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    Pre-Secret Wars 
  • General:
    • It's Kamala's expressions that really make a lot of these CMoF moments. She can make the most amazing faces, even without her powers.
    • Sprinkled throughout all the issues are funny background events that are inserted onto various background items.
  • All-New Marvel Now Point One:
    • Kamala's reaction when her mother calls to tell her off for being late to her cousin's pre-wedding party. Most of us have been there.
    • "Some people get to hide out in space stations. I get a Circle Q."
  • Issue #1:
    Kamala: Delicious, delicious infidel meat...
    • Kamala writes Avengers fan fiction, specifically about them saving Planet Unicorn from a giant evil dragon. Her mother Aisha doesn't seem to get it, though:
    Aisha: Fan feek... what is fan feek?!
    • When Kamala's vision of Captain Marvel asks her what she wants, Kamala states that she wants to be her:
    Kamala: Except I would wear the classic, politically incorrect costume and kick butt in giant wedge heels.
    Captain Marvel: You must have some kind of weird boot fetish.
    • There's something to be said about her wondering if she's getting drunk off of a single sip of vodka.
    • And, of course, there's the fact that her vision has birds with hats representing some Avengers not shown directly, like Wolverine and ... Kyle and Stan???
  • Issue #2:
    • While she's trying to learn to use her powers, she finds an easy method by calling out what she wants to happen. Thus, we get her attempts to grow in size ("Embiggen!") and revert to normal ("Disembiggen!"), which she shouts with the same kind of force as the other Captain Marvel.
    • Another attempt at using her powers.
    Kamala: I wonder if I can do it again, this time on purpose. TRANSFORM!!!!
    *beat panel*
    Kamala: Nope.
    • When Kamala discovers that she can shrink in size, she admits that it's actually pretty cool... and promptly runs away screaming when she turns to face a now-giant cockroach staring back at her.
    • As a call-back to her wish to wear "the classic, politically incorrect costume and kick butt in giant wedge heels", Kamala discovers the likely reason why Carol stopped wearing that outfit.
    Kamala: ...But the hair gets in my face, the boots pinch, and this leotard is giving me an epic wedgie!
  • Issue #3:
    • After an initial panic at her power spontaneously manifestingnote , Kamala manages to get it under control while in an empty locker room — after which she experiments successfully with "embiggening" herself, and a measure of superstrengthnote ; Kamala's experiment with intentionally shapeshifting herself into someone else besides Carol Danvers on the other hand...
    Kamala: *seeing her mother in the mirror* Okay. I was totally going for Taylor Swift. This is getting Freudian.
    • When a hold-up is committed at the Circle Q, Kamala's first attempted response is calling 911... only for her ACME-brand smartphone to declare "LOL no battery".
  • Issue #4
    • Wearing a sleep-mask with eyeholes cut into them to hide her face, Kamala's claims of being Ms. Marvel are met with doubt by a policeman.
    Policeman: This supposed to be a prank or something, kid? Cause you sure don't look like Ms. Marvel to me.
    Kamala: What's Ms. Marvel supposed to look like?
    Policeman: You know. Tall, blonde, with the big... *makes a groping gesture* powers.
    Kamala: Oh. Okay. Well— *grows giant* I've got big powers.
    Policeman: *in awe* All right. All right. I believe you.
    • Her borderline Cat Smile only adds to the whole situation. Ascended Fangirl all the way.
    • Kamala uses a burkini (a miniskirt and leotard made for swimming in) to create her prototype costume, which includes white sneakers, a black eye mask, and a fanny-pack that acts as her utility belt.
    • Just the fact that Kamala's costume is made from a swimsuit, considering the tendency for female heroes' costumes to resemble them anyway.
      • And that this swimsuit is way less Striperiffic than pretty much any other female superhero costume (as befitting Muslim traditions about modesty).
  • Issue #5
    • The mechanical spider-like "kitties" that Kamala fights are decked out in all kinds of accessories, such as sunglasses, wigs, and silly hats. One even sports a flower-dotted paintjob.
    • During Kamala's Training Montage:
    (Shrunken Kamala is in a gerbil cage)
    Bruno: I'm gonna have nightmares about this.
    Kamala (with a grossed-out expression): You're not the one staring at super-sized gerbil poop. When was the last time you cleaned poor Chunky's cage?
  • Issue #6
    • On the cover Kamala is in costume sitting on the stairs of a bank using one hand to check her phone while stretching her other arm to deliver an Offhand Backhand to a robber.
    • Kamala's reaction to Wolverine flipping over her. "Wow. Such Athletic. Very Claws. So Amaze."
    • Kamala meeting Wolverine and going into full-blown fangirl mode, much to ol' Logan's misery. The conversation is especially funny when she talks about her fanfic
    Kamala: My Wolverine-and-Storm-in-space fanfic was the third-most upvoted story on Freaking Awesome last month! I had you guys fighting this giant alien blob that farts wormholes.
    Wolverine: [casually] Sounds great, kid. [*Beat*] Wait—what was the most upvoted story?
    Kamala: Ummm.... Cyclops and Emma Frost's romantic vacation in Paris?
    Wolverine: [irritated] This is the worst day of my life.
    • He does start warming up to her, though, when the topic of healing factors gets brought up.
    Wolverine: I did have a "healing factor". I don't anymore.
    Kamala: Oh my God. You're actually hurt.
    Wolverine: I'm actually hurt.
    Kamala: So like... now you're just a short, angry man who punches stuff?
    Wolverine (smiling): I knew I liked you the minute I saw you.
  • Issue #7
    • The funny starts with the cover again: We see Kamala's phone presumably from her viewpoint as she takes a selfie with a disgruntled-acting Wolverine, Kamala grinning with an arm around Logan's shoulders while he has his arms folded as he glowers at the camera.
    • At the end of the story, Wolverine takes a cell-phone photo of Kamala demolishing a gyro while flashing a peace sign and forwards it to Captain America. He then shows it to Queen Medusa.
    Captain America: Logan says this one is different. Special.
    Medusa: They're all special.
    Captain America: Not special enough for a phone call from a guy who's famous for not liking people. She must have made an impression.
    • Kamala and Wolverine have some hilarious exchanges:
    Ms. Marvel: This is like those horror movies my parents wouldn't let me watch.
    Wolverine: If you never watched 'em, how do you know what they're like?
    Ms. Marvel: Hellooo, it's called having an imagination.
    Wolverine: The worst thing you can imagine is a giant alligator in an old subway tunnel?
    Ms. Marvel: I guess so.
    Wolverine: Your parents deserve a medal.
  • Issue #8
    • The cover has poor Kamala hanging onto Lockjaw for dear life as he chases a butterfly.
    • Not only does Lockjaw make his first appearance in the issue wearing a sign bigger than Kamala's head declaring that "HELLO My name is LOCKJAW I LIKE HUGS"... but she brings him home and asks her parents to let her keep him! The sign is funnier in hindsight if you remember the ending of #7, which had Medusa preparing to send Lockjaw to greet Kamala. Implying that Medusa herself is the one who wrote that sign.
  • On the panel revealing Lockjaw, there's a bent sign behind them that reads: Do Not Kick Sign.
    • Kamala's family's reactions:
    Aisha ("Ammi"): *aghast* Everything is bigger in America... even the canines...
    Aamir: It's your funeral. I'll try to talk Amminote  and Abunote  off the ledge.
    • She finally talks them into letting her keep the enormous beast in the back yard. And then she discovers his superpower:
    Kamala (over the phone, to Bruno): I have to go. I... think my new dog just teleported into my room.
    • The classroom map of North America, showing the geography of the United States, Mexico, and... "Snow Mexico"
  • Issue #9
    • Upon discovering that she's part-Kree, Bruno jokes that Kamala is from a "galaxy far, far away." She is not amused.
  • Issue #10
    • The Inventor sure does love his silly hats. Even his giant Ms. Marvel-mashing robot sports one.
    • Upon finding out the teenagers used by the Inventor as power sources were convinced to cooperate willingly because they believe they don't have any future, Kamala gets mad and starts proving each of them they do have a future. She tells a girl skilled in computers that she has a future in cyber-security, and a boy who recycle junk he is a future engineer. Then comes Vick's turn:
    Vick: I do all the jobs nobody wants to do because they are stupid and dangerous!
    Kamala: Future president.
  • Issue #11
  • Issue #12
    • Loki's introduction. He tried to use some magical horses blessed with the power of the sun to fight off some Frost Giants. Instead of obeying, they pooped on him.
      • He helps Bruno write a love letter to Kamala, which Bruno calls "Downton Abbey weirdo crap." Despite Bruno's protests, Loki happily skips off and delivers the letter. ... And by "delivers" we mean he pulls an Edward Cullen and puts it on her pillow.
      • He's helping! Honest! He's just terrible at it. And a troll. Exemplified by his reaction to the fights breaking out thanks to the Truth Serum:
      Loki: Aaaaaah, young love... so much better with a little dose of honesty.
  • Issue #16
    • We finally see how the universal collision is affecting Earth-616. While the planet is intact, a good portion of New York state is falling into a state of emergency due to the panic caused by the sight of a planet hovering over Manhattan. Looters attempt to attack Kamala's school and trigger Loki's wards (originally put down in #12), which summons a bunch of goofy-looking monsters to fend them off while boasting about how their opponents are about to be "pwned".
      • Bruno's description of Loki in response to the wards' effect: "All right hipster-Viking-magician dude!"
  • Issue #17
    • Kamala's first words upon meeting Captain Marvel for the first time while the end of the world is approaching.
    Kamala: Everything sucks except for you!
  • Issue #19
    • Kamala tries to make up with Nakia for neglecting her, and this happens.
    Nakia: We used to be best friends, and now we're not, and I don't understand why!
    Kamala: Give yourself a minute to hear what you just said.
    Nakia: Okay, yeah, haha, whatever—
    Kamala: Do you want to build a snowman?

    Post-Secret Wars 
  • Issue #1
  • Issue #3
    • When Kamala's attempt to save her public image backfires after outing Hope Yards, Bruno tries to cheer her up.
    Bruno: Would you literally kill me if I said you're the hero Jersey City deserves?
    Kamala: Yes, I would literally kill you.
  • Issue #5: Kamala and Bruno work on figuring out how to get rid of the Kamala clones on the school's All New All Different Science Lab.
    • The meeting between Amir and Tyeesha's families is hilariously awkward, and that's before "Kamala" melts.
  • Issue #6:
    • Bruno is suggesting that they make a giant dinosaur to eat all the clones. Kamala immediately asks if he already did.
    Bruno: "I... might... have?"
    • Also in this issue Loki helps. Lampshaded by this exchange between him and Captain Marvel:
    Captain Marvel: ... And what do you call this?
    Loki: Helping. I was helping!
    • The attempt to summon Loki in the first place was a mixed success. Bruno and Mike carried out a ritual which was no good whatsoever. Luckily Loki had been watching the place through a spell and simply enjoyed them making fools of themselves for half an hour before turning up.
  • Issue #7 features a hammy Science Battle between Kamala's school and the students from Miles Morales' school. It escalates to the point where Bruno tries to one-up the Brooklyn students by using a literal miniature Fusion Reactor, which promptly explodes.
  • Issue #25:
    • When Ms. Marvel takes a sudden leave of absence, Kamala's friends band together to create the illusion that she's still on patrol. It starts with Mike fumbling from rooftop to rooftop and knocking out a petty robber, dressed in the black and white stripes with a bag with a dollar sign on it, with a giant inflatable fist.
    • Zoe boasts that she's stronger thanks to doing Crossfit. Shortly after she can be seen straining to lift something in the background.
    • Later it's Zoe's turn, and when Red Dagger shows up to confront her over not being the real Ms. Marvel, she replies, "I have a confession to make, Red Dagger. I've been a white girl this whole time." Then, moments later, their conversation is interrupted by an elderly man screaming at the top of his lungs while very, very slowly driving past them on a Rascal.
  • Issue #28:
    • Kamala's first real meeting with Carol Danvers since Civil War II is temporarily interrupted by Kamala getting sick after being electrocuted. Carol later ribs on her for not upgrading her costume for electrocutions.
    • An army of senior citizens pinning down the Inventor and suggesting they take her to "the lady with the red hair in the tower"note 
  • Issue #29:
    • Pretty much everything Kweni says when milking the "exploring the culture of a foreign country" gag for all it's worth.
    • Zoe swooning over the new girl Kaylee, who seems determined to become the school's new Alpha Bitch, and Nakia's reaction to it:
    Nakia: Wow. She is really —
    Zoe: (starstruck) — pretty.
    Nakia: No, Zoe. Absolutely not.
    Zoe: But —
    Nakia: You are not allowed to have a crush on a snob.
    Zoe: But —
    Nakia: Fight it, Zoe!
    • Followed by Bruno's confusion at all this, and Zoe's offhand explanation: "I'm gay. I'm not vegan anymore, though. That was a phase."
    • Sheikh Abdullah's over-the-top reaction to Kamala's panic about her teen drama is absolutely priceless. One gets the feeling that after decades of mentoring young people, he's pretty much Seen It All.
    Sheikh Abdullah: You did what?!
    Kamala: It's true! I kissed a boy in public and then I found out I might still be in love with my ex-best friend! I don't even know what's going on right now!
    Sheikh Abdullah: (freaking out) Istaghfirullah! This is a homemade catastrophe!
    Kamala: (scared) It is?!
    Sheikh Abdullah: The end of the entire world! We have to call your parents! The local newspapers! The haram police!
    Kamala: (near-panic) We do?!
    Sheikh Abdullah: (suddenly calm) I'm kidding. Have a seat and let's talk about it. I will bring some tea.
    (Kamala stares at him, dumbfounded.)
  • Issue #31:
    • The entire mini-plot with Lockjaw and his teleporting kitten friend is both adorable and ridiculous.
  • Issue #32:
    • Kamala's powers start going haywire, and Bruno finds her shrunk down to about four inches in size.
      Bruno: Can you control it at all?
      Kamala: No! It's like I've taken on a mind of my own! Wait, that's not what I meant—
    • The sight of Shocker casually strolling through Jersey City, enjoying how nobody knows how to handle an actual established supervillain as he blasts everybody away with his gauntlets.
    • This is followed up by Kamala's glitching powers causing her to shrink out of sight before she can take Shocker into custody.
      Shocker: Wait a minute. What just happened? Was there a fight? Did I win? (triumphant pose) I am invincible in New Jersey.
  • Issue #33:
    • Kamala's powers short out and she stretches out uncontrollably while Shocker simply stands there watching.
      Shocker: You know, this really lacks the kind of drama and pathos I've come to expect from epic battles of good verses evil.
    • Shocker later acting like a diabolical mastermind while operating out of what is essentially an overgrown child's tree fort.
      Shocker: Hello again, Ms. Marvel. I see you found my aboveground lair.

    Magnificent Ms. Marvel 
  • The book hasn't even started and we got one related to it from real life. When hyping up the book writer Saladin Ahmed said in a tweet that Kamala will face many obstacles but will continue being amazing and inspiring. This was soon followed by a tweet in which he clarifies he wasn't talking about 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris.
  • In #9, Kamala's on-off mentor Tony Stark pays a visit and establishes himself as a Shipper on Deck for Kamala and Bruno:
    Iron Man: Oh by the way, that Bruno's a very handsome young man! Could use a haircut, maybe, but as long as he's respectful to you and he makes you happy —
    Kamala: WHAT?! We're not — I mean, we don't —
    Iron Man: (flying away) Uh-huh. Take it from Uncle Iron Man, kiddo, lying to yourself isn't worth it. When life hands you lemonade, grab a glass!
    Bruno: Uh, he knows I'm standing right here, right?

    Appearances in Other Series 
  • Amazing Spider-Man #7
    • Kamala's first non-confused reaction to being caught in mid-air by Spider-Man.
    Kamala: "Oh! My! Gosh! You're Spider-Man! I'm in a Spider-Man Team-Up! Did you really date Carol Danvers?! I totally ship Spider-Marvel! I mean, Wonder Man's cute, but— you have to tell me EVERYTHING! Is she always so cool? Does she do her own hair? What music does she like?"
    • Kamala screaming "THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!" like a madwoman when asked to do a Fastball Special with Spider-Man.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. #2
    • Seeing Kamala and Agent Coulson butt heads on who's the bigger know-it-all geek on all things superhero.
  • All-New, All-Different Avengers
    • In issue 3, as Tony comes to the realization that there really isn't an Avengers team out there, Kamala's the first to say yes, even before the guy actually gives out the invites!
  • Look at her on this textless page. The other Avengers are all business-like, and Kamala is screaming and punching her fist in the air like she's hyped out of her mind/leading the team.
    • The version with text (it's from one of Marvel's 2015 FCBD comics) it's possibly even funnier: She is yelling "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!" and declaring she's wanted to say that all her life while Captain America comments that he has shirts older than her.
  • The entire All-New Avengers Annual.
    • It starts with Kamala finding out someone wrote a fanfic about her in a love triangle with Spider-Man and Nova. Complete with a picture of her standing heroically with a raygun in her hand, while Miles and Sam cling to her legs like a reverse of old-school pulp covers. Towards the end it turns out the author of that fic is Miles himself and the site admin is Agent Phil Coulson.
    • Kamala reads other fanfics. One of them starts very good, only to at the very end devolve into sexist Author Tract. We cut to Kamala's reaction - she's literally burning with anger.
    • Another fic has Ms. Marvel fight Squirrel Girl. At one point the former pretty much turns into a Super Saiyan but still loses when the latter summons a Humongous Mecha made of squirrels.
    • The last one is a clear Self-Insert Fic, about some guy who helped Ms. Marvel in a fight with supervillain and thus became her personal hero. So she's glad to do anything he wants, namely...beat up his step-father for telling him to take out trash. Real Kamala just says the author has issues.
  • In Avengers: Back to Basics #6, after finding out that Kang the Conqueror had transported her to the time of the original Avengers to make her Ret-Gone herself, Kamala admits to Janet Van Dyne that she's from the future, and asks her to keep it a secret. The next panel...
    All the Avengers: THE FUTURE?!
    Wasp: Well of course I told Hank. He swore to keep it a secret.
    Giant Man: And I told Tony, who likewise swore to keep it a secret.
    Iron Man: And I can't be trusted, so...


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