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As this is a Funny Moments page, spoilers are left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • When Blaire shares her screen with everyone to show the Instagram pic of Laura's chat with Val in which Val told her to kill herself, but Blaire takes forever to click the link. After a while, we get this:
    Ken: (slams hand down loudly) Click the fucking link, dude!
  • When Blaire turns to Chatroulette to find help, one of the people she's matched up with has a description that outs him as a hardcore console fanboy, terrible grammar and everything.
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  • Early on, Blaire is trying to forward an email, but the button to do so has disappeared. An exasperated Adam shouts “Oh my god, Blaire, do you know how to use a fucking computer?” Given that Blaire demonstrates technological illiteracy throughout pretty much the whole movie, Adam is likely speaking for a lot of people watching the movie here.
  • Most people find the deaths either terrifying or hilariously over-the-top.
  • Also from the Chatroulette scene, Blaire comes across an overweight shirtless guy far older than she is, which just goes to show how great of an idea this was.
    Blaire: Oh, God...
  • Jess' reaction to finding out they have to play "Never Have I Ever"?
  • Speaking of drinking games, take a shot every time Blaire fails to use her computer properly. You will be dead before you even get to the Chatroulette scene.
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  • During the fighting that occurs after it's revealed that Blaire cheated on Mitch with Adam, she and Adam share this exchange:
    Adam: Perfect fucking Blaire!
    Blaire: You wouldn't even know! It only lasted like a second!
    Adam: (takes offence) OH, FUCK YOU BLAIRE!
  • Anytime Laura's spirit acts like a Troll to the cast, such as nonchalantly posting smiley faces before someone dies, and even going as far as intentionally playing inappropriate music at the worst time possible.
  • On the "RIP Laura Barns" Facebook page, if you look closely you can see Laura Barns herself listed among the people that liked the page. After coming back from the dead, she wasn't just tormenting the people who had driven her to suicide—she liked her own memorial page on Facebook!
  • During the horror of Laura's rampage in the Skype call, a pop-up ad suddenly appears advertising "Free Web-Cams". One of the sample videos shown in the pop-up is of Blaire stripteasing for Mitch earlier in the film.
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  • Though Val's death is terrifying, the blow is softened a bit when you realized that Mitch Screams Like a Little Girl.
  • When Val and Jess start fighting, Ken offers to drive them over to Wendy's where they can duke it out.
  • Val's response to Billie227's bothersome presence and Blaire presuming that it might be a glitch:
    Val: [exasperated] Well, the glitch just typed.
  • In a meta sort of sense, some of the video of Laura getting bullied WAS posted to Youtube as a trailer for the movie. Almost immediately after it was posted up however, it was blown off of the face of Youtube for breaking policy on bullying regardless of it being faked, COMPLETELY undermining the setup for the plot.
    YMS: As of right now, [the video is] back online because it's just a fake, stupid thing for a movie. But isn't it kind of funny how quickly the movie was able to delegitimize its own plot?
  • The part where Adam killed himself. The atmosphere was everyone yelling at each other, making it so over dramatic, almost to Full House levels, that when Blaire showed the paper with the text, then his hand got possessed while holding his gun that the entire result is the most unintentionally funny part of the film. The fact that he doesn't show any reaction to what's going on & just goes on yelling before he's shot is just icing on the cake.
  • A bit of a Fridge Funny Moment, but after Blaire sells out Mitch, telling Laura through Facebook that "it was him" who posted the video of drunk Laura. After Laura kills him, Blaire reopens Facebook to talk to Laura, but if you look at her recent messages on Facebook, you can see that she talked with someone named Nelson Greaves, a person that was previously not on her recent messages. And the most recent message from Greaves was from him saying "jk it was me". What makes this funny? Nelson Greaves is the name of the film's writer.
  • Jess's alternate death. It looks like something from an old Newgrounds flash game from 2006!
  • During the Never Have I Ever game, when Laura types "Never have I ever offered to trade Jess's life for mine" and Adam loudly accuses Blaire of doing so, which leads to Blaire, Mitch and Adam arguing over whether or not Blaire could have done it or not, only for Adam to admit it was him.
    Jess: ADAM, JESUS!
    Mitch: You piece of shit! You’re a fucking piece of shit, you know that?!
    Adam: Oh fuck you! You're a piece of shit!
    • Also during the Never Have I Ever game, when they get to "Never have I ever had sex."
      Adam: Oop, there goes my finger! Hey Jess, you only have to put down one, not fifty."

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