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The games

The anime

  • The narrator's explanations of the combat moves can be pretty over the top.
  • When Jacky is stuck in jail, Akira and Pai have to think of a way to get money to bail him out. Akira says Pai will have to use her body, to be willing to get on her hands and knees and get dirty. Pai is naturally horrified, and then we cut to them working in construction, and Pai asks is this is really what Akira meant.
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  • Jacky and Pai are arguing with Akira over who they think kidnapped Sarah. Akira thinks for a moment before blurting out the name of their Team Pet flying squirrel Alexander in a serious tone.
  • In the English dub, when Jacky gets a hold of some nunchakus, he recites Akira's In the Name of the Moon speech but says it extremely quickly to sync with his lips.
  • Jacky attempts to be deep and contemplative, until Akira says something stupid and ruins his "moment."
  • During a preview for the next episode, Jacky and Pai are lamenting Akira's supposed death during their narration, but Akira keeps interrupting and tells them he's okay. They both tell him to shut up because they aren't supposed to know that yet.
  • When Akira later comes and breaks them out of jail, realizing he's still alive, Pai prepares herself to give Akira a huge glomp the moment he opens her cell door. Once it opens, she leaps at him with her arms open, calls his name, and lands on the floor. Akira's already over at Jacky's cell breaking him free, and wonders what Pai's doing. He gets an Armor-Piercing Slap for his obliviousness.
  • In Hong Kong, Jacky hijacks an unattended speedboat so Akira, Sarah, and him can get way from some thugs. The English dub added this great line:
    Yan: "I can't believe this! Who left the keys in that boat!? Oh never mind, just capture them!"

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