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Nightmare Fuel / Motorcity

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  • The HOUNDs from the second episode were formidable enough, but then one got a blast of nuclear energy to the face, mutated, and became even stronger.
  • There's a good reason why the Terras wear gas masks...
    • To elaborate; the Terras were once a peaceful eco friendly commune. Unfortunately, Kane Co ravaged their land with toxic waste and infected not only the plants, but the denizens as well, leaving them with horrible deformities, extra eyes and shark-like teeth. The infection is also what led to the group becoming far more violent and dropping their peaceful ways, going out of their way to try and blow up Detroit Deluxe, along with all of the innocent bystanders within.
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  • The Duke of Detroit is a laughing mad Large Ham with a penchant for shiny decor, stretch limos and sunglasses. He's also incredibly wealthy and influential, and can ruin your day with a word if he decides you need to be taught a lesson. His resourcefulness coupled with his childish randomness makes him especially frightening considering he nearly got the Burners killed more than a couple times by pitting every gang in Motor City against them!
  • The zombies in "Going Dutch!" It's bad enough having to fight off mindless lumbering monsters, but it gets worse when even your friends and your Robot Buddy, that's right, a robot, fall under the influence.
  • Chuck under the KaneCo Boosters' influence in "Fearless" is savage. Chuck finds the Booster and uses it to get rid of his naturally cautious and frightened personality. At first, he acts much more confident, as he's no longer bogged down by his general anxiety or shyness. However, as the episode goes on, he slowly becomes more and more hostile, starting with him picking a fight with a guy harassing Claire at a bar. Eventually, he runs off to take on Kane himself, and he utterly destroys a bunch of Kane Co soldiers by the time Mike finds him. He then outright tells Mike that he'll take down Kane himself, and when Mike tries to stop him, he tries to fight him instead. Chuck's deterioration very much feels like a weird drug allegory in how his behavior eventually distorts from how he originally acts.
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  • When the Burners are drugged in "Mayhem Night". Especially Julie's. "You can't be here! He's got eyes everywhere!"
  • "Vega" has Mike's imprisonment and torture.

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