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Sometimes amidst all the horrific scenes, big and small, guaranteed to emotionally crush you, The Line has the gall to be goddamn funny.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Some of Lugo's early jokes, before the horror kicks in. For instance, his "hot girl-dead body ratio".
    • And his response to Adams asking him about his status after slogging through miles of desert and sandstorms. It's cute.
      Lugo: Chafed, sir. An air-borne insurgency has infiltrated the US territory designated as 'my pants'.
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    • It's clever when he neatly encapsulates the entire game's visual aesthetic at the beginning of chapter two:
      Lugo: It's quaint. Very post-apocalipstick.
  • Lugo's little jab at the CIA during one of the most intense gun fights in Chapter 3.
    Lugo: JESUS CHRIST!!! Do the words "friendly fucking fire" not mean ANYTHING to you??? We're NOT the fucking CIA!!!
  • The Radioman's Gallows Humor and overall hamminess make him a very entertaining character, despite all the sadistic taunting. He maintains his cheery personality even in the midst of various horrible occurrences.
    • For example, his 'singing' along to Dies Irae at the end of the sixth mission while the team is getting pounded by machine gun fire and missiles.
      • His little cover of "Bad Boys":
        Radioman:"Oh, what ya gonna do, what ya gonna do. Yeah, Marty gonna die when they come for you. Wantin' water and buckets and things like tools, what ya gonna do when they come for you."
    • Even more hilarious when Lugo comments on his choice of music, while under fire.
      Lugo: Ha! I love this song!
      Walker: Shut the fuck up and run!
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    • Then there's his reaction to the result of Riggs' little plan for Dubai's water...
      Walker: Go fuck yourself.
      Radioman: (Beep) Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let's keep it clean, buddy! This is, after all, a family program. Rated E... for Everyone's Thirsty!
    • His surprisingly friendly demeanour when Delta raids the radio tower is rather disarming, and produces this little gem when Lugo asks him how far the tower can broadcast:
      Radioman: To INFINITY and BEYOND! (beat) ... or the storm wall. Same thing.
  • Should you take your time, and explore Konrad's home, instead of immediately going to see Konrad in the ending then he expresses annoyance at Walker for wasting his time and orders Walker to come meet with him already. The tone of voice he uses sounds like an annoyed parent scolding their child for misbehaving.
    • Not to mention, if you find the intel in the room, he says to join him "when you're finished rifling through my things."
  • A bit of ironic humor can be found on a sign right outside Konrad's base of operations. If you look at the door where the Lugo Heavy pops out from you will see a sign that says, "No firearms in this room — Violators will be shot." Kind of an oxymoron if one stops to think about it.
    • Made even funnier by the fact that the 33rd inside that room ARE carrying weapons, and they're shooting at you. Either Walker is the enforcer who is shooting the 33rd, thus treating them as violators of that rule, or the 33rd is treating Walker as the violator. In any case no one is in the right in this situation: all of the rules have been broken already.
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  • When the prologue helicopter turret sequence is repeated later in the game, Walker lampshades the deja vu by saying "wait we did this already." Adams is understandably confused by this statement.
  • During the "Stealing The Water" chapter, Riggs is nowhere to be found. When Walker asks about his location, Lugo gives a hilarious response:
    Lugo: Probably had a heart attack.
  • During the first minutes of the game, Lugo cracks some jokes, Walker gets very irritated by it
    Walker: Lugo, do you ever stop to hear the shit coming outta your mouth?
    Lugo: No, I do not sir, I found it messes with my rhythm.
  • During Chapter 5 you find two soldiers from the 33rd Battalion talking while taking a break.
    Soldier 1: Hey, do you have any gum?
    Soldier 2: Yeah, here, it's my last piece.
    Soldier 1: I don't wanna take your last piece.
    Soldier 2: Don't worry, I stole it from Brandon.
    Soldier 1: Oh! Well, fuck that guy.
    Soldier 2: (chuckles) Yup!
  • Most of the Radioman quotes, really:
    Radioman: He had a wife and kids! Would somebody please think of the children!
    Radioman: Well shit, there goes my fantasy football league.
    Radioman: He had Maybe? I didn't really know that guy.
    Radioman: Where is this violence coming from? Is it the video games? I bet it's the video games.
  • Near the finale of the game, Walker and Konrad exchange this line:
    Walker: I'm done playing games, John.
    Konrad: I assure you, this is no game.


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