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Nightmare Fuel / Under the Silver Lake

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  • Everything about the Owl's Kiss. It's disturbing. It walks with its pelvis pushed forward and legs stretched awkwardly forward in the direction it walks. The fact that Sam sees it for the first time on Comic Man's security footage adds to the creep factor.
    • Also, when Sam breaks into Comic Man's house after he's been found dead, the amount of blood soaked on his bed is enough to make you squirm.
  • In Sam's first nightmare, he comes across what appears to be Sarah bent over a man's body in the middle of a path. Except when she turns around, she's actually a man in Sarah's clothes who's eating the remains of the body. Then the man starts barking before the body splits into two parts that shoot off in opposite directions.
  • The Songwriter, an elderly composer Sam meets who claims to have written pretty much every hit song in the music, film and TV industries over the last century—and at least one Beethoven piece, for that matter. His craggy, liver-spotted face is also unsettling to look at, in large part because he's played by a younger actor wearing loads of old age makeup.
    • Sam ends their confrontation by repeatedly pulverizing the old man's face using Kurt Cobain's Fender Mustang, which we see in unflinching detail.
  • Sam himself, if we're taking an honest look at his behavior and lifestyle: he's an aimless, unemployed young man who spends most of his days getting high and ogling his scantily clad female neighbors through a pair of binoculars. He seemingly has no ability to read the room or casually chat with others, following Sara's former roommate into the women's bathroom and going on long rants about conspiracy theories and masturbation to the Actress. When given the opportunity to confront two of the preteens who vandalized his car, he mercilessly beats them and doesn't even bother to wash the blood off his hands before falling asleep. While you can argue his killing of the Songwriter is in self-defense, he spends several seconds bashing the old man's face to a pulp. Neither is he able to provide a consistent excuse for why he's carrying around dog treats despite not owning a dog, which lends suspicion to the idea that he might be The Dog Killer.

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