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Awesome / Vigilante 8

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  • Pretty much all the special weapons in both games qualify, but special mentions go to:
    • Boogie's Disco Inferno. A disco ball that rapidly flings exploding glitter at the unfortunate target, spinning it in the air and looking AWESOME in the process.
    • John Torque's Bass Quake. It's a stereo with so much bass that it causes earthquakes.
    • Convoy's Steel Belter: an IED consisting of a spare tire laced with dynamite that can somehow track other cars and can cut a health bar in half when it makes contact.
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    • Beezwax's Gamma Swarm and Dave's Invasion are both this and Goddamn Bats when you're on the receiving end of them. When these two are unleashing mutant bees and flying saucers at you, RUN!
    • Arguably the coolest special in both games is Padre Destino's Hades Gate. It literally takes you To Hell and Back and erupts you out of the ground from underneath your target, rippling the ground and setting them on fire if it's a direct hit. Essentially, it's a flamethrower, a reverse mortar Crater Maker, Bass Quake, and a teleportation/quick escape method all in one.

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