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Funny / Under the Silver Lake

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  • After kissing Sarah, Sam has the dopiest look on his face.
  • Sam dealing with two very young vandals. Straight-up child abuse, but given they were ruining cars for shits and giggles makes it hard not to laugh.
  • When Millicent and Sam go skinny-dipping, she tells him she suspects they're being followed and tells him to pretend they're having sex. Sam replies with a disappointed "We're not?".
  • The Comic Man shows Sam his collection of celebrity face casts. He briefly muses about how he needs a he can pass his collection on.
    • He also delivers this line:
    "Of course! That's as common as tits and hamburgers!"
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  • Sam tells his actress neighbour his conspiracy theories surrounding pop culture...while sitting a bathtub with tomato juice as she pinches her nose.
    Sam: Has it ever occurred to you that rich people might know something that we don't?
    Actress: Good restaurants?
  • Sam is lead by the Homeless King to an underground catacomb. Sam wanders down a long tunnel before approaching what appears to be a tomb filled with new furniture. He notices a small escape and crawls through it to find himself behind the dairy section of a convenience store. Sam just nonchalantly takes a swig from a bottle of milk.
  • When Sam confronts the Songwriter, the latter pulls a gun on him. Sam naturally ducks for cover while screaming like a girl. The shot of him peeking from behind a speaker only to immediately duck again out of fear for his life is priceless.
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  • Most of Sam's interactions with Alan.
    Sam: Have you seen a blonde, a brunette and a redhead in a white Corvette?
    Alan: No, but I'm looking forward to meeting them!

    Sam: Can you get me in touch with Jesus?
    Alan: Ah, I'm the wrong guy to ask about that.
  • Sam beating the shit out of Jesus. Not literally, as the DOP insisted on showing us.
    • When Jesus admits that "Turning Teeth" wasn't written by him, Sam demands to know what other songs he didn't write and realises out loud that Jesus didn't write any of his hits. Jesus naturally takes offense.
  • The Owl's Kiss finally makes her way to Sam's apartment. She raises her knife as he turns around. Sam shrieks, and the Owl's Kiss scampers away.

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