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    Season 1 

Discussing Nicholas in "No Quarter":

Nora: He's a Catholic priest.
Miles: Oh, so you're not his type.

"The Plague Dogs":

Bass: Evening, Rachel. Can't sleep?
Rachel: I never do sleep very well here. I'm... I'm not sure why.

"The Children's Crusade":

Rachel: I've been out of the loop for some reason.

Miles: (to Charlie, after flushing out Peter): It's irritating when a dumb kid tells you what to do, isn't it?

Teenage Conscript: I just wanna go home.
Slotnick: All right. Go on. You're free to leave.


Randall: <Tries to prattle on>
Bass: I DON'T LIKE YOUUUU!!!! And I don't trust you either.

    Season 2 
"Captain Trips":
Connor: Let me reiterate... screw both of you, with something pointy.
Miles: Kid, we're desperate.
Connor: So you want us to raid their bunker to pick up some meds that might not even be there?

"Exposition Boulevard"

Bass: So what? I can't even interrogate my own prisoners now?
Miles: Gene and Rachel can handle this.
Bass: Yeah? Well, I get answers a lot quicker.
Miles: Why don't you give 'em a chance? Hmm? They know these kids.


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