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    Pre-Release Theories 
The Big Bad is Blaire from the first movie

They haven't been very subtle with the clues in the trailer, so I can see where this is going.

  • Jossed. The sequel doesn't have any connection to the first movie.

The multiple profiles seen in the trailer are part of a Laura Barnes cult

Oh, dear lord.

  • Thankfully jossed.

Laura Barns will actually be a 'heroic' figure this time around.

In the sense that she's still a villain, but she has nothing against this group of teens and considers the villains monstrous people who deserve to be punished for what they've done. Perhaps she'll show up at some point in the film to save the remaining teens and turn the tables on the villains, showing that well resourced psychopaths are no match against a genuinely supernatural ghost.

  • Unfortunately jossed.

Any use of the word "Dark Web" will really be "Deep Web" in the movie
  • Holy shit I was almost exactly correct. They don't say deep "web", just "dark net" though. But still!

Cards Against Humanity will be used against the Main Characters
If Laura Barns could turn a game of Never Have I Ever into a tense moment in Unfriended, then there's no doubt this will lead to many character deaths or the most hilarious moment in the movie.
  • Jossed.

Unfriended: Dark Web is a soft reboot to Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
Let's see, let's see...
  • Both are "franchises" produced by Jason Blum
  • Both have the main protagonist stumble upon someone's tech McGuffin in a place which has disturbing stuff on it
  • and both have very stupid characters. Seems fair to me.

Matias' new computer belonged to...
  • Blaire from the first movie, just to make her seem more like a horrible character
    • Jossed due to this being a stand-alone sequel, therefore having no connection to the original movie.
  • or a Paranormal Activity protagonist, putting the two franchises in a shared universe! ... I'm sorry.

Only the men will die

  • Jossed BIG TIME by showing Lex's death in the trailer. Nice going with the promotional material, Blumhouse!

The black girl dies
Because there wasn't one in the first movie...?
  • The trailer also shows this as she doesn't appear anywhere after one of the character's mother dies.

This group of characters will be significantly less terrible than Blaire and her friends.
  • They are clearly horrified by the content on the laptop and must be planning to put an end to whatever evil is going on.

There will be a scene set in Matias' cybercafe
C'mon, they were clearly setting that up!

    Post-Release Theories 

Nari survived, or at least didn’t get hit by the subway.
We know SOMEONE gets hit later, but Nari seemed like she was overpowering her attacker. We never see her die nor do we see her during the rest of the movie, but it seems likely to me that if Nari was able to fend off her attacker, a bystander could have witnessed the attack and called the police, scaring the circle away for the moment.

Kelly ended up as one of the Charons
She wasn't killed, only taken by one of the Charons. My best guess is that she was taken to the group of the Charons and forced to become one of them.

Charon IV was indeed trying to warn Matias.
When Matias is transferring the money and Charon IV warns him that he's making a big mistake, it's a moment when he's being sincere: He went through a similar experience in the past and ended up forced to kill people for the Charons and hoped Matias would just be fast and leave the computer in the cafe, so the group's plan wouldn't work.

Every "Charon" wears a device that messes with people's computers and makes them look like glitches on the screen

    Sequel Theories 

The next film will be about Creepypastas
Come on, you know you were thinking it! Plus, wouldn't it be cool to see some Creepypasta characters come to life? I mean, in many other Blumhouse films, the make-up for the monsters has been on point, so seeing them tackle Jeff the Killer and Slender Man would be more than amazing.
The third film of the trilogy will reveal the truth
In the first film, the was never a ghost Laura killing people for revenge. It was the circle all along, tricking their victims into believing that it was a ghost, when it was them all along during one of their game nights, as the first film does take place in the evening. There are clues throughout the film that point to this, mainly their hacking abilities. It would be easy for them to make it look like a ghost was stalking and killing them, instead of members of the circle breaking in their homes and doing it themselves.
  • The second-to-last file from the snuff videos was called Laura, which hints at the circle being responsible for the events in the first movie.

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