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Will Munny is The Man With No Name.
  • That seems unlikely given that The Good, the Bad and the Ugly takes place in the American Civil War and Unforgiven takes place around Abraham Lincoln's assassination. It would require Munny to have aged twenty-six years in about three years.

Will Munny is the ancestor of Dirty Harry.
  • Will Munny went to San Francisco and prospered in Dry Goods, his kids probably do pretty well for themselves and decide to stick it out in the city by the bay, and years later marry into the Callahan family.

Davey really did deserve it.
  • He is described in the article as an innocent bystander who just happenned to go to the whorehouse with a man who cut up a whore, but during the attack, he can clearly be seen to touch Delilah's Standard Female Grab Area. In fictionland, maybe this did make him an active participant.

Will Munny's wife was a whore and/or a poor woman he saved from sexual abuse
  • For a cruel man who kills women and children and innocents, Munny seems to have a lot of empathy for the whores. You can say that he refuses to have sex with them because of his dead wife, but when he leaves the city, he also shouts to the townsfolk that if they'll hurt the whores he'll come back and kill them all. He had no reason to do it, he got the money that he needed for his kids, avenged his partner, but yet, this was important to him. And right after his threat to the town, comes the credits that say that his wife's parents did not understand why she loved him. I think that she loved him for the same reason that the whores seemed to care for him, because she too was a whore (or maybe kidnapped and forced to be one?), and he saved her, possibly killing some people in the way.

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