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Recap / Motorcity

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A Recap page for Motorcity. This goes by the intended airing order as seen in production notes.

  1. Battle For Motorcity
  2. Power Trip
  3. Ride the Lightning
  4. The Duke of Detroit
  5. Texas-ify It
  6. Off the Rack
  7. Blonde Thunder
  8. Fearless
  9. Going Dutch
  10. Vendetta
  11. Ride of the Fantasy Vans
  12. The Duke of Detroit Presents...
  13. Reunion
  14. Like Father, Like Daughter
  15. Julie and the Amazons
  16. The Robo-Roundup
  17. Threat Level: Texas
  18. Mayhem Night
  19. Vega
  20. A Better Tomorrow


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