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Heartwarming / The Addams Family (2019)

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  • The first teaser trailer opens with a montage of "normal" families, including gay and interracial couples in a beautiful illustration of the franchise's commitment to showing how any family can be perfectly healthy and loving no matter how strange they might seem.
  • Gomez and Morticia showing just how well their odd morbidity works for them when a terrifying voice in their new house screams "Get out!"
    Morticia: It's hideous!
    Gomez: It's horrible!
    (They embrace and sigh happily)
    Together: It's home!
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  • In the second trailer, we see Wednesday is almost immediately considered an outcast at her new school, with one exception; a girl named Parker, who quickly befriends her. Even after Wednesday brings to life all the frogs during a dissection class a la Dr. Frankenstein, Parker, along with a pair of twin sisters, find it really cool that she was able to do it.
  • The opening scene which shows Gomez and Morticia’s wedding.
  • Gomez and Morticia take in Lurch as a butler - in this film a resident of a mental asylum, who debuts as a snarling hulk - without a moment's hesitation. And he in turn accepts them as his family, shielding them from the mob attack on their mansion.
  • Wednesday sticking up for Parker against Bethany at school. Especially since her initial payback is delivered on behalf of someone who is basically still a stranger to her.
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  • Pugsley gets his Heroic Second Wind and completes the Mazurka successfully because of two things: his family is in danger and that's the best time to use the Mazurka, and because his dad will love him no matter how much of a failure/success he is. And when Pugsley is commended for his success, even his sister Wednesday, infamous for her abusive treatment of him, gives him a nod and a smile.
  • Upon seeing that the entire extended Addams family, while not normal in the conventional sense, are indeed a kind and caring family whose main concern is the well being of its members. The town immediately admits their treatment of them was wrong and are ashamed.
  • At the end of the film, Gomez tells Morticia that they did good. And though she cautions him not to mention it to anyone, she too acknowledges the compliment.

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