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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • Ichabod pressing himself against a nearby wall after two police officers bring in a battered criminal.
  • Ichabod, being played as The Skeptic since the beginning of the film, visibly and audibly shaking (with his teacup and saucer) after being told the story of the Horseman.
  • Ichabod struggling to properly ride Gunpowder.
    Ichabod: Good horsey.
  • The look on Baltus's face when Ichabod finally arrives at the scene of Jonathan Masbath's murder. It's like he's thinking "Oh, great, here comes this moron."
  • Ichabod clearly BS-ing his way through an investigation of Jonathan Masbath's murder, followed up by being able to expertly determine some previously-unnoticed details of the beheading using some chemicals and tools from his nifty black bag.
    • His bumbling investigation:
      Ichabod: You have moved the body?
      Dr. Lancaster: I have.
      Ichabod: You must never move the body!
      Dr. Lancaster: Why?
      Ichabod: Because!....[walks off]
    • Ichabod lively mimicking the Horseman riding Jonathan Masbath down.
    • Ichabod being startled by an insect that crawls out of hiding while examining the corpse.
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  • Philipse taking off his wig while speaking with Ichabod. And he does that twice.
  • Ichabod brings the Widow Winship's body into Lancaster's office for an autopsy.
    Ichabod: We'll have to operate immediately.
    Doctor: Operate? She's dead.
  • While examining the Widow Winship's body, Ichabod accidentally causes some blood to splatter onto his face.
  • Every single time Ichabod faints after something horrifying takes place. Tim Burton's version of Ichabod Crane isn't exactly a manly guy.
  • After the Horseman chops off Philipse's head, the severed head rolls down a hill and ends up in Ichabod's lap.
  • Ichabod after realizing that the Headless Horseman is real, complete with this dialogue:
    Ichabod: [sitting up in bed completely scared out of his wits] It was a headless horseman!
    Baltus: You mustn't excite yourself.
    Ichabod: But it was a headless horseman!
    Baltus: Of course it was. That's why you're here.
    Ichabod: You don't know because you were not there! It's all true!
    Baltus: Of course it is. I told you. Everyone told you.
    Ichabod: I...saw him. [faints]
    • Before all that, Ichabod jumps up and clutches his blanket like a scared little kid waking from a nightmare after Baltus knocks on the door.
  • A galvanized Ichabod confidently declaring to the town elders that he's heading into the Western Woods and asks, "Who's with me?" Everyone just stares silently at him.
  • When Ichabod and Young Masbath meet the witch in the Western Woods, they ask if she's familiar with the horseman. Her response is to draw her finger across her neck (to mime having a head chopped off).
    Young Masbath: [meekly] That'd be him, ma'am.
    • Ichabod then stutters that he doesn't make any accusations about her "chosen occupation," then blurts out the word "which," then stumbles over it a few more times, clearly worried that she's going to attack him any second for calling her a witch.
    • Ichabod brandishing a pistol while holding Young Masbath in front of him.
    • After the witch's otherwise Nightmare Fuel-heavy transformation, Ichabod is next seen quickly walking out of the witch's home.
      Ichabod: [scared shitless] We're leaving!
      Young Masbath: What happened?
      Ichabod: We're leaving NOW!
  • Ichabod and Young Masbath receive directions to where they can find the Horseman, by taking the Indian trail to the Tree of the Dead.
    Young Masbath: How will we recognize it?
    Ichabod: Without difficulty, I rather fear. "And then climb down to the Horseman's resting place."
    Young Masbath: His camp?
    Ichabod: His grave.
    Young Masbath: *eep*
  • Katrina's eye roll at Ichabod after he sneaks up on her and holds her at gunpoint.
  • Ichabod's Disapproving Look at Young Masbath after the boy interrupts his and Katrina's attempt to kiss.
  • Ichabod trying like hell to keep his wits as he chops into the Tree of the Dead and gets blood all over himself.
  • Brom shoots the Horseman after he kills the Killian family. The Horseman goes down off his horse, and a smug Brom starts to walk closer...only for the Horseman to get up. Cue epic Oh, Crap! expression by Brom.
    • Brom then frantically reloads his rifle as the Horseman strides over...only to breeze past him. It's only when Brom attempts to attack him that the Horseman actually starts to fight back.
  • Ichabod and Notary Hardenbrook startling one another when the former finds the latter hiding in a wardrobe in his office.
  • The way Ichabod delivers this particular line when monologuing to Notary Hardenbrook.
    Ichabod: Now up pops a widow with a claim to the [Van Garrett] fortune. [glances at Young Masbath] Off with her head!
    [Young Masbath clutches his neck in alarm]
    • Ichabod's monologue to Hardenbrook in general.
      Ichabod: [The Horseman] came for him at the bidding of someone who had power over him. Who stole into the Western Woods and stole his skull. The missing head which must be restored to him before he shall return to Hell! Someone who stood to gain or lose a fortune. None other than Van Garrett's next of kin...BALTUS VAN TASSEL!
  • Upon seeing a spider crawling across the floor, Ichabod gasps and yelps like a woman, jumps up onto a chair, and refuses to come down until Young Masbath deals with the arachnid.
    Young Masbath: It's just a spider.
    Ichabod: Kill it! No, no! Stun it!
  • Ichabod's shock after returning to the Van Tassel estate after catching Lady Van Tassel having sex with Reverend Steenwyck in the woods.
  • Lady Van Tassel has a small joke at Ichabod's expense just before the town meeting. She tells her husband she'll treat her cut hand with some wild flowers, throwing a glance at Ichabod as she says "I know where some grow." To elaborate, it's the same area Ichabod caught her fooling around with Steenwyck in.
  • Lady Van Tassel murdering Sarah is quite humorous in a messed-up way; she stalks up behind the unsuspecting maid with a huge axe, smirks in satisfaction as blood splatters over her face, and Sarah's head neatly falls into the basket she was using to gather corn.
  • Lady Van Tassel startling Young Masbath, who's sneaking up behind her with a mallet while she monologues to a captive Katrina in the windmill, by finishing with "BY HELPING YOU AND YOUR MASTER!"
  • When Ichabod, Katrina, and Young Masbath are running to hide in the windmill, Lady Van Tassel tells them "Watch your head!"
  • This exchange, when it appears that the Horseman has gone down in flames:
    Young Masbath: Is he dead?
    Ichabod: That's the problem. He was dead to begin with.
  • During the chase scene, Ichabod and the Horseman both fall off the coach, and this is where they end up: The Horseman clinging gamely to the backboard while being dragged along at high speed, and Ichabod on the Horseman's horse, backwards. What does Ichabod do? He flings himself from the horse and briefly but gloriously surfs on the Horseman.
    • Katrina and Young Masbath then leap onto the horses pulling the carriage, with Ichabod hanging onto the harnessing behind them, the Horseman on the coach roof, and the now-detached coach headed straight for the trees. The Horseman has time for an "Oh, SHIT" reaction (yes, even without a head) before he gets sent flying when the coach crashes, landing hard on the ground...and when he pushes himself up, the coach lands on top of him.
  • The fight between Ichabod and Lady Van Tessel. Even though he's The Hero and does his best to try to stop her, it's pretty funny to see Ichabod, who has no trouble defending himself (somewhat) from a dead horseman, getting beat up by a woman. At one point she yanks on his hair!
    • Then Young Masbath whacks her on the head with a large tree branch. Doubly funny considering he was about to whack her with a mallet back in the windmill. Looks like the kid finally got some measure of revenge on the Big Bad for his father's death.
  • After the Horseman regains human form and steps toward him and Katrina, Ichabod steps behind Katrina. Not a very manly guy, indeed.
  • One from the DVD Commentary: Upon a massive crescendo in the score coinciding with the credit "Music by Danny Elfman" appearing on-screen, Tim Burton speculates Elfman did it deliberately ("Looks like Danny gave himself a big note there!")


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