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  • Warren Tim Harried's discography (which you can see all at once by entering WARREN EGG) is mostly his pining after a woman named Francine.
    Warren is playing excerpts from "Why?," originally an eighty-three minute song in which he stops playing once to cry and twice to leave voicemails for Francine.
    Warren is playing "It's Because He Plays Guitar, Isn't it?"
    Warren is playing from Listen, one of the few known albums in which a single artist plays guitar and accordion simultaneously.
    Warren is playing "Can Jimmy Do This?," which one music critic called "the most ambitious guitar solo ever by someone who had been playing the instrument for less than a week."
    • Some later songs imply that he cut off his fingers in grief; they're followed up by a song titled "So I Lied (Pathetic, I Know)".
  • By the time you are finally ready to write, you are standing in your office naked, wearing an odd furry music player on your head, a clamp on your nose, and gum in your ears.

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