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  • After a bout of Deadly Dodging to take down some attacking robots:
    Julie: I'm wrecked!
    Dutch: Me too!
    Texas: I can still punch but my car won't start.
  • Chuck's a good wingman, especially when it comes to color commentary.
    Chuck: This is a ridiculous amount of lasers!
  • "That means he wants me to beat you up!" "Yeah...I know."
  • Texas's master plan to infiltrate Kane Co in episode 2.
    Texas: You both got it wrong, but that’s why Texas is here. Okay! What is Kane’s greatest weakness? His stomach, right. Yeah, I know! Dude, we totally sneak in like we’re delivering pizzas. And then we open the boxes to reveal our cars that have been shrunk down because Texas invented a shrink ray! And then I... punch Kane! I punch Kane in the stomach! Yeah, Texas!
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  • In the aftermath of the Detroit Doom Jump and ensuing explosion, Chuck and Mike sitting stock still and covered in soot, with Mike holding his bobble head dog.
    Mike: Man. That was one percent?
  • Poor Claire in "Ride the Lightning." Special mention to when she tries to sit down in a random chair. Tries.
    "Texas punch good! Oh no! Not Texas!"
    • Same episode, as Lake Erie freezes over:
    Texas: Can someone please hand Texas a towel?
    • This line as everyone is wondering how to find Mike.
    Texas: We need to focus on the one guy who can lead us out of danger: Me. Texas. Now let's go find Mike. [speeds off]
    • Also from "Ride the Lightning":
      Chuck: You know... I may not make it back.
      Claire: Wait, what? (to Julie) You're leaving? Again?
      Chuck: I said, I may not-
      Claire: (totally ignoring Chuck) Look, you can't leave me here again, okay? I'll die of weirdness!
      Chuck: ...okay, I'm gonna go now.
      Chuck takes maybe three steps before slipping and wiping out on 9 Lives.
  • Dutch needs to work on his compliments:
    Dutch: Jacob! I have never been so happy to see your old, wrinkly face!
    Jacob: Uh... thanks?
  • The moment when the Burners minus Mike are moping over their failed takedown of the weather machine and all of a sudden Texas gets up to swing and SMASH the table they were sitting at. And as a bonus, if you look closely, Dutch and Chuck jump in surprise while Julie just looks kind of peeved, as if Texas does this all the time.
    • Topped off by him promptly bursting into hysterical tears.
  • The opening of "Texas-ify it."
    Kane: I have a gun that shoots a snake!
    • Texas gets a lot of good lines in this episode, the possible crowner being when describing his team:
      Texas: I mean, you can't just tie these tankers up with rope, ya gotta weld it. Dutch can do that, and Julie's good with infiltrating, Mike can take credit for everything, and Chuck?...
      Chuck: *perks up.*
      Texas:...well, I don't know what Chuck does but he can like, scream or something.
      Chuck: *deflates.*
    • The team could do with a lesson in effective communications:
      Mike: How much of that [weed killer] do you have?
      Jacob: How much do you need?
      Mike: How much do you have?
      Jacob: Well, how much do you need?
      Mike: How much do you have?
      Jacob: GAH! Will you just tell me how much you need?
    • After hearing Chuck yelling because his sample just tried to eat him...
      Kaia: Is everyone okay? I thought I heard a lady screaming.
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    • Afterwards, as Mike's giving a super-serious little speech to Kaia about how they're not going to help her, Chuck interrupts.
      Chuck: And I do not scream like a lady!
    • When the Terras decide to use Texas' ideas, he gives Mike a thumbs-up... from his handstand position and falls on his head.
  • The Duke of Detroit is a mash-up of hilarity, awesomeness and horror: He's completely over-the-top style-wise, hyena-laughing mad and incredibly influential among the gangs of Motorcity.
  • Texas and Dutch have to share a bed, and wind up spooning. Dutch is not pleased. Texas sleeps like a baby.
  • In the middle of a brawl with a hockey gang; Mike is fighting the gang's leader with his staff without it being in chainsaw mode. He swings at the leader who immediately blocks him with his pads. The "Oh, nooooooo..." Mike letting out immediately after is hilarious.
  • "Awww, we just had baby KaneBots! let me smash 'em."
  • The "Chuck vs. the muffins" subplot.
    Chuck: They're completely disgusting, but I can't stop eating them. It is weird.
  • Mike trying teach Chuck to drive.
    Mike: Is the screaming really necessary?
    Chuck: It's my process!
    • The aftermath of a disastrous lesson: Chuck has managed to wedge his car between two walls so it's stuck in the air.
      Julie: What... happened to the car?
      Chuck Oh, you know, it just—it's resting.
  • This conversation in "Fearless":
    • After being shot out of a cannon up 15 stories and throwing Chuck out of a car and grabbing his leg:
      Mike: Chuck, Chuck. Dude, you're safe.
      Chuck: "Safe"? That is not what I call pulling someone out of a moving vehicle twenty stories up! You say I'm sorry.
      Mike: I'm so—
      Chuck: Not accepted.
  • Texas not remembering Julie's name...
    • Taken one step further in "Fearless":
      Texas: What do you mean that's not Julie, she's a girl. What, now we got two of them?
      Dutch: It's Claire; totally different person.
  • Tooley in "Going Dutch". Even the zombified residents of Motorcity seem stunned he's that stupid.
    • "Going Dutch" again:
      Mike pulls off a huge metal chunk in Mutt's windshield, revealing a hole.
      Mike: Hey Chuck, remind me not to use Mutt as a battering ram.
      Chuck pops his head out of the hole.
      Chuck: I did, but you didn't listen.
      • This became even more amusing when someone made a looping gif out of it.
  • Texas and his "Battleaxe".
    Texas: This isn't nerdy. This is a +25 battleaxe. 25! Think about that.
    • And later he straps it into his car with a seatbelt!
  • This guy: "Saw your comrades five hours ago, approaching the Dungeon of Anguisssshhhh."
  • From "The Duke of Detroit Presents": Cyborg Dan.
    • A stir crazy Mike whipping out a small army's worth of laser cannons and missiles... at Jacob.
    • All of Texas' one-liners.
    • All of the live interviews, but special mention must go to "Local Granny" Sue Ellen.
    • The Duke of Detroit’s "face to face" conversation with the Burners. Seriously, the guy drew doodles of himself having that conversation before hand.
  • Tooley making a few unlucky safety suit wearers dance in "Off the Rack".
    • And then there's the giant red ball made of people.
      Dutch: Now that's something you see don't everyday...or ever.
    • In the middle of a very tense action scene, there's a sudden cut to Kane posing dramatically with sunglasses, including a few shots of his bare chest and abs glistening with sweat. It's a commercial.
    • "All right, but you know I should totally be gut-punching a bot factory in the face right now!" Oh, Texas.
  • This awesome line from "Like Father, Like Daughter":
    Texas: Knock me out once, shame on you.
    Knock me out twice, shame on me.
    Knock me out three times, I bring my car!
    (Zooms out to show Texas riding Stronghorn.)
    • When Red single-handedly stops Stronghorn, he only looks mildly surprised:
      Texas: Well. How 'bout that.
    • Same episode, look at Julie's reaction when Texas kisses her com-screen in thanks.
      • And even then, he still doesn't get her name right.
    • Tooley at the end of disastrous attempt take care of the Burners himself while Kane spends the day with Julie:
      Tooley: Hey! I did it! Now, can I have a promotion?
  • Claire's gas-induced fear vision during "Mayhem Night". Being married to Chuck, complete with a Lil' Chuck.
    • And to get out of it, she has to face the hallucination head-on, and so she actually kisses Chuck, leaving him blushing like crazy with a big Charlie Brown smile on his face.
  • Anything Julie does in "Julie and the Amazons." Claire gets one when she manages to save Julie and her car from getting blown to smithereens.
    Claire: They put me in charge of the fire extinguisher!
    • "Yeah. You know how my hands were tied? Well, now they're not."
    • Dutch and Chuck's earpiece argument, and Texas repeating every word of it to a supremely confused Skylark member.
    • The leader of the Weekend Warriors has some moments.
      Leader: Look! It's Private Rat-Trap! *points at Texas. Texas salutes.*
  • Chuck's response when Mike asks the crew to "Leave things to me" in regards to obtaining a bot for the Robo-Roundup.
    Chuck: *While being chased by KaneCo drones* Why do we always leave things to you!?
  • "Threat Level: Texas". The whole damn thing. Special mention goes to Interdimensional Armor Ultra Mega Zombie Texas VS Super Atomic Giant Kane. With ponytail-whipping action.
    • The Texas rendition of the theme song. Which consists mostly of "Texas is awesome!"
    • Mike's eyes blinking out of sync throughout the episode really gets me.
    • It really says something that Kane is even more shocked by Texas'... well, Texas-ness than anything Tooley does. He's not saying doing a Flat "What", but you can just see it on his face.
    • As Texas describes his plan to extract his own awesomeness and bottle it to power their weapon, Tooley interjects with "You can't bottle awesomeness! There's no bottle big enough."
  • The series finale has the scene where Julie slaps Mike.
  • "Why are you driving my car." Remember that this came right after possibly the most intense, sorrowful scene in the series. Not to mention the elevator music.

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