAMAN WHAR" whining was bad now...
    • ...Except that Venom was in the first two Marvel vs Capcom games and played almost nothing like Spider-Man.
    • Seriously. Aside of an air dash and two moves that only aesthetically resembled Spidey's and had radically different executions (Web Throw > Web Throw, Ultimate Web Throw > Venom Web), the two played worlds apart. I'd assume that if Anti-Venom was ever playable, the devs (as suggested by the OP) would make him largely play like Venom (in order to prevent backlash similar to the changes for Jill between 2 and 3).
  • Alternatively, It's because Eddie isn't bonded to any symbiote anymore. And this was after Marvel 3 shipped.
  • It's probably because so much of his move set required him to radically change shapes. Apparently as easy as that was to do with sprites it's really difficult to do with 3d models. Basically the same reason we aren't likely to get Dark Stalkers 4 until someone figures out a way around that particularly quirk.

Phoenix Wright gets assisted by Mia Fey during Turnabout Mode
The gold aura that surrounds Nick when reaching Turnabout Mode represents her spiritual presence, and the giant aura pointer fingers he gets are thanks to Mia using her ghost abilities to power up his signature move (if this is the case, it could be some sort of Shout-Out to Ghost Trick).

The Classic Mega Man will be playable, as a DLC or in a next version
He got so many cameos and references in U Mv C 3 - from not being slain nor apprehended in the Days of Future Past stage, to appearing in Thor's and Nova's endings.

The alleged "crime" that Phoenix Wright is somehow able to convict everyone of... being responsible for Mega Man not being added. Seriously, look at the Fan Dumb whining. Everyone is guilty. EVERYONE.
  • So if Mega Man is ever added, that means Phoenix Wright will receive the nerf to end all nerfs.
  • Precisely. It'd probably be enough to knock him down to full on Joke Character status. And thus, another violent chorus of ruined from another sect of rabid fans arises. It's a vicious cycle, really...
  • At which point the move becomes powerful again, with the opponent as a player avatar for why it was weak. Only, since he's blaming the players, there will be another backlash, and... ow.
  • In the words of Noel Brown: The loop! Never before have words taken out of context been so fitting.
  • My own suspicions are that he is pegging down different crimes for each one, though I think a majority of it is "assault and battery" and the villains are all pretty obvious but here are a few other potential crimes of each character... (Anyone else should feel free to add to this)
    • Mike Haggar: Intimidating voters and political opponents (though unintentionally).
      • Or maybe, just street fighting in general (and he's a mayor after all).
    • Viewtiful Joe: Illegal copyrighted material distribution and ownership.
    • Mirror Match: Use of forged evidence and wrongful accusation.
    • She-Hulk: Intimidation of suspects, witnesses, police, and other courtroom officials.
    • Iron Man: Operating heavy machinery while intoxicated. Or perhaps, for being an ephebophile (just ask Tron).
    • Captain America: Lying about identity on official U.S. Federal forms.
    • Amaterasu: Grand theft turnip.
    • Morrigan: Some would mistake her for a serial sex offender
    • Hulk: Vandalism and destruction of city and government property
    • Felicia: Public indecency
    • Taskmaster: Possibly the same reason as Joe
    • Chris: Excessive use of force; racial insensitivity; crimes against geology
    • Dante: Unlicensed ownership of about a dozen fully-automatic weapons
    • Galactus: Conspicuous consumption. (Although the Level 3 Hyper doesn't work on Galactus, for some reason.)
    • Rocket Raccoon: Violation of district leash laws; no proof of rabies vaccination.
    • Shuma-Gorath: Illegal alien.
    • Dormammu: Flagrant disregard for "No Smoking" bans.
    • Doctor Doom: Would be hard, because he has so many crimes to speak of. Not to mention his diplomatic immunity...
    • Wesker: Enacting illegal experiments.
    • Frank West: Vandalism and massacre (sure, many people that he killed are either zombies or psychopaths, but still...)
    • Deadpool: Probably by just being that insane (and he has killed many, anyway).
    • Hsien-Ko: Probably same as Dante
    • M.O.D.O.K: Same as Wesker
    • Magneto: Hate crimes
    • Super-Skrull: Same as Shuma-Gorath
    • Doctor Strange: Unauthorised use of magic
    • Ghost Rider: Vigilantism
    • Sentinel: Not the robot itself, but the arms companies that constructed it are guilty of whatever crimes corrupt corporate executives commit.
    • Tron: Underage machinery operation
    • Hiryu: Assassination
    • Zero: Murdering of several Mavericks
    • C. Viper: Runaway CIA agent

Based on Rocket Racoon's hitting on Ammy...
"So... you doing anything after this, cutie? Rowwwr!"

If the Fantastic Four are added to this or subsequent MvC games, they will play similarly to Phoenix Wright
One character, probably Reed Richards, will be the point man and the other three will come out as assists and in hypers.

Phoenix Wright isn't actually "fighting" anyone.
He's arguing with them about how they don't need to fight and/or whether his opponent's goals are reasonable. The button pressing we do is just Gameplay Mechanics. Since a lot of his arguing in his universe is a kind of magic; (Psyche-locks) in the united Marvel/Capcom-verse, this is a lot stronger. Thus, he convinces them that they don't need to fight. Against truly committed evil/alien beings; if he wins an argument, they're comatose for a little while (same period of time if they get physically beaten in a fight), but when they come to they have no memory of the argument.

Maya Fey knows Mu no Ken
Phoenix Wright is pretty hardy to survive attacks from both Marvel and CAPCOM characters for a normal, but what about Maya Fey? Even if her shield fails or she charges into projectiles, she doesn't even look seriously hurt.

Maya Fey is doing the real fighting
Phoenix Wright was having a normal day in courtroom land when a giant robot, a mercenary dressed in red and an evil genius with sunglasses busted in through a window. Wright (and everyone else in the court except Maya) is apparently too focused on the trial to notice, so Maya uses her psychic powers to make it so every time Wright OBJECTS or the Judge slams his gavel, giant blue lasers shoot out the opponents.

Ryu's ending in Street Fighter X Tekken is canon, and Pandora sent Ryu to either the Asura's Wrath or Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 universe.
It would explain his appearance in both games (and also why Ken didn't follow). Bonus points for Akuma using his Demon Armageddon to launch Ryu right through a portal to parts unknown in this game, which would probably send him to this game (and also explain why Ryu looks like he's waking up from a bad dream in the intro.) With that said....

Akuma is relentlessly pursuing Ryu in all three games: Asura's Wrath, Street Fighter X Tekken and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.
Notice that whenever Ryu is making a crossover appearance, Akuma isn't too far behind? Let me explain. Pandora in Street Fighter X Tekken sent Ryu to the Asura's Wrath universe, where he meets Asura, and promptly gets whaled on by Akuma, who uses his Demon Armageddon to launch Ryu right into a portal and into the next crossover: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

Dust will either be in the next game, or in DLC.
Out of all the women at Deadpool's party in his ending, she's the only one that wasn't in the game. Foreshadowing perhaps?

The "Slain" and "Apprehended" Poster in Days of Future Past is a Sequel Hook

The Marvel vs. Capcom game will cover the Civil War Storyline with Capcom Characters. The Poster shows most of the Anti-Registration characters. 'Slain' means that the person eventually died fighting against the Pro-Registration side, while 'Apprehended' means that the person eventually turned him/herself in. Mega Man is still on the loose, hence why he doesn't have a 'Slain' or 'Apprehended' sign

MODOK's moveset is based on a scrapped moveset for Professor Xavier
Psychic blasts he can charge up, hidden Danger Room-style traps, and a weaponized mobile chair. It's like they were coming up with ideas for Xavier to be a viable fighting game character before deciding to use a more off-the-wall and entertaining choice. Replace Killer Illumination with a Lvl. 3 called "Astral Plane" (or perhaps a brief buff that turns you into Onslaught) and you get the idea.

At the same time as the XBOX One and PC Versions are released there will be a Nintendo Switch Version on it's launch as well.
The Switch is said to launch March 2017 which is the same time the XBOX One and PC Versions of the Game are coming out and also Capcom have been confirmed to be making games for it.

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