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Heartwarming / Sleepy Hollow (1999)

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  • Johnny Depp, after hearing that the horse who played Ichabod's mount, Gunpowder, was going to be put down after filming, refused to part with it and adopted it as his pet.
  • Also the ending of the movie, with Ichabod, Katrina, and Young Masbath arriving to New York, ready to start their lives all over.
  • Masbath's protectiveness of Katrina, and vice versa. Watch them closely in any action sequence.
  • A very small scene is The Headless Horseman comforting his horse before it died after it was shot. He does it again after he get his head back.
    • When The Hessian does get his head back, he turns to Ichabod and Katrina as if to attack them again. Instead, he just takes a moment to stare at them as if silently thanking them for returning him to normal.
  • Ichabod decides to leave town, because his usual thinking of "sense and reason" has been corrupted "by the spirit world". Katrina tries to reassure him.
    Katrina: Will you take nothing from Sleepy Hollow?
    Ichabod: Only a kiss. From a beautiful young woman, before she had seen my face or knew my name.
    Katrina: Yes. And without sense or reason.
    • And him admitting Katrina might be a witch... for she has bewitched him. A mite corny, a bit awkward and utterly sweet.


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