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  • The sword-fighting scene in the pilot.
  • The villagers attempting to defend Ben from Captain Neville and his militia.
    Neville: Sir, owning a firearm's a hangin' offense.
    Villager: So go hang yourself.
    • And Neville just standing completely calm in the middle of the huge fight, before he ends it with a few well-placed shots.
  • Maggie tricking a pair of bandits into drinking poisoned whiskey that she carries around just in case, then finishing one off by strangling him with an oxygen mask.
  • Charlie gets two at the end of the second episode. First, she shoots the warden of a group of militia keeping slaves in the chest using a concealed weapon. Then she and another militia soldier wrestle around for control over a sniper rifle. She gets the rifle, and promptly blows the soldier away.
    • Did we mention the same episode ended with another (albeit shorter) sword-fighting scene?
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  • Second episode: Charlie catches on that Nate, the militia soldier from the pilot, is following her through the woods. Her response? Pretend to injure her ankle, then handcuff him to a tree when he stops to help her. In other words, a girl with no combat training aside from the occasional hunt just effortlessly subdued a trained soldier.
  • While in the midst of an asthma attack, Danny nearly chokes to death the soldier who abused him all episode with his own chains. Captain Neville even looked impressed.
    • I thought he faked that asthma attack to get the soldier close enough to strangle him. Still awesome, either way.
  • Danny again during "Soul Train". Evident throughout is his lessening fear of Neville. He's even started snarking at him.
  • Neville's Start of Darkness, when he finds his Jerkass neighbor robbing his house and beats him to death.
  • Aaron faking a suicide, and shooting Drexel when he walks up to him.
  • Miles' deadpan insults to Strauser's face are sheer awesome:
    Miles: Corporal.
    Strauser: I'm a sergeant now.
    Miles: Well, let's be honest, you're a sociopath is what you are. If it weren't for the blackout, they'd have locked you in a rubber room.
    Strauser: Ever considered that maybe it was society that was sick, and not me?
    Miles: No. No, never considered that.
  • When Strauser tries to force Rachel into a Sadistic Choice of which of her kids will die, Charlie stands up and demands he kill her instead of Danny. There's no bigger plan behind it as far as we can tell; it's just her making a Heroic Sacrifice to save the brother she's worked so hard to rescue.
    • Followed by Rachel killing Strauser, quite painfully.
  • Miles vs Monroe.
  • Danny's Dying Moment of Awesome, while at the same time rescuing himself from the scrappy heap too, by taking out Monroe's attack helicopter with a rocket launcher.
  • Neville's during his interrogation by Miles. Neville snarks the hell out of Miles, eventually getting under Miles' skin. When Miles responds by beating the crap out of him, not only does he take every single punch like a champ, he continues to say everything he can to piss Miles off.
    • Miles and Jason later on when they trick Neville into unwittingly giving them the information they need.
  • Neville escaping imprisonment.
  • Charlie in "The Song Remains the Same":
    Charlie: You. *THWACK*
    Neville is out cold.
  • The introduction of Rachel's old friend, Jane. Who flash fries two bandits with a sonic weapon.
    • A less subdued moment of awesome comes from Jane's wife, Beth, who when finding out Jane has known how to turn the power back on for years, but refused cause it would destroy the nanites keeping Beth alive, threatens to slash her own wrists, and really leave her with nothing if she doesn't give Rachel what she wants.
  • Aaron attacking the bounty hunter who was going to abduct Priscilla.
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  • When a Georgia Federation soldier kills Emma to wound Monroe, Miles calmly turns around and shoots him dead on the spot.
  • Miles utter dressing down of Neville when he tries to act like he's got the leverage. Also, Charlie and Nate taking control of the boat.
  • Nora withstanding 21 straight days of Cold-Blooded Torture, before finally succumbing to the tortures answers.
  • Rachel strangling a Monroe soldier, stealing his uniform, and marching right into Monroe's tent. With a hand grenade.
  • Watching the lights come back on.
  • One has to admit the sheer chutzpah of lying to the faces of several thousand people at once is a kind of CMoA.
  • Aaron giving an example of having Taken A Level In Badass, defending his wife against a marauder and apparently performing a Heroic Sacrifice to do so.
  • Miles being completely defiant to Titus and his gang.
  • How Neville manages to infiltrate the Patriots is good amoral example — he stages an assassination by tricking a former rebel, and then takes him down with one shot to make himself look like a hero.
  • Bass Monroe blasting into a locked bar to save Charlie from a group of would-be rapists.
  • Charlie has graduated to being a female version of Miles: she shocks her grandfather by how quickly and efficiently she can kill Patriots.
  • Tom and Julia Neville conspiring to eliminate a high official in the resurgent US government.
  • Bass Monroe is, once again, locked up:
    Bass: (to Connor) Yeah, [Nuñez]'s nice to you, 'cause that keeps you on the hook. The minute you screw up, you're gonna be strung up and whipped to death too.
    Connor: (arrogant smile) Yeah? Well, I'm not gonna screw up—
    [At that exact instant, Miles Matheson knocks him out cold.]
  • Gene Porter has tried sneaking up on the Patriot compound:
    Gene: (to Patriot who just caught him) I work here. I'm on the night shift.
    Mook: Yeah, well, you're coming with me.
    [Charlie materializes as if from thin air and drops the guy]
    Gene: (shocked) How... how did you know I was here?
    Charlie: Because you're exactly like Mom. Neither of you listen.
  • Truman has decided to settle accounts with Rachel in an isolated part of the quarantine camp. He's accompanied by a soldier.
    Truman: What are you doing out here?
    Rachel: Just out for a walk.
    Truman: Well, I can't help but notice there's no one around. How about we have that chat and you tell me where Miles is?
    Rachel: I can do that. He's right behind you.
    (Miles and Bass are literally behind the soldier and Truman. Both men are dispatched efficiently.)
  • Charlie has been forced into prostitution and the man who paid her pimp gets rough with her. She manages to use the chain attaching her to the bed to strangle him to death, uses his head to break the headboard her chains are attached to, and then escape.
    • And then, she manages to deflect Duncan's would-be assassin.
    Charlie: I just saved your life, bitch. You owe me.
    • To crown it all off, with some help from some armed bodyguards, she manages to free Miles and Connor and then winds up in charge of the mercs Duncan loans them. her smirk at Monroes expression when Duncan tells him this is a CMOA all by itself.
  • Miles can actually recognize when a wagon or other vehicle is heavier than it should be. That's a pretty awesome skill, as not everyone would know to look at whether a vehicle seems to be riding lower than it should for the apparent weight it's carrying. In doing so, he foils Neville's plot to capture him.
  • Bass and Miles getting the drop on some Patriots who were following them. Doubles as a moment of funny, when Miles says:
    So you suck at sneaking up on people, FYI.
  • Miles escaping from the basement of the collapsed house. Caught in a deathtrap? Light it on fire. No more deathtrap.
  • The Nanites appearing as Ben and giving "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Miles over his affair with Rachel and his abandonment of Bass.
  • Miles et al stealing a train out from under the nose of the Patriots.
  • The Batman Gambit on the part of Team Matheson: Getting President Davis in a position where he thinks his "Patriot" guards are there to save him, and in his rush of megalomania at realizing he can still set Texas against California, loudly proclaims exactly what he plans to do. Cue his unpleasant surprise when the "Patriots" turn out to be Willoughby residents in disguise, and a Texas General has been listening to the entire thing through the door.
  • The producers score one with "Kashmir" by getting to use the titular Led Zeppelin song. Keep in mind that the band's music is normally too expensive to license.
  • Rachel and Bass have a snark fight while fearing Connor will betray them.
Rachel: [paraphrased] Kids take after their parents, yours will betray us.

Bass: I would never say Charlie would wipe out humanity twice.


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