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Teaser Trailer

  • Wednesday walks into the room with a red balloon in her hand.
    Morticia: Wednesday? What do you have there?
    Wednesday: I'm not sure.
  • Gomez and Pugsley playing Battleship— with live ammo. The resulting explosion brings Uncle Fester - who's taking a bath - crashing down to their floor, and causes the toy battleship in the tub to sink.
    Fester: You sunk my battleship!
    Gomez: Ha-ha, well done, Pugsley!
    • Also, Fester has a two-headed rubber ducky.
  • Wednesday laments how tedious the day is, and the tree she's sitting in immediately flings Pugsley through an open window. It doesn't cheer her up, but she still thanks Ichabod for trying.

Official Trailer

  • The trailer begins on a dark storm while panning to the Addams' mansion while organ music plays... and Morticia opens one of the windows, admiring how lovely the morning is.
  • "Time to wake the children." Cut to Wednesday, in bed, with a guillotine above her neck.
  • Wednesday does the school tradition of frog dissection. She claims to do have done this hundreds of times and does things her way and shows that, while she may not smile, she is actually utterly insane inside and would make Fester proud with her experiments...
    Wednesday: [in full Large Ham mode a la Frankenstein] Give my creature life! Live, I tell you! LIVE!!!
    • While most of the students freak out, at least three of the students found it pretty cool that Wednesday was able to bring all the frogs to life.
  • The build-up to the arrival of Cousin Itt, driving a gold Chevy Impala to the tune of "Drop It Like It's Hot". Doubles as both an Actor Allusion, and a Creator In-Joke, as well as a Casting Gag since Snoop Dogg plays Cousin Itt in the film.


Official Trailer 2

  • The second trailer has this particular line from Wednesday: "This day is becoming most wonderfully disruptive".
  • The fact that our main antagonist has an app for summoning an angry mob.


  • Morticia uses her mother's ashes as eye shadow. And her father's ashes as blush.
  • Gomez and Morticia meet Lurch after their car runs into him on the road. The two gasp and then giddily say, "We hit something!"
  • Gomez and Morticia decide to move away, to a place so unspeakably horrible no one else would ever come and chase them out... cut to them entering New Jersey.
  • Thing repeatedly orders Lurch to play different songs on the pipe organ at the house's center until he eventually gets to the Addams Family theme song.
    • Lurch playing the piano is used as a framing device throughout the film. In the first act, he plays "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" as the Addams head down to Assimilation to visit their new neighbors. During the second act, when everyone is dismayed for their own reasons, Lurch plays "Everybody Hurts" on the family organ... and then begins to sing it in the same falsetto as the original.
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    • There's also this gem from Pugsley's practice; after the dummy sword hits the piano, it rocks the keyboard cover shut, right on top of Lurch's hands. A single tear rolls down his cheek along with a strained, high-pitch groan.
  • During the montage of everyone starting their day, Thing is on a laptop, which shows pictures of feet... until he hears Morticia and slams down the screen.
    • Ichabod, the giant tree in the yard, tries to cheer Wednesday up by throwing Pugsley through a window. What follows is the sound of smashing and the trumpeting of an elephant. Apparently, the Addams family own an elephant!
  • Wednesday is about to put Pugsley in a grave when the balloon passes by, distracting them. As the camera follows the balloon, there is an offscreen *thunk*, followed by a *thud*.
    • The next scene confirms it.
      Morticia: I know that look. Wednesday, dig out your brother.
      Wednesday: We're weakening the gene pool.
  • Gomez tastes a piece of confetti that Wednesday brought in with the balloon:
    Gomez: Tastes like cotton candy.
    Morticia: How do you know what cotton candy tastes like?
    Gomez: Tish, it was my youth. I made mistakes!
  • Fester states a Long List of places he’s not allowed in, but the one place he IS allowed in is Antarctica.
  • A group of cheerleaders are performing at the center of town when the Addams first arrive. Fester decides to introduce the family with their own music and breaks into a loony rendition of "I Haven't Got a Hat", and ends with him opening his coat and unleashing a flock of bats. Then he asks "What'd I do?" when everyone runs away.
  • This exchange after the Addamses meet Margaux.
    Wednesday: That woman seems deranged. Her face reminds me of a Death Mask.
    Fester: Deranged? Death Mask? You tell me she’s got halitosis, and I’m hearing wedding bells!
  • The Running Gag of Fester getting hit by Wednesday's arrows, and only being mildly annoyed.
    • One time he gets an arrow to the back, and his only reaction is to hold out his hand to see if it's raining.
    • After a long volley of arrows hitting him, Fester looks out the window looking angry, and says... "Nice shot!"
  • When Morticia spots the pink unicorn barrette in Wednesday's hair, her face goes bright red. Two bats then come by to suck Morticia's blood to return her to her naturally pale complexion.
    • The only thing Morticia likes about the barrette is that it appears to depict a horse impaled through the head.
  • This bit:
    Grandmama: When you're done with Fabio, bring him up to my room.
    Lurch: Oh boy...
  • While Morticia's conducting a seance to speak with her dead parents, she agonizes about Wednesday, only for Mr. Frump (her dad and the kids' maternal grandfather) to come to his granddaughter's defense by reminding his daughter that she herself was a lot like Wednesday as a kid. For example, Morticia once ran away from home to join the Girl Scouts, only to get bored and return when she found out that the campfires were for roasting marshmallows and not other Girl Scouts.
  • Wednesday's version of teen rebellion: dressing in totally conventional "preppy" clothes.
  • When Fester ducks into a stairway to escape a rolling boulder, the boulder changes direction!
  • Once everyone has escaped the house Morticia asks if anyone has lost any limbs. Then promptly adds "that weren't already missing when you got here..."
  • Pugsley prepares for a crossbow shot when Wednesday interrupts him. Pugsley is annoyed and goes up to her, she pushes him back with a shovel. Wednesday tells him that he is not ready for his Mazurka, which he should be practicing for, and insists on helping him. Pugsley, "Wait. You're going to help me? (pauses) Why?" Wednesday, "Because you are my brother" (camera slowly zooms as suspenseful music plays and her eyes humorously widen and her eyebrows raise up) "And .. I love .. you." Pugsley, surprised but quickly shrugs off the surprised reaction, "All right. How are you going to help me?"
  • Before Wednesday tries to persuade her parents into letting her enroll in junior high. She appears out of nowhere as she shocks her father. Her mother tells her to take her lurking elsewhere, Gomez is too easy, so Wednesday mysteriously appears on the chair above her and Morticia tells her that is better.

Promotional Media

  • An ad for an IHOP tie-in promotion depicts Lurch placing a call to a live-action clerk before the family heads there to eat. Fester calls shotgun and spends the ride there tied to the top of the car.
    Disclaimer: Fictionalization. No Uncle Festers were harmed. Your uncle may vary. Do not attempt.
  • A Hershey's ad has live-action trick-or-treaters coming to the Addams' front door and screaming at the offerings: disembodied doll heads from Wednesday, slingshots from Pugsley, and a dead fish from Uncle Fester. Then they cheer as Lurch brings in a tray of Hershey's chocolate bars.


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