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Nightmare Fuel / Sleepy Hollow (1999)

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  • The Headless Horseman, of course. It's like a Terminator, but as a ghost; it cannot be bargained or reasoned with, you can't run from it and hope to escape, and it feels no fear, pity, remorse, or hesitation. It's just coming to take your head and there's little you can do but delay the inevitable, and you won't know why it's come for you that night.
    • Christopher Walken's performance as the Headless Horseman deserves a special mention. It's considered one of his finest performances, and he really gets across what a monstrous butcher the Horseman was in life.
    • He kills the Killian couple but not their son Thomas, and we get a Hope Spot as he begins to leave and Thomas is hiding beneath the floor... then suddenly the Horseman stops, turns as if he realizes he angrily realized he's forgotten something, and he starts taking his axe to the floor. We're treated to a shot of Thomas cowering beneath the floor boards as they start to get bashed in, and then when he tries to run, he gets grabbed. We fortunately get a Gory Discretion Shot and don't have to see what comes next.
    • As Ichabod and Brom flee the Horseman after attacking him, they run across a covered bridge and hear the Horseman's footsteps on the planks. They stop at the end and turn to face him... and see nothing, but continue to hear him walking across the bridge. A scuff and a bit of dust draws their attention up, but it's too late — the Horseman drops down behind them.
      • When Brom tries to fight the Horseman, he seems to be doing okay against him, before the Horseman catches him off-guard and brutally bisects him through the waist.
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    • The townsfolk take shelter in the church and the Horseman cannot step on the holy ground, so it seems for the moment his wrath is averted. As chaos erupts in the church, we see the Horseman break off a fence post and retrieve a coil of rope. When Baltus stands on the church altar and declares he will reveal what is happening, suddenly the window behind him shatters and the pointed tip of the fence post bursts through his chest. The Horseman then uses the makeshift harpoon to yank Baltus out the window and across the church grounds until his head breaks through the fencing, allowing the Horseman to take his head.
    • Just the sight of the Horseman with his head returned to him. We have no actual reason to think the danger has passed, and if anything the sight of him fully restored makes one thing he's going to be more dangerous.
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  • Ichabod's flashbacks, especially the last one.
  • The Crone attacking Ichabod mid-hallucination.
  • The Tree of Death and all the heads inside of it.
  • Lady van Tassel reappearing.
  • The Reveal of what is actually behind that red door in Ichabod's father's church: Reverend Crane's torture chamber - and Ichabod's mother, whom he tortured to death.
  • The massacre of the Killian family, including little Thomas.
  • The deaths in the church scene, particularly because of how quickly they happen. During the chaos, Lancaster tries to confess about Lady van Tassell's conspiracy, only for Reverend Steenwyck to bash his head in with a crucifix, followed by Baltus shooting him in a moment of panic. Then, barely seconds after Baltus tells everyone present that he intends to find out what's going on, the Horseman proves that holy ground isn't as much of an obstacle as everyone hoped.

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