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Heartwarming / Revolution

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  • Oddly enough, Neville gets the first big one of these as he gives a suicide flask to one of his men who was badly wounded, and tells him about how wonderful heaven is as he painlessly dies.
  • Maggie, when the MacGuffin pendant activates her iPhone, allowing her to see the picture of her two sons.
  • "Ties That Bind":
    Young Nora: The only thing that matters to me is watching out for you.
    Young Mia: You don't have to worry either. I'm gonna watch out for you too.
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  • "The Dark Tower": Rachel's quiet confidence and reassurance to Aaron as they begin to undo the Blackout.
  • "Born in the USA": Aaron and his new girlfriend.
  • Rachel's desperate attempt to keep Aaron alive after suffering an apparently fatal wound
  • Aaron seeing Charlie again.
  • Aaron's old friend Peter being able to call on the nanites and heal a woman blinded by the nuclear bomb over Atlanta.
  • Charlie telling Miles to go for it with Rachel.

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