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Awesome / Virtua Fighter

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The Games
  • The intro to Virtua Fighter 4. Matchless fighter comeback indeed!
  • The trailer/intro for ''Final Showdown'' is absolutely epic, having some amazing choreography and great transitions as it shows off all the fighters. What's also great is that, even though it is computer animated, nearly all the moves seen can actually be done in real life with enough practice.
  • This awesome combo video showing off a full-lifebar depleting combo for each character, nicely interspersed with scenes from the intro of Final Showdown.

The Anime
  • Jacky and Akira jumping a police car from one skyscraper to another, crashing through a window, and being unharmed.
  • Akira defeating Gold Dural, his resolve strengthened through the Power of Friendship.
  • Lau taking out a tiger with a palm uppercut. Looks like he beat Kazuma Kiryu by a decade.


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