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  • Issue #2
    • The memory that leads Kamala to stop worrying about the strange changes brought on by her powers, and start worrying about how to help others with those powers:
    Kamala: There's this ayah from the Quran that my dad always quotes when he sees something bad on TV. A fire or a flood or a bombing. 'Whoever kills one person, it is as if he has killed all of mankind — and whoever saves one person, it is as if he has saved all of mankind.' When I was a little kid, that always made me feel better.
  • Issue #3
    • Kamala's first real fight against a "criminal": When she sees Bruno in the Circle Q being threatened by a masked mugger (actually Bruno's brother Vick, who is desperate for money), Kamala busts through the door in the form of Captain Marvel's current appearance and dispatches the criminal in heroic fashion (barring some collateral damage to the store). As she holds the mugger in her enlarged hand, Kamala realizes that with her power, she truly feels like she can do anything... and then she gets shot in the stomach when Vick's "unloaded" gun goes off.
  • Issue #5
    • The entirety of Kamala's Training Montage, followed by her triumphant comeback over Doyle and his robot spiders, and topped off with her rousing(?) public speech to The Inventor's threats afterwards.
    Kamala: This guy thinks he can threaten us where we live? Ms. Marvel has a message for him... This is Jersey City. We talk loud, we walk fast, and we don't take any disrespect. Don't mess.
  • Issue #6
    • Though it's not part of the issue's story, Kamala taking out a bank robber with a stretchy-armed Offhand Backhand while checking her phone.
    • Wolverine showing up and saving Kamala from one of the Inventor's controlled crocodile followed by the two of them working together to beat another one.
    • Kamala and Wolverine dangling from a sewer pipe. Wolverine tells Kamala to drop him (keep in mind that he currently has no Healing Factor) saying that a planned fall is better than an unplanned one.
    • When Kamala falls, she's unsure if she can get big enough to negate the impact of the fall. Instead, she cleverly makes herself smaller to lessen the impact on the water. Even Wolverine compliments her for that one.
  • Issue #7
    • Having been told earlier by Wolverine that "pain has to go somewhere" when one is a superhero, Kamala risks her life to save themselves from a deathtrap by pulling out circuitry from a wall and electrocuting herself. It's not stated whether she knew that she could survive the electrocution, but she'd seen Wolverine's failed attempt and knew that he no longer had a healing factor like she still did.
    • Kamala retaining her innocence and morality in the face of Wolverine's cynicism is no small feat, either. Perhaps that's what "made an impression" on him enough to get him to put in a word with Captain America, who brought her to the attention of Queen Medusa.
  • Issue #10.
  • Issue #13
    • Nuhuman villainess Kaboom is rampaging through the street, rambling about a new age and attacking people. Kamala confronts her and they make with the banter.
    Kaboom: There are big changes coming - and you can either get with the program, or get out of the way!
    Kamala: I choose option C: Get ''in'' the way! [PUNCH]
    • It's also the first fight Kamala actually dominates. Kaboom is beaten so hard, Kamala fears she might have killed her.
  • Issue #15
    • Kaboom chases Kamala through New Attilan, where she has previously been training under Queen Medusa. She manages to find the training room, activate the rigorous combat training program, and locks the villainess iside.
    • Uses her embiggened hands to catch and throw an explosive tossed at her by Kamran.
  • Issue #18
    • Dazed, confused, and wielding psychic armor brought on by involuntary Terrigenesis, Aamir proves to Kamran that nobody tells him to be what he's not and that, more importantly, NOBODY messes with his sister.
  • Meta
    • Someone used pictures of Kamala to deface racist, anti-Islam ads on buses in San Francisco.
    • The fact that Issue #1 sold so many copies that they're now doing a third print run, and that it's the number one and even number two highest sold comic for a number of weeks. With all the hype surrounding the creation of Kamala, it's clear that Marvel is going to be keeping this series for as long as possible.
    • It's now been announced that along with the new Thor, Kamala will be joining the Avengers when their new book launches. This is probably what Kamala herself would consider her Crowning Moment. That in just a year and a half Kamala has built up enough traction to join the Avengers is pretty spectacular.
    • Kamala has also been confirmed for the 3rd season of Avengers, Assemble!.
    • Winning the 2015 Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story - especially for beating out people who were specifically complaining about politics in sci-fi.
    • And now she's the leader of her own team: The Champions.


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