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  • Jeremy (Mark Pellegrino) continuing to send his men out one by one because eventually the sniper will run out of ammo.
    • Later, when he's captured by the rebels and reveals that Miles co-founded the Monroe Republic and militia, he responds to the resulting drama with "Any of you remember ''One Life To Live''?"
    • Before that, his reaction to his men's failure to dodge bullets can be best described as "mildly disappointed"
  • In "Kashmir", after Miles leaves the rebel "interrogation chamber":
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  • An offhand comment by Randall to Monroe in "Ghosts" suggests that one of the Affleck brothers is now the Governor of the California Commonwealth. Actually it turns out to be the wife of one of the Afflecks.
  • Feared and badass Major Neville getting his groove on with some Lionel Ritchie.
  • Miles tells Jason to not even think about double crossing the rebels, or he'll "smash in your pretty boy band face". Jason then asks Charlie what a boy band is.
  • The aftermath of Jane, an old acquaintance of Rachel's, baking two bandits with a handheld sonic weapon.
    Aaron: I am so not hungry anymore.
  • Aaron getting stuck with the shopping, while Rachel tries to decipher Jane's journal
    Aaron: Two degrees from MIT, but yeah, I'll go shopping.
  • In "Love Boat", after Tom Neville storms into Miles's HQ:
    Miles: Hey, Tom. You look upset.
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  • "The Longest Day":
    (Nora is hurriedly getting dressed the next morning after sleeping with Miles)
    Miles: Hey, you gonna leave a twenty on the stand? 'Cause I feel cheap.
  • "Children of Men":
    • Neville snidely asks Aaron if he can get the group into the Tower. Aaron's response:
    (holds up Jane's journal) With this I can...dick.
    • Monroe of all people saving Charlie's life and saying:
    Hello, Charlotte.
  • "The Dark Tower":
    • Does anyone else find the irony of the US Government in Exile being run out of Guantanamo Bay to be absolutely hilarious?
      • Especially given that they've got a master plan worthy of any dictatorship. If Bass hadn't been in their way, he probably would have approved, given his penchant for reciting to his subordinates what he would do to the rebels with helicopters and electrically-driven machine guns.
      • And in "Happy Endings", Bass remarks, "Typhus? I don't know whether to kill them or write 'em a fan letter."
      • And in another example of some dark humor in Bass's behavior wrt the Patriots, he decides to mustard-gas some Patriots in an eye-for-an-eye mode of thinking. Luckily, Miles and Rachel get ahead of him and figure out a better way to keep track of what they're doing, by spying on Truman.
      • Bass still hasn't had enough and wants to use the mustard gas to wipe out D.C. instead.
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  • "There Will Be Blood" has Miles interactions with Titus:
    (Miles has his usual weary-traveller seen-it-all couldn't-care-less attitude as he sits handcuffed)
    Miles: Listen, I got a pretty full afternoon, so whatever you're gonna do, just do it.

    (Titus has just been pontificating about the "better world" they live in)
    Miles: Can you... you can hear yourself, right? Are you aware of how creepy you sound?

    (After Titus continues for a bit)
    Miles: If you're going to kill me, then do it. Just stop talking.
  • Also from "There Will Be Blood"
    Rachel: How are you doing?
    Aaron: Okay for a dead guy. A little dehydrated. Hungry for brains.
  • Apparently rock has, after the shutdown, become the new folk music. Reasonable enough. But it seems to be a running gag throughout the first episode of the second season that none of the people singing them can do it on key.
  • "Patriot Games":
    Monroe: I know I can never make it up, but I've got to try.
    Charlie: (Distinctly unimpressed) Wow. Can you make your eyes water like that, just, at will?
  • "You guys are just saying cities!" Charlie is distinctly put out by her sudden relegation to outsider as Bass and Miles fall into old patterns.
  • Monroe suddenly performs a Big Damn Heroes...and then lampshades it by declaring, in a voice reminiscent of an excited child...
    Monroe: I'm Batman.
  • The completely logical idea that Brett Michaels survived the end of the world and is doing songs, still looking almost exactly the same.
  • Locked with a young sheriff, Niles is intrigued by the man's talk of how he was inspired by his father's stories of great lawman of the past until he realizes who that was.
    Niles: Your father told you about...Walker, Texas Ranger?
    Sheriff: You've heard of him?
    Niles: His legend is known far and wide.
  • "Mis Dos Padres":
    Monroe: Your boss has really nice taste. It's like Donald Trump threw up on Scarface.
    • Miles has just been caught, partly because Bass's hesitation robbed him of the time to leave. Once thrown into the cell with Bass,
    Miles: (to Bass) You're a dick.
    • Aaron, to Priscilla:
    Aaron: So it turns out a thesis project from M.I.T. makes you mother of the world's first A.I. Welcome to the Sci Fi Channel.
  • "Captain Trips":
    Rachel: (to Gene, who is sick) You don't comfort us; we comfort you.
    Gene: Did Miles get those meds yet?
    Rachel: No.
  • "Happy Endings":
    • Connor trying to impress Charlie.
    • Charlie asserting herself:
    Miles: Well, look at [Bass and Connor] over there whispering like a couple of housewives. You trust them together?
    Rachel: Not even a little.
    Charlie: Somebody's got to watch 'em, make sure they come back.
    Miles: Last time you and me left, this moron lost Aaron.
    Charlie: Wow. Nice, Miles. Thank you.
    Miles: You can't leave Gene right now. I got to keep my eye on the Patriots.
    Charlie: And one eye on you. (indicates Rachel)
    Rachel and Miles: What?
    • Bass looking very uncomfortable at shaking the hand of a man who, not ten seconds earlier, was eating grilled chicken with his hands.
  • This little gem about processed food:
    *Rachel hands Charlie a pre-blackout granola bar, something she's never seen*
    Rachel: Look what I found.
    Charlie: What is this? *opens granola bar* Is it food?
    Rachel: Some people used to think so.
    *Charlie sniffs the granola bar, then puts it down with a distinctly nonplussed look*
  • "Dreamcatcher":
    Aaron: Got a great house, and I got cold beer, and I've got Internet porn and you, and there is nowhere I would rather be.
    Priscilla: I love you. Except for the porn part.
    • Priscilla lampshading the improbability of the physics of the Blackout, and also Charlie's bellyshirt
    • Later, when Aaron realizes he is dreaming:
    Charlie: They're microscopic, genius. They're inside of everything, including your noggin.
    • The "Tom Neville" insurance company ads are absolutely hilarious with his over-the-top grin.
    Neville (on the commercial, against a Fluffy Cloud Heaven backdrop): More than 150,000 people die every day. That's two people every second. (cue harp chord) There go two more right now!
    • And the sitcom-like nature of Aaron, Bass, Miles, and Rachel's interactions. Especially Miles and Bass riffing off each other like they never became enemies.
    • Aaron trying to convince Miles to have a talk with him and Rachel.
    Aaron: I'll give you $1,000 for ten minutes of your time.
    Miles: Right this way, Mr. McGee.
    • And then the "Beardy McGee" phrase used several times by Bass and Miles.
  • "Exposition Boulevard":
    Miles: Got something to show you.
    Bass: No, Miles, I've just been walking for four days. Can I sit on my ass for a minute?
    Miles: Nope.

    Bass: Great minds, right?
    Miles: (exasperated look) Don't compare your brain to mine.
  • "Why We Fight"
    Miles: Yeah, I'm really sorry. I'm sorry I made it harder for you and your kid to get your discount empire back. (beat) Oh, you didn't think we knew. We do.
    • Miles and Gene spot a sign reading "Let's Rebuild America", done in the kind of flat socialist-realist style commonly seen in the USSR in the 1960s and 1970s.
    • Charlie snarks at Connor:
    Connor: What's so funny?
    Charlie: I'm just picturing you and Monroe. Hey, were you guys thinking matching thrones? 'Cause I think that'd be adorable.
    • Miles having some fun at Gene's expense when he realizes that Gene and Marion, a fairly attractive woman, had at one time been seeing each other.
  • "Austin City Limits":
    • Miles and Bass walking in on an S&M scene with Blanchard. Miles can't hide his smile at the absurdity, and Bass mouths "Walnut???" at Miles when Blanchard blurts it out.
    Blanchard: (upon seeing Bass) Hey, you're supposed to be dead!
    Bass: Back by popular demand.
  • "$#!& Happens":
    • Bass and Miles planning their next move:
    Miles: We gotta shoot Tom Neville.
    Bass: You're reading my mail.
    • The Texas Rangers are after them:
    Bass: We shoot 'em all down.
    Miles: You know, last I checked, we still wanted Texas on our side. So if we could stop killing 'em, that'd be great.

    (It goes pear-shaped, and in the aftermath...)
    • Nano!Priscilla wants to listen to some music:
    Aaron: For the record, thisnote  is the worst song ever written.
    Priscilla: The individual harmonics are elegant.
  • In almost every episode in Season 2 the Ho Yay between Miles and Bass gets commented on by at least one other character.
  • "Memorial Day":
    • Miles and Charlie have surprised the railway worker:
    Miles: Marion says you're okay. Marion says we're okay. We're all okay.
    • They get down to brass tacks:
    Miles: Have you seen the mustard gas or not? How many barrels we talking about?
    Joe: One.
    Miles: (in disbelief) One? What do you mean, one?
    (Scene cut to one traincar tank labelled with the yellow cross)
    Miles: Whole damn tanker car full of it.
    Charlie: That's a problem.
    Miles: You think?
    • Miles caps off the division of labor (Rachel will go find Aaron and Priscilla herself) with this one-liner:
    Miles: We're gonna steal a train.
    • Neville sums up his interest in Bass's plan to steal the train Miles will steal:
    Neville: You had me at mustard gas.
    • At one point, Neville and Connor are talking about Bass and Miles, and the entire scene can be summed up in Neville's words:
    • Miles finds out about the crew Marion has brought to help him steal the train:
    Charlie: Marion's back. She brought the people you asked for.
    (Outside the abandoned grocery store, Marion is there with Joe and his daughter)
    Miles: (distinctly unimpressed) This is my resistance? I told you I needed six good people to steal that train. You bring me Miley and Billy Ray.
    • The engineer's dead. They need to get the train moving:
    Miles: Can you drive this thing?
    Joe: (nervously) I saw him do it once.
    Miles: Well, once is all we need.
    (Joe whips out a piece of paper and hurriedly reads off it as he tries to get the steam engine going)
  • In a callback to ""$#!& Happens," "We Built This City" is the song being blasted from the experiment house that Nano! Priscilla has taken over.

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