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Hate Sink / Kingdom Hearts

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  • Specific Disney villains; Scar, Clu, Hans, Davy Jones, and Lady Tremaine and her daughters are shown to be even worse in this continuity.
    • Lady Tremaine was so angry with her daughters not being picked by the Prince, that she summoned a whole army of Unversed to kill everyone at the ball, which was foiled by Terra. Later on, when Cinderella is finally freed from their tyranny, the entire stepfamily became so consumed with hatred, a powerful Unversed was summoned to ambush her; by the time Aqua got to their location, Cinderella was unconscious on the ground as all three Tremaines were laughing at her in sadism. The Cursed Coach then drops a bomb on them, causing them to scream as their fates are left unseen; Aqua implies they became Heartless.
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    • Not only is Scar is willing to cannibalize a cub, he is one of only two villains in the franchise (the other being Terra-Xehanort) to keep his original form as a Heartless. Rafiki also implies Scar has become a Satanic Archetype.
    • Clu's more sympathetic traits from his film were removed, leaving him as a sadist dictator who's even willing to murder his own user and his son with a Nightmare Dream Eater. He's worse in Sora's scenario, where he toys with The Power of Friendship, and forces Sora to fight Rinzler. When Clu loses Rinzler to Sora, he tries to kill them both, forcing Rinzler to sacrifice himself.
    • Hans' desire for power is so great, his heart was detected to be full of darkness by Sora in an instant. The moment he's foiled from killing Elsa by Anna's Heroic Sacrifice, Hans willingly gives in to darkness, and becomes an Elite Heartless called Sköll, who is a Reality Warper Savage Wolf wishing to crush Arendelle and other worlds in darkness. Like the Tremaine family, Hans becomes so evil, he ends up killed for it.
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    • Davy Jones lacks any of his movie counterpart's sympathetic qualities, and during his confrontation with Sora, Donald and Goofy, mocks the very concept of love, and sadistically stabs Will in the chest.
  • Larxene In Chain Of Memories. She is an Alpha Bitch who constantly bullied Namine around and constantly make rude and condescending remarks towards anyone she come across, even towards other members of Organization XIII.
  • Saïx in 358/2 Days, where he is the closest thing the story has to a Big Bad. Also in Kingdom Hearts II to a lesser extent. After his backstory is revealed in Birth by Sleep and III, this appears to be the result of his Green-Eyed Monster and Jumping Off the Slippery Slope.
  • Young Xehanort in III. Unlike almost all the other members of the Organization, Young Xehanort is constantly portrayed as a cruel, sociopathic villain who loves gloating and hurting people, all because he is aware that he'll return to his time and not remember any of the events of the game. Notably, he is the only incarnation of Xehanort without a Pet the Dog moment; even Terra-Xehanort was revealed to have sympathetic moments at times. Young Xehanort's final words are more or less laughing at Sora.
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  • Dark Riku in III has absolutely no sympathetic qualities that could make him redeemable, unlike Riku or Riku Replica, both of whom started out as villains but have a loved one whom they strive to protect, hence their eventual redemption. While this can be attributed to a lack of screen time, regardless, Sora and Riku have no regrets letting him die in the end.

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