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Heartwarming / Sleepy Hollow (1999)

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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • Johnny Depp, after hearing that the horse who played Ichabod's mount was going to be put down after filming, refused to part with it and adopted it as his pet.
  • The ending of the movie, with Ichabod, Katrina, and Young Masbath arriving in New York, ready to start their lives all over.
  • Young Masbath's protectiveness of Katrina, and vice versa. Watch them closely in any action sequence.
    • When the sight of severed heads is revealed in the Tree of the Dead, Katrina immediately shields him from it and comforts him.
  • A very small scene is the Headless Horseman comforting his horse before it died after it was shot. He does it again after he get his head back.
    • When the Hessian does get his head back, he turns to Ichabod and Katrina as if to attack them again. Instead, he just takes a moment to stare at them, as if silently thanking them for returning him to normal.
  • Ichabod decides to leave town, because his usual thinking of "sense and reason" has been corrupted "by the spirit world". Katrina tries to reassure him.
    Katrina: Will you take nothing from Sleepy Hollow?
    Ichabod: Only a kiss. From a beautiful young woman, before she had seen my face or knew my name.
    Katrina: Yes. And without sense or reason.
    • And him admitting Katrina might be a witch... for she has bewitched him. A mite corny, a bit awkward and utterly sweet.
  • Katrina's sincere kindness for others is very sweet. She gives Ichabod a book of spells that clearly means a lot to her - as a token from her mother - purely to protect him when he goes courting danger.


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