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NOTICE: Moments pages are Spoilers Off. Read further only if you dare. You Have Been Warned.

  • The rabbit creation myth explains that rabbits have such strong back legs because the first rabbit was busy digging a hole and told Frith — the rabbit equivalent of God — to bless his backside.
  • The almost farcical trial of El-ahrairah in Bluebell's story, especially El-ahrairah's subtle Deadpan Snarker responses to Hufsa's increasingly ludicrous-sounding recounts of the carrot theft.
    El-ahrairah: What the hedgehog sang is not evidence. Really, one is inclined to wonder what is.
  • "Rowsby Woof and the Fairy Wogdog":
    • The story is filled with funny moments, most of them potshots at dogs (whom the rabbits understandably don't like), such as Rowsby's pride in his own abasement to "Queen Dripslobber" (accompanied by "her noble attendants, the fairies Postwiddlenote  and Sniffbottom.").
    • During the story, Rowsby Woof can smell "dead camel" on the Fairy Wogdog. Bigwig interrupts the story to ask what the heck a camel is. Dandelion admits that he doesn't know, but the word was in the story when he heard it, so it must be some animal or another.
  • The Running Gag of Bluebell starting some ridiculous poem only to have Hazel finish it with a biting final rhyme.
    Bluebell: How comforting to be a slug! Among the dandelions so snug...
    Hazel: And feel the blackbird's sudden tug.
    • Leading up to that he's complaining about how much his feet hurt, and announces cheerfully that since slugs don't have legs, he has decided to be one.
  • Speedwell's Story from Tales of Watership Down is pretty much one long Funny Moment with its complete surreal nonsense, though the highlight has to be the other rabbits' reactions. The entire thing is essentially one long troll to see who breaks first.
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  • "Silflay hraka, u embleer rah!" Ouch, Woundwort. Ouch. What makes it even better is that the novel has been building this up from the start by regularly using these Lapine words so you'll know exactly what they mean once Bigwig gives this line to Woundwort.
  • Bigwig's take on the prospect of mating:
    "Lots of little Bigwigs, Hazel! Think of that and tremble!"
    • Something similar happens when Hawkbit is excited about having a mate, saying, "Imagine it! Little Hawkbits running all over the place!" Followed by "...what a ghastly thought!"
  • The whole business about how the Efrafan siege ended. Vervain, one of the most Jerkass rabbits in all of Efrafa, a bully and tyrant almost as bad as Woundwort himself, running away like a little kitten, absolutely terrified of the smallest/physically weakest rabbit in the entire story. And then, the rest of the Efrafans who were caught inside the Watership Warren surrender themselves to the same runt rabbit. Big, bad Efrafans, surrendering to the weakest rabbit around. Dramatic Irony, anyone?
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  • Bluebell's report on the temporary winter burrows:
    Hazel: Are the holes hidden?
    Bluebell: Just like Efrafa, I should think! In fact I brought one here to show you. You can't see it, can you? Well, there you go!
  • Later, when he promises to come back to visit, Bigwig grins and tells him to come swooping out of the sky like he did to frighten the Efrafans.
    Kehaar: Ja, ja, frighten mudders und leetle rabbits, all leetle Pigvigs run avay.
  • A few rabbits have occasional Deadpan Snarker moments, but Silver is king of them.
    (Stooping kestrel hits the den like a missile, Death Glares at everyone inside, and abruptly vanishes.)
    Silver: Like to try standing up to that one? Let me know. I'll come and watch.
  • During the epilogue, there's a very cute scene where Bigwig is trying to instruct some baby rabbits in how to deal with a cat, but they're too in awe of him to really pay much attention to what he's saying.
  • In Tales, one rabbit utters "Frith on a hrududu!" as an expletive. This would be roughly equal to a human saying something along the lines of, "Jesus Christ on a tractor!"

The Film
Perfect landing!
Just because this film is Darker and Edgier compared to the novel, doesn't mean there isn't any funny moment here and there.
  • The film version doesn't have a lot of humor but Kehaar's "You shtupit bunnies!" rant is a very notable exception.
    • Really, Kehaar in general. He provides like 95% of the movie's humor.
    • When the rabbits discover Kehaar, the seagull with an injured wing.
    Hazel: We help you.
    Kehaar: PISS! OFF!
    • When Hazel offers to take Kehaar into the burrow:
      Kehaar: No! Ving no good, but I valk plenty good! [tries to walk, immediately collapses] ...Is long way?
    • The build-up to this exchange is priceless. Kehaar is sat in the opening of one burrow, rambling to himself about how the rabbits don't have any mates. Bigwig hops up behind him, hoping to slip out of the burrow, but Kehaar unknowingly blocks his way multiple times, and at one point the two end up unintentionally mirroring each other. Bigwig's solution? Just push Kehaar out by diving under him!
    • Don't forget - "Who said that!?" "No-one, sir".
    • Just picturing Zero Mostel making bird noises in the studio is worth a few laughs. Plus, his declaration of "Perfect landing!" to no one in particular.
    • Bigwig making contact with Kehaar while undercover in Efrafa.
      Bigwig: (whispering) Listen carefully.
      Kehaar: YAH! (Bigwig cringes)
  • Bigwig showing hrududil (cars) aren't dangerous by sitting on the centre line as one "ignores" him - then getting scared out of his wits when he forgot they travel in both directions!
  • There's something about Fiver going into a trance during the battle and having his "There's a dog in the woods" Madness Mantra that just freaks the Elfrafans out.