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Fridge Logic

  • The game's subtitled "Fate of Two Worlds"? That would mean the Marvel and Capcom worlds, right? So... Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mega Man X, Devil May Cry and all of the other Capcom games all take place in the same continuity? That's... Pretty awesome, actually.
    • Considering that Street Fighter, Final Fight, Saturday Night Slam Masters, Captain Commando, and possibly Rival Schools are set in the same timeline and there were multi-series cameos as early back as Ken's Street Fighter Alpha 2 stage, the idea isn't quite as far-fetched as one may think. There have also been Epileptic Trees in the past linking together the more supernatural series (e.g. Darkstalkers, Devil May Cry, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Chaos Legion, etc.), TvC had Morrigan mentioning to Joe in her win quote that she was disappointed he couldn't live up to what she heard about him from Alastor, and even Namco x Capcom rolled with the idea that the various series shared the same world but were separated by time and space.
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    • To add to this, the first Dino Crisis features the insignia of the Umbrella Corporation on boxes found in-game, while the Republic of Borginia/Borginian Republic (the setting of Dino Crisis) is reused as a location in the Ace Attorney series (note that Shinji Mikami was involved in all three series, so the nods could be intentional). Additionally, Hewie of Haunting Ground is the dog Leon rescues from a bear trap early on in Resident Evil 4 and the Tricell logo can be seen on various billboards in Ascension City from the 2009 Bionic Commando sequel. Thus, it's safe to assume that a good number of Capcom franchises share some sort of continuity, even if a majority of those games don't bother to further explore those connections.
    • The MvC universe is a parallel universe to the many MANY Marvel comics universes that blends elements of each of them (mainly 616 and Ultimate), it's not a big leap to assume it's also a parallel universe to all the Capcom games' respective universes that is a blend of each of them.
      • That makes sense, especially if you were to look at it from a game design standpoint. As much as possible, Capcom would like to garner publicity for the game by taking the most popular elements of all franchises involved, so it will make the portrayals easy to understand for those who aren't totally familiar with the source material.
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    • Connected to the whole two worlds thing: how do the characters readily exhibit knowledge of the other universe when Galactus merges them? There's Dormammu and Ghost Rider being familiar with Mundus when fighting any of the Devil May Cry characters, Crimson Viper knowing about A.I.M., Ryu and Akuma knowing about K'un-Lun as well as the latter knowing Apocalypse when fighting Wolverine. Not to mention Frank West wanting to send pics of Spidey to the Daily Bugle, Rocket Raccoon ribbing both Chris and Wesker for the Raccoon City Incident, Chun-Li accusing Doctor Doom of dealing with both Shadaloo and S.I.N., Spencer supposedly hearing stories of Captain America from back in the day...
  • Both the Marvel and Capcom universes are in danger, correct? Then why does Galactus only devour one planet? Unless the two worlds merged, shouldn't the other universe still be intact?
    • To be fair, though, in the ending artwork for Galactus' ending, he is shown devouring both worlds...
    • It's quite possible that the Fate of Two Worlds stage takes place outside either one of the Marvel or Capcom Earths, which may depend on your team. For example, one can say that a team consisting of Spider-Man, Deadpool and Dante would fight Galactus outside the Marvel Earth simply because there are more representatives from that universe.
  • Galactus is so big, he can hold Earth between his two hands. But it seems like the fighters are, at most, as big as his hands (you can see it when he does his grab attack). So when we come into him, the fighters become... bigger? Then how could they fit into their worlds?
    • The fighters (most likely) remain their normal sizes. Galactus is a combination of You Cannot Grasp the True Form and Your Size May Vary; his most common appearance is how he presents himself so that lesser beings in the Marvel universe can perceive him. His size (while always large) is wildly inconsistent whenever he shows up, ranging from the size of skyscrapers to larger than the earth. Hell, this can also count for Shuma-Gorath, who is still counted as a regular fighter.
    • Galactus shifting from "unspeakably vast" to "very big but manageable" is present in the battle itself — while the player is dealing with his Heralds, Galactus himself is visible in the background with his hands cupped around Earth.
  • During her Level 3 "Silent Kill" Hyper, X-23 turns invisible until surprising the opponent with an aerial slash. Except X-23 can't turn invisible.
    • It's implied from her attack calling and inspection of her "invisibility" after the hyper that she's actually burrowing underground. Still somewhat confusing, though.
      • Then how do you explain her jumping attacks while invisible?
      • Well, she simply jumps out from the underground. That's what I can get.
    • It's possible that it's actually the reverse going on. When she does her "Silent Kill" Hyper Combo, she yells "Dirt Nap!" and a cloud of dirt kicks up before she turns invisible. This CAN imply that she's actually blinding the opponent(s) temporarily, making it hard to see her until she attacks or the effect wears off.
      • She's using tunnels previously dug by Rocket Raccoon?
      • I always thought she had a cloaker from X-Factor or Cyclops.
    • Alternatively, she is simply moving very fast.
  • Mega Man didn't get in because they feared that they couldn't think of new moves for him. Or at least were too lazy to implement them. Anybody who's played the first two Marvel vs. Capcom named games knows that Mega Man was a Shotoclone. Thus, they didn't add him in because he was one. The problem? Akuma is even more similar to Ryu and still got in. This explanation would've been fine... in the first Marvel vs. Capcom. Laziness, indeed...
    • It's so bad that some players even believe that Akuma makes Ryu completely obsolete. To make matters even worse, there are other characters who possess extremely shoto-esque moves (Morrigan and Captain America for example), and characters like Chris Redfield and Dante are allowed to use their entire arsenals from their respective games. There's no reason Mega Man wouldn't have been able to, say, use Guts Man's boulders, Flash Man's freeze, or Galaxy Man's black hole.
      • No longer an issue as of Ultimate, where Ryu has been buffed to be significantly better than in vanilla, as well as completely different from Akuma.
      • And some still want Mega Man X who could indeed use both the Hadouken and the Shoryuken. No biggie. That leaves the X Buster and about 30 other moves (give or take) to add. Of course, mind you, X has only been Nintendo and Sony. At worst they could make him a PS3 exclusive. However, the real reason may be because the creator of Mega Man himself left Capcom. It's not hard to guess that it was a sign of respect or copyright issues. At least people wouldn't have complained about that (outside of the pure Fan Dumb).
      • Not really. The game was in production long before he left. Also, Zero was actually his favorite character, so if they were trying to pay "homage", wouldn't THAT character be the one to withhold out of respect?
      • On the topic of "X has only been Nintendo and Sony", how about Zero? He was from the same series as X, but he could make the cut.
      • That's why people were annoyed that he got over X. Zero got a nice spotlight in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. He doesn't need any more than that, really (plus he has his own game series). X never got a Vs. appearance.
      • It would also be easy to make X a unique character, by giving him an "Armor Change" move. The different armors would have different play styles: Falcon, Gaea, Blade, Shadow, Ultimate.
      • Hell, they could have just gone the Zero route and gave him (at least) one Special Weapon from each main title. After all, he does have 64 different weapons to choose from, and that's excluding the X-Buster and some of his gizmos from Command Mission. Add in the Ultimate Armor and its Nova Strike as hypers, give him the Hadouken and Shoryuken as nods to the first two games, and voila! It's simpler than most people think, and the same could have very been applied to the original Mega Man as well (whose moveset from MvC and MvC2 was noted to be unsavory by the devs; notice that Jill was completely reworked from 2, so that argument doesn't hold water), if not better, seeing as Classic's total is in excess of 100 (and that's excluding misc. powerups like the Rush options and adapters).
  • So with the fight against Galactus, pray do tell HOW exactly are they breathing IN SPACE!?
  • It is kind of odd that Ghost Rider's Penance Stare works on everyone, even good people/beings (Chun-Li, Amaterasu), and the insane (Deadpool). Sure, Gameplay and Story Segregation, but it's weird.
    • The Penance Stare burns the soul of anyone who has sinned. Everyone in the game has done something that could be considered a sin therefore their soul is effected.
      • Sentinel and its soulless chassis say hi. And I'm pretty sure Ammy has not committed any sins to speak of.
      • I've heard a variant explanation that it causes the victim to experience all the pain s/he has caused others (whether innocent or guilty, good reason to do it or not, etc.). So Amaterasu would feel what she did to Orochi, Yami, Ninetails, and all those imps and demons.
      • Sentinel committed the sin of being utterly cheap.
  • Hawkeye tries to insult She-Hulk by saying her cousin got the brains in the family. Considering that he's also Bruce Banner, one of the eight smartest people in the world...
    • Since Hulk in MvC3 is the Classic incarnation of the character (i.e. the childlike one that hates his alter-ego) as opposed to the Genius Bruiser Merged Hulk from prior games, Hawkeye was likely referring solely to Hulk, not Bruce.
  • Two certain people give out different lines when they face Phoenix Wright as the first man up. She-Hulk states, "The Defense shall rest (beat) her fist on your face!" and Iron Man quotes, "If I win, you're gonna call off that lawsuit against Stark Industries." Common responses considering they know Nick is a lawyer, but then fridge logic comes into play: Nick is a DEFENSE Attorney. In these two statements, it's being implied that Nick is a prosecutor instead.
    • Fridge Brilliance: She-Hulk is a defense attorney as well. As for Iron Man, he probably heard "lawyer" and jumped to conclusions.
  • Why would Vergil need Muramasa to hurt Wolverine? Yamato cuts dimensions perfectly well...
    • Muramasa can negate Wolvie's Healing Factor. Yamato cannot.
    • True, but Rebellion can apparently cut through anything in the material plane (if that ability carried over to the Marvel universe, that'd likely include adamantium) and Yamato is sharper to the point of being able to cut through dimensions, so all you'd really need to do is decapitate Wolverine and keep his head away from the rest of the his body, effectively killing him. Knowing Vergil, however, he'd likely want to go for something more absolute (especially if you keep in mind the events of DMC3, where the guy he thought he killed really wasn't dead). Besides, being a power-seeking samurai-esque swordsman, he was more interested in Muramasa and its powers than he was in killing Wolverine. It was only because Logan stood between him and the sword that Vergil struck him down.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Deadpool's taunt is one of the shortest in the game. It makes perfect sense that Deadpool would make sure the player using him can taunt with the least risk possible, since that's what he would do.
  • A lot of fans were upset that Nathan Spencer had his dreaded new look and would have preferred the redesign from Bionic Commando: Rearmed. But then you play it and realize that this Spencer can do something that the Rearmed version couldn't: jump. And with the ability to jump added to Rearmed 2, there's a good chance that it will be used as an alternate costume down the line.
  • When facing the X-Men, Doom opens with "I will make you wish you were fighting Magneto!" This becomes rather interesting when you consider that Paul Dobson has voiced Magneto in the past.
  • The whole "Your name's Zero? Hope you don't fight like one" is a reference to the first Mega Man X game, where Zero did in fact fight like a Zero. By blowing himself up to take out an enemy.
    • Also, Zero's designation of Sentinel as a Maverick. While the term itself has expanded and evolved as the X (and Zero) series progressed, a Maverick ultimately proves to be a source of great danger to humanity. Sentinel hunts down mutants (who are only different from regular humans due to genetic abnormalities; they're still humans all the same), and this isn't even factoring in the occasional Zeroth Law Rebellion that Sentinels seem to suffer from time to time.
      • Not to mention the Zeroes Jets mentioned in the YMMV page.
  • Amaterasu never howled as an insult in Ōkami — but since she does here, she leaves herself open to being attacked mid-howl, just like in the battle against Yami.
  • Taskmaster's theme sounds very heroic. Considering who he is, it doesn't seem to fit his character, so why does his theme sound so heroic? Then you remember that his powers let him mimic heroes.
    • Taskmaster copies a lot of things off of other heroes. Including voice actors.
    • Taskmaster isn't evil. He's a villain a lot, but he's just a mercenary. A lot of times he's hired to train people, as his powers let him copy a wide variety of fighting styles and techniques. Even his endings for both versions of the game has him making money by releasing work-out videos. His titles also reference his job as a trainer. His theme isn't heroic, it gets you pumped for exercise.
  • In a very Meta example, Zero got in over Mega Man. Zero was meant to be the main character of Mega Man X (or, at least, X was designed as a red robot with long blond hair, which becomes Zero's design), but Executive Meddling reared its ugly head. And now the opposite happened. Triples as a case of Irony and Hilarious in Hindsight.
  • You might be wondering why Tron's post-fight Trash Talk after winning against Zero asks him where MegaMan Volnutt is. Remember Tatsunoko vs. Capcom? Who was representing the Mega Man series alongside Zero and Roll?
  • Sentinel's recent health nerf may seem pretty odd when you consider that he's a giant robot, but take a look at the Sentinels on the 90's X-Men cartoon, and see how easily destroyed they are. If anything, the nerf made this Sentinel even more true to form!
  • Phoenix has the lowest health in the game. This means naturally that she dies. A lot. Much like her comic-book counterpart (at least, that's how people see it). What makes it even better is that, if she dies when you have a full 5 meters of super, she goes into Dark Phoenix mode. Where she regenerates all her life, but still has the lowest health in the game. And will still die a lot.
  • Doctor Strange was greeted by some of the fanbase with "Phoenix Killer!" But one of the major roles for his character is to come in and deal with unstoppable galactic threats...
  • Ultimate version of Nick Fury appears in C. Viper's ending. Most people saw it as odd, especially because this universe (Earth-30847) is based off of the mainline Earth-616. But then the Updated Re-release come out with the name Ultimate MvC3, and now it makes sense.
    • Alternatively, it could be Nick Fury's son.
  • Ghost Rider's motorbike hyper is named Spirit of Vengeance. Cool, but odd. But then there's the info about the Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance movie. Thus, this proves that Marvel is doing their meddlings to advertise their characters.
    • And in his ending, notice the contract Trish holds up? It's the same one that was used to erase the marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in One More Day.
      • Unfortunately, it doesn't seem likely that it's that specific contract. If you look closely at the signature, you'll notice that it's signed "Johnny Blaze."
    • Seeing as Hawkeye is in next year's The Avengers and Dr. Strange has had a rumored movie in the works for years now, I'd say you're correct in that Marvel is trying to do some advertising for their characters. Nova, Iron Fist, and Rocket Raccoon were probably just added for the hell of it, though.
      • There's apparently a Guardians of the Galaxy movie in the works, and Nova and the Guardians are definitely appearing on the Avengers cartoon next season. Still no idea about Iron Fist, though.
      • Iron Fist is in to advertise his appearance in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon airing on Disney XD (which is also where Nova's DLC costume comes from).
      • Iron Fist also appeared in said Avengers cartoon, alongside fellow Hero For Hire Luke Cage.
  • The fact that Phoenix Wright has two different music themes plays into his personality. The standard theme sounds more held back compared to the other themes in the game, like how Wright appears to be a pretty calm guy outside the courtroom. However, get 3 pieces of good evidence and use an OBJECTION! move switches his theme to a more techno-based version of "Cornered", more fitting of a Marvel vs. Capcom game, just like how Phoenix goes from a calm dude to the Hot-Blooded attorney we know and love once he gets in court.
  • Vergil's line to Dante ("Sorry I was late for the party") makes for an interesting Lampshade Hanging on his not appearing in the vanilla version.
  • A lot of the powers Wright's evidence get in Trial Mode don't seem to be particularly connected with the actual evidence. The flower vase is an arc, the cellphone is a time-delayed projectile, the envelope is a bomb... wait... a bomb in an envelope? As in... a letter bomb?
    • Alternatively, it could a Mythology Gag to Viola's "love letters."
  • Among many other changes to Frank's moveset during the transition between Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Ultimate MVC 3, his Real Mega Buster move has been removed. Many fans wondered for the reason - but shortly thereafter, his DLC costume is revealed; it's him in the Mega Man X costume from Dead Rising games.
  • Arthur recognizes Iron Man and Doctor Doom as knights in his intro. Sure, they both use ornate armors, but why Arthur calls them so is deeper than that... If you remember the Doomquest ministorynote , Arthur's intro now makes much more sense. Especially because there's someone named Arthur in Middle Ages too.
  • Several characters end up breaking the fourth wall by beating the crap out of the cameraman (Examples: Deadpool starts ranting and grabs the camera, Wesker chokes him, Super-Skrull curbstomps the camera, Jill prepares a syringe, Nemesis lashes one of his tentacles out, Rocket Raccoon holds up a knife to the camera). However, since the "cameraman" doesn't necessarily exist since he's a part of the fourth wall (and none of the above characters save Deadpool have fourth-wall destroying powers), there has to be some other explanation. Then looking at the winposes one more time (especially in how they break the fourth wall), I noticed something: the supposed cameraman is apparently the beaten opponent. It is more evident in the winposes of Super-Skrull, Wesker and Rocket Raccoon.
    • In Super-Skrull's winscreen, once he steps on, well, whoever that is he's stepping on, you see broken glass. It's probably a cameraman.
    • That's your television/computer screen, meaning you're the one on the receiving end of all this punishment. Yes indeed — guide Wesker to a win and he'll still catch you in a Neck Lift, just For the Evulz.
  • How does Phoenix Wright stand up to foes with super-human powers? He can't. He's bluffing his way to victory, just like in court.
    • Similarly, he holds his head after jumping because he is afraid of heights, just like in the fifth case of Trials and Tribulations.
  • So, how does drinking booze give Frank double EXP when taking pics? He's probably drunk. Don't you think pictures you took yourself would look better to you when you're drunk?
  • Mega Man X's card is ranked B in the Heroes and Heralds mode. It's a good throwback to him being a B-rank Hunter in his games.
  • What is Deadpool doing riding the 'OBJECTION!' in the intro? He's just come through a wall. He's up to his old tactic of Breaking the Fourth Wall!
  • If one pays close attention to Dr. Strange and Dormammu's movesets, they will find that the two characters actually have rivaling moves. Both stack spells with QCB commands, teleport with reverse dragon punch commands (their teleports even have identical range and patterns), can both fly, both have a magical command normal that uses the f+H command and even have similar standing animations. Both characters also have a hyper that resembles the other's special, Strange's Spell of Vishanti resembling Dormammu's Purification, and Dorm's Stalk Flare resembling Strange's Eye of Agamatto, especially with the Impact Palm followup. Finally, take a good look at both character's Level 3 hypers, particularly the commands and animations. It's interesting how the hero and his arch nemesis, being the rivals and foils they are, have such moveset duality.
  • Normally, whenever someone gets KO'd by chip damage or while still standing, instead of the usual KO scream, they will spit out a soft spoken blurb. However, aside from Iron Fist, Zero is the only one that ALWAYS uses the same KO voice. Discounting that he actually does have a "soft KO" voice in the Gallery, the main reason could be that Zero being KO'd results in Critical Existence Failure by explosion, which would probably hurt a whole hell of a lot more than to warrant a simple "Oh no, I got beat" type of reaction.
  • Regarding Taskmaster's new move added to Ultimate, Sting Master: it looks like nothing that a Marvel hero that's well-known recently does... until you realize that just because he is a Marvel character, doesn't mean he's restricted to copying moves from his universe, which means he must have copied Dante's Stinger!
    • Judging by that gunshot he caps the attack off with, he could've also copied Dante's Gun Stinger/Point Blank and altered it to fit his needs. Sure, Dante doesn't use the move himself, but you could chalk it up to the same technicality of Taskmaster using Hawkeye-inspired archery before Hawkeye made the cut in Ultimate (i.e. Tasky saw it off-screen).
  • It seems somewhat outta nowhere that Reed Richards recruited Frank West in the latter's ending to fight Marvel Zombies. But then I realized, Capcom and Marvel is just playing with a small joke... "Fantastic" is also one of Frank's memetic Catchphrase.
  • Spider-Man's post-battle quip against Frank West about (accidentally) destroying the latter's camera may be a regular after-asskicking one liner for Spidey. It makes a lot more sense if Spidey finished the fight with his Maximum Spider HC, since the final hit sends the opponent straight down to earth. In Frank's case, the impact would have probably smashed his camera if he were the final point man.
  • Phoenix Wright's reveal trailer ends with him defeating Dr. Doom with the Ace Attorney Hyper Combo. This may be a joke or reference to Doom's ability to evade the legal system due to diplomatic immunity, as well as the game Ace Attorney Investigations, where overruling diplomatic immunity was a major plot point.
  • Wright's ending where he's in court as Galactus' defense lawyer can be seen at first as both a joke and weird as to why Phoenix would be defending someone like Galactus in court. Then you remember that, while Galactus was indeed trying to devour both worlds, he was provoked into doing so by the actions of Wesker, Doom and the other super villains, and suddenly Wright's choosing to be Galactus' attorney isn't so outlandish anymore, especially considering that Galactus isn't truly evil (nor is he truly good but still.)
    • You could think of Wright's ending as a companion piece to Chris's Ending, where Matt Murdock is prosecuting Wesker. You could go even further and say that the two mentioned lawyers are working the exact same case (as the Defense and Prosecution, respectively) if you ignore the courtrooms looking nothing alike.
  • Given her Dark and Troubled Past, X-23's upbeat theme music seems odd, until you consider that it could symbolize her hidden humanity and desire to be like a normal girl.
  • Of all the opponents they could face, why does Arthur battle Dr. Doom in the cinematic intro of UMvC3? In each game from the Ghosts 'n Goblins series, Arthur must traverse through a series of stages twice, meaning he'll also fight the same bosses twice. Is it too far off to say that he's actually fighting a Doombot and will have to fight Doom again?
  • In the "Days of Future Past" stage, Mega Man is the only character who has not been slain or apprehended. Considering he's fought a wide variety of killer robots, fighting and avoiding Sentinels should be right up his alley, not to mention his knack for copying and adapting weapons to use against enemies. If he is going down, it will take a damn long time before he does.
  • Phoenix Wright's playstyle, what moves are available to him, and how they function are perfect reenactments of his home series.
    • In Investigation Mode; Phoenix spends most of it just searching for evidence much like in his home series. It is also in this mode where the specials involving Maya are available, reflecting how Maya usually helps in Phoenix's investigations.
    • In Trial Mode; the Maya-related specials not being accessible could relate to how during a trial, Maya is mostly just Phoenix's co-counsel and thus unable to do much. Her super still being able to be used in this mode could represent her directly interfering in court, much like what she did in the first game when Phoenix defended Miles Edgeworth. In addition, Phoenix's "Order in the Court" Hyper sending him back in Investigation Mode could reflect the judge extending the trial and telling Phoenix to continue his investigation, as reflected on how the super destroys any bad evidence Phoenix may have when the Hyper Combo was used.

Fridge Horror

  • Galactus has been defeated and killed! The world is saved! Hooray! And then you remember that Galactus' existence is imperative for the survival of the universe...
    • Or, alternately, Galactus said "I now must squash you like the bug that you are!" after he's defeated. Foreshadowing for a second battle?
    • Even worse; should Galactus actually be killed, his body will release a Sealed Ultimate Evil In A Can named Abraxas who seeks to destroy every parallel universe. He killed an alternate Galactus and Roma (the protector of Eternity), among other things. The only way to kill Abraxas? Destroy all of reality and reset it using Galactus' Ultimate Nullifier. Nice going, heroes! You really have doomed the world!
      • Actually, he isn't killed, he just buggers off.
      • Remember, this isn't the mainstream Marvel universe. MvC3 takes place in a completely different reality from the 616 universe where that rule applies. There have been plenty of alternate universes where Galactus has died and nothing has gone wrong.
      • In Phoenix Wright's ending in Ultimate, Galactus is still alive and Wright's client. Based on this, I would just say that Galactus survives and just buggers off, generally speaking.
      • Plus keeping in mind the events of Age of Ultron, where Galactus buggers off to the Ultimate Marvel universe.
  • Vergil reacts to Trish with evident disgust, making this Ascended Fridge Horror of the unsettling idea that Dante is in some kind of partnership (maybe sexual, maybe not) with a woman who looks exactly like his mother.
    • It's more likely that Vergil is just offended by a demon taking the form of his mother, who he is notoriously guilty of failing to protect.
  • Hulk's ending has him smashing through the Spencer Estate. But he's not the most nimble fellow, so just one bite could create a zombified Hulk.
    • Then again, how would a zombie even be able to puncture Hulk's skin?
    • And would the virus even survive Hulk's healing factor?
    • Plus the fact that at least in-gameplay, zombie bites NEVER do anything to you aside from damage?
  • Spencer's asking Iron Man how much of his suit is bionic is cute, until you remember what Bionic Commando 2009 revealed about how Spencer's bionics work.


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