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See Pro Gaming for examples from the Fighting Community.

  • The game itself is a big CMOA for Marvel and Capcom.
  • Intro Movie 2 as a whole is pretty awesome, two noteworthy moments being Trish's motorcycle breakdancing and Captain America blocking helicopter rotors with his shield.
    • As a side note, when Capcom first made that trailer, Tron Bonne hadn't been confirmed yet. And she was in it. For the most part people were happy (thrilled in a surprisingly large amount of cases) to see her back.
  • The Intro Movie 3 can be summed up as "Magneto defeats everyone".
  • Speaking of Captain America, when he's paired up with Iron Man, the two tag each other in using their first names (Steve and Tony, respectively).
    • The same thing applies to cousins Jen Walters and Bruce Banner.
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    • And any of the X-Men.
  • In the Intro Movie 4, Mike Haggar tears through a billboard with his bare hands before picking up a lead pipe and walking towards a blazing inferno with Felicia on his back. Oh, and he does this after not moving an inch when Thor's hammer touches down nearby.
    • And said inferno is being created by a fight between Thor and Dormammu. That's right, Haggar wants in on a fight between a thunder god and a demon lord.
  • Mike Haggar is in.
    • His intro against the Hulk is an MOA for both of them:
    Haggar: Don't worry. I'm more than a challenge for you.
    Hulk: You're strong, but Hulk strongest one there is!
    • And in his own ending, he finally becomes the President of the United States of America.
  • Taskmaster can cut through projectiles.
  • Dante's ending where he faces off with Ghost Rider.
    • This match-up can finally be realized in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, with Ghost Rider being confirmed to join the brawl.
  • The Hulk's ending shows him and Chris storming the Resident Evil mansion.
    • Most of all, the Hulk beats the tar out of Nemesis.
      • Of course, with Nemesis being in Ultimate, you can be sure that he won't go down without a fight.
  • Chun-Li shows that she isn't intimidated by Kingpin in the slightest in her ending.
  • Morrigan's ending. Where does a succubus go to relax after a hard day saving the world? The mother of all Bad Guy Bars, of course.
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  • Felicia's ending, where she sings in a sold out concert number with Dazzler.
  • Iron Man's Level 3 super attack. Drags you across the ground, scooping chunks of land in the process, tosses you in the air, then finishes with a giant unibeam from his chest.
  • Wesker's ending. He captures all of the superheroes to experiment on them.
  • Chris's ending, where he drags Wesker in front of a court to be punished for his crimes..
  • With the confirmation of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 came the confirmation that Hawkeye was entering the fray, complete with his Hyper Combo featuring him firing an arrow carrying Ant-Man, who grows full size & smashes into the opponent before turning into Giant Man & stomping the victim into the ground.
    • Most of the new Capcom side is a CMOA, with fan favorite requests such as Phoenix Wright and Frank West appearing.
  • An update to the game's online mode has an event where you take one of your favorite characters in arcade mode and play in one-on-three battles. This promptly allows you to play One-Man Army with any of your favorite characters, whether it's Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Chun-Li, the Sentinel robot, Captain America, Morrigan, X-23, or Ghost Rider.
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  • Galactus is now a playable character.
  • These two combo videos focusing on Dante and Spider-Man.
  • Rocket Raccoon's entire gameplay reveal.
  • While it has since been removed in the Heroes and Heralds update, in this video (about 33:45, give or take) Phoenix Wright gets summoned in as an assist (specifically, using his Press the Witness assist), gets hit with two hypers, and survives.
  • The endings for Strider Hiryu, Nova, Doctor Strange, Hawkeye and Iron Fist. The many cameos make them all awesome.
  • Ghost Rider's ending involves him finally defeating Mephisto thanks to some help from Trish and Dante.
  • Vergil's ending involves him acquiring the Muramasa Blade.
  • Frank West's ending involves Mr. Fantastic, knowing about Frank's determination in fighting zombies, asks for his help to exterminate the Marvel Zombies. Then, they proceed enter a dimensional portal to kick some zombie ass.
  • Ryu's ending in UMVC3: Ryu becomes the new Iron Fist, the power of which is more than a match for the Satsui no Hadou!
  • In the Days of Future Past stage, there's the usual poster depicting the status of various Marvel and Capcom characters, either apprehended or slain. Only one hero remains; The little blue robot, Mega Man.
  • The full cinematic trailer.
    • One noteworthy moment: Magneto preparing to face off with an incoming Galactus by himself while the other fighters are duking it out.
  • The final battle against Galactus and his heralds. After your team proves to be the best line of defense the world has, you face off with the World Eater himself. And you can defeat him with any team you wish, be it one consisting of Spider-Man, Rocket Raccoon, and Frank West or one comprised of Thor, Morrigan, and Dante, or even a contingency of Badass Normals like Mike Haggar, Chris Redfield, and Phoenix Wright.
  • Rocket Raccoon's ending, in which he goes to Raccoon City and starts killing waves of zombies. Rocket Raccoon fighting in a zombie apocalypse... Need I say more?
  • Putting Dante and Vergil on the same team can lead to stuff akin to a two-dimensional Devil May Cry combo video.
  • Some of the ways the intros can match up to Galactus entering are awesome.
    Galactus: Kneel before Galactus.
    Wesker: Learn your place.

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