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  • "Two fellers is going to the bathroom off a bridge. One of 'em says the water's too cold, other'n says the water's too deep. One of 'em was from Arkansas... Get it?"
  • This exchange is good for a chuckle, if only for the sheer bluntness of Karl's reply:
    Karl: "Mmm, I killed me two people."
    Frankie: "Was they bad?"
    Karl: "I thought they was."
  • In a dark way, this is what kicks off Doyle ejecting his band from his house:
    Doyle: Now get the fuck out now before I get too mad to turn back!
    (proceeds to wheel Terence into the front door)
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  • What Doyle says after Karl tells him he's about to kill him
    Doyle: To call the police you push 9...1...1. Tell them to send an ambulance. Or a "hearst" if you're going to kill me.

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