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As this is a Fridge page, spoilers are left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Fridge Brilliance:

  • One thing I really liked about the movie is how Laura was a victim of cyberbullying, and so in order to turn the friends against each other she uses exactly the same means that cyberbullies use: spreading rumours and gossip, sharing incriminating photos and videos, telling the characters things behind each others' backs and so on, until they no longer know who they can trust.
    • And at the end, when Laura posts the evidence that Blair was the one to film and post the video of her, other people instantly begin commenting on it and the "kill yourself" messages begin anew, suggesting that the cycle of bullying will never end.
  • In the beginning of the movie, Blaire tells Mitch that he's "really sexy when [he's] violent". Indeed, a sociopath would be quite turned on by violence.
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  • On Ken's Facebook page, he shares a link to the Warcraft Funeral crash where a real-life person had passed away and his guild had an in-game funeral for him which was purposely crashed by raiders. It seems Ken has a penchant of disrespecting the dead.
  • If you notice Adam's death is less brutal than the others. It is because he was the only one who never did something bad to Laura, as you can see by the Never have I ever messages that involve someone doing something bad to Laura, he was never found guilty of those.
    • Actually, Adam did do something bad. Blaire admitting that they had all made accounts to cyberbully Laura because "everyone else was doing it too".
  • At one point on Blaire's screen we can see that she is seeding a torrent of a Saturday Night Live episode. She ends up being the cause of all this in the first place. Subtle jab at pirates?
    • Meh. It's probably more or less Blaire being a fucking idiot.
  • Laura is a Catholic, or at least, she chooses to identify as a Catholic, as shown from her Facebook page. In traditional Catholic theology, suicide is considered a mortal sin (as it would imply that one had dominion of their life over God) and would condemn someone to Hell. After billie227note  reveals herself to be the one posting Val's drunken photos, Val threatens to go to her place, but billie227 warns that "she would not like it here". As in, she would not like to be in Hell?
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  • We never find out what drove best friends Blaire and Laura's relationship apart, to the point Blaire recorded the embarrassing video of Laura and lead a cyber bullying campaign which drove her to suicide. However, there is one hint. During the "Never Have I Ever" game, Mitch admits to kissing Laura, but claims she came on to him and he rejected her. One of the main reasons a friendship ends among teenage girls is because of them fighting over a boy. Mitch was clearly that boy.


Fridge Horror:

  • When Ken tries to call the police shortly after Val dies, we find out that Laura's spirit is impersonating a police officer. Up until then, it was only talking via text messages. Just how powerful is the spirit in question, and what else does it have access to?
  • When Val's Skype appears again, you see her looking at her laptop screen with no emotion for two solid minutes before she falls over dead. It's clear that she poisoned herself to death by drinking bleach, but instead of showing signs of being sick, like a person who drank a dangerous chemical like bleach would, she sits motionless. Because at that point, Val is already dead and the person looking at the screen is the evil spirit Laura Barns inside Val's body through possession. Even more frightening when you remember that Blaire's laptop screen is the one the viewing audience is looking through. Bonus points for the broken mirror in the background. A classic sign of spiritual possession.
  • As awful as the main cast is, they were all still teenagers with family and friends. Imagine how their parents are going to react when they find out that not only did their children seemingly kill themselves in a group suicide pact, but they helped push another student into killing herself a year ago?
  • The deaths of six teenagers from the same school in one night is probably big enough to make national news, complete with pictures of the victims. One has to wonder if any of the people Blaire spoke to on Chatroulette will see and recognise her picture as the girl who was begging them for help on the night she died, and how they will feel about it (particularly the ones who were less than helpful).


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