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Nightmare Fuel / Motorcity

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  • The HOUNDs from the second episode were formidable enough, but then one got a blast of nuclear energy to the face, mutated, and became even stronger.
  • There's a good reason why the Terras wear gas masks...
  • The Duke of Detroit is a laughing mad Large Ham with a penchant for shiny decor, stretch limos and sunglasses. He's also incredibly wealthy and influential, and can ruin your day with a word if he decides you need to be taught a lesson. His resourcefulness coupled with his childish randomness makes him especially frightening considering he nearly got the Burners killed more than a couple times by pitting every gang in Motor City against them!
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  • The zombies in "Going Dutch!" It's bad enough having to fight off mindless lumbering monsters, but it gets worse when even your friends and your Robot Buddy, that's right, a robot, fall under the influence.
  • Chuck under the KaneCo Boosters' influence in "Fearless" is savage.
  • When the Burners are drugged in "Mayhem Night". Especially Julie's. "You can't be here! He's got eyes everywhere!"
  • "Vega" has Mike's imprisonment and torture.

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