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The original ending to this film was for Blaire to find out her friends are alive & live with the consequences of her horrible actions.
Unless the jump scare ending was actually intended, which I doubt it was supposed to be there until the studio got involved, a more logical ending would've been to have the ghost upload the full unedited video of her from that party, revealing Blaire recorded & uploaded it, have Blaire start getting hate for it immediately, then reveal that the rest of everyone was still alive, the ghost just showed Blaire them dying because she wanted to torture her. It would've shown their reactions to the video, as well as show them all stop being friends as a result of the Skype call.Think about this for a second. With how tacked on the ending feels as a result of contradiction, shift in tone, being forced, having a different actress than was previously shown for the ghost, & some other things, it makes total sense that this wasn't the ending the filmmakers had envisioned for it. It would've made for a more logical ending. People who liked this movie would realize that it makes sense & people who were more apathetic to the characters & movie would at least say the ending made sense, especially when the film has an entire sequence devoted to showing how horrible the characters were before they inevitably died so they deserved what happened to them. Unless if that was the true ending, in which case, that's very disappointing if that's the case.

Blaire was the only one who was actually killed.

Ghost!Laura showed repeatedly that it can control what happens on the computer so what if everything except the first Skype chat with her boyfriend was an illusion?

Ken froze up because he saw Laura's severed head
  • But Laura didn't decapitate herself.
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  • Doesn't mean she couldn't make him see it just to fuck with him.
  • A more plausible theory would be that he saw the remains of her corpse post-suicide. Can't imagine that a gunshot wound would leave her head intact.

Laura was trying to save them.
This is a weird theory, propped up mainly by a single line in the movie. Before killing Blaire Laura said "I wish I could forgive you." My theory is that she meant that literally: she was not allowed to forgive them. You see, when she first died she was mad enough to make a deal with something on the other side to come back for revenge, but after a year she's cooled off and doesn't really want to do it. That's why she keeps dragging things out. IF she isn't cruel, she breaks her deal. However, if her friends show true remorse, then she "has to" let them go, so she tries to put them in a position to do this. It really sheds new light on the Never Have I Ever game. Laura lied when she said "if you lose, you die." If one of her friends had held out and confessed to 5 sins, they would have been free.
  • This is supported by the fact that every time Blaire tries to google something, she gets brought back to the same forum page, which tells her exactly how to free herself: confess her sins to the ghost.
  • This is also supported by the song that Laura plays after Blaire's cheating comes to light, How You Lie Lie Lie. If you look up the lyrics, there's one part that says, 'If you'd stop lying, everything could be OK.' This could be Laura's way of telling Blaire to come clean.

"Billie" is the name of Laura's uncle.

Alternatively, "Billie" is the name of Laura's boyfriend.
In one of the promotional posters (the search engine variant), one of the suggestions said "Laura Barns boyfriend". Billie could be a feminine form of Billy, who could possibly be the name of her boyfriend.

There will be a sequel.
A few potential plot lines:
  • Laura haunts another group of people that tormented her
  • There will be another haunting involving a new ghost and group of teens, but it will be related to Laura, as well as explaining how she came back to haunt her peers
  • It will be a prequel that utilizes the found footage aspect through an iPhone, showing Laura before the video was recorded, and possibly anything that connected her to the supernatural aspect of the movie.
  • Laura going after another group of bullies, albeit ones unrelated to her. If she's a vengeful spirit for all eternity, may as well put it to some good use, right? Laura Barns: Villain Protagonist Paranormal Bully Hunter.

There was no ghost
The guilt of Laura's suicide was slowly eating away at the protagonists. As everything progressed, they all finally lost their minds and killed themselves, while hallucinating that Laura's ghost was causing it.

The whole movie was a Secret Test of Character for Blaire
After Blaire tells Laura that Mitch was the one responsible for the video (resulting in him dying, Laura reveals that she knew who it was all along. This could have just been a sadistic game, or maybe Laura would have set them all free once the guilty party confessed. If
Blaire had just revealed that she was the one who took the video, everyone would still be alive, but they didn't, so their punishment? Watching all of their friends die horrible, painful deaths, all while knowing it was their fault.

Blaire knew Laura kissed Mitch and that’s why she recorded her out of spite.
When Mitch admired that Laura kissed him, Blaire was oddly calm. I think she knew and that is what severed their friendship. Blaire presented sociopath traits so I imagine she hated that her “friend” messed with her “property.

Blaire was the real bully all along.
It's suggested that Laura was a bully before the video that made her commit suicide was taken. But there is no solid proof of this, just the opinions of Blaire's friends. What if Laura was never a bully. One thing the film makes clear, is that teenagers are quick to spread false rumors and back stab each other. What if Blaire spread the rumors about Laura being a bully to turn people against her - ruin her reputation, since she was popular and well liked - something Blaire seems to be during the film. Blaire has proven to be a Manipulative Bitch that had a lot of people fooled. Blaire claims the two grew apart, but it could have just as easily been the case of Blaire, being jealous of Laura's popularity and removing the competition. This would explain why the ghost of Laura is so vengeful. She kills herself, not because of the backlash of the video, but because her childhood friend betrays her to take her place.
  • It should be noted that Laura personally wrote an apology to Val for being mean to her, so it isn't a huge leap to suggest that she actually did bully others. Also, Blaire defends Laura against Mitch's accusations of bullying, pointing out that she had a hard life and almost mentioning her abuse at the hands of her Creepy Uncle. Even if the Nice Girl routine is fake, that's the last thing she'd do if she was cultivating an image of Laura as a bully.

Blaire was drunk the night the she made the video.
  • While it in no way excuses her behavior, it's likely that Blaire was drunk the night she made the video. It was a party after all and everyone else seemed to be drinking, so it's unlikely that she alone was sober. This could provide an explanation for her reaction to the sight of her face behind the camera: She really didn't remember making the video and the expression on her face was a combination of shock and guilt.

Val is not dead
Out of all characters besides Blaire, Val is the only one to not have an irrefutable on-screen death. Other characters are shown to have their throat torn by the blender's blades, forced to shoot themselves in the head, have a burning hair straightener forced down their throat, and a knife stabbed in their eye. All of them are shown explicitly on camera, except Val, who is suspected to have been forced to drink bleach long before the other friends find her staring at the camera in a frozen state, and suddenly collapsing to the floor, dead.

However, there's no clear evidence that Val was forced to drink bleach due to no evidence of vomiting blood anywhere on the floor or traces of blood from her mouth. Also, considering that Laura is capable of manipulating phone calls and video camera streams, it's possible that Laura tricked other friends into believing that Val is dead by giving out a fake police code that addresses the event as a suicide.

Considering that Val was not originally invited to the chat stream, it's likely that Laura killing Val haven't crossed her mind as of yet, and simply faked her 'death' to begin her twisted revenge plan against the others. Also, considering that Laura had also bullied Val according to the video, it's also possible that she's saving Val for later, after she have dealt with Blaire and her friends who had betrayed her in the worst way possible.

"billie227" wasn't really Laura
Seeing as how the movie is getting a sequel, it's possible that they may attempt to turn it into an anthology series of sorts, with every movie being told from a computer screen, but with different elements (sort of like the Final Destination movies; essentially the same plot every time, while still changing it up enough to keep fans coming back). Assuming they again go for the "vengeful ghost" plot, who's to say that it's not the exact same ghost? Maybe "Laura" was actually just a random spirit (or even a hacker) who just pretended to be her in order to Mind Rape the group For the Evulz. In the next movie, it'll be the same antagonist, but (s)he will be pretending to be a different person tormenting a different group of people.
  • This is an interesting theory, but the ending kinda makes it a moot point.

Laura was possessed by some sort of demon, which caused her to kill herself and used her as a vessel to torment others
She had to have gained those supernatural powers somehow. The thing haunting the characters is like the Buffyverse vampires: it has her memories and personality, it can act like her but in the end, it isn't her. She also could have made a pact with something to get revenge. The way she holds the gun when she kills herself could have been the demon at work, since it was very odd.

The movie's Space Whale Aesop of an ending is a metaphor for a different sort of aesop.
Laura finds them and kills them all through the computer, which means she found their accounts and started offing them one-by-one. The lesson the movie is trying to teach is that being a horrible person will bring equally horrible consequences, but given that this is online, maybe Laura being a ghost that hunts them down could be a nod to having your computer traced for the crimes you comitted, ie your information being found by police or lawmakers, since this IS how cybercrimes are proven true.