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  • Fridge Brilliance: Taka-Arashi is undefeated on the dohyō (which is how he became a yokozuna). His comparably poor performance in the third tournament stems from having to deal with a number of unfamiliar fighting styles. This initially comes off as a Contrived Coincidence… until you take a good look at his Player 1 costume in Final Showdown, which may present another reason for his elimination. Sumo fans will recognize that style of knot on his tsuna (ceremonial rope belt) as the Shiranui style, the Red Oni of the two styles. Those who know their history will know that, in contrast to those who wear the Blue Oni Unryū style, nearly all Shiranui yokozuna after Haguroyama, with the current exception of Hakuhō, have had nothing but bad luck during their tenure at sumo's unrelegatable highest rank. Just ask Yoshibayama, Tamanoumi, Kotozakura, Takanosato, Futahaguro, Asahifuji, Wakanohana III, and Harumafuji (the last of whom was promoted after the article in the link was published). Remember Taka's elimination from the third tourney?
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  • Why did Sarah's fighting style change from Jeet Kun Do to Martial Arts after the third game? Because after regaining her memories, Sarah is trying to get out of her brother's shadow and create her own identity.
  • Why did Vanessa get her skin bleached between 4 and 5? It may have to do with whatever J6 did to her when they captured her. However, it should be noted that despite the character profile stating that Vanessa's body was made even stronger than it was before, she's actually much less bulky in 5.
  • Despite being classified as French, why does Jean speak Japanese? Two reasons; one, his last name would indicate he's also part Japanese. Two, the developers probably realized that, given the narm of the English dialogue, having Jean speak English probably would have destroyed any credibility he had as a villain.
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  • When they fight in the anime, Akira inflicts an absolute Curb-Stomp Battle to Lau Chan, who until then was hailed as effectively invincible. Thing is, Akira has just spent weeks fighting the Koenkan and his Huyanquan practitioners (who have learned from Lau Chan or his direct disciples), while Lau Chan doesn't even have any idea who the hell Akira is or why they should fight: Akira knew exactly how Lau Chan would fight, while his opponent was completely blindsided by an opponent he didn't know and knew his strengths and weaknesses.

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