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Mike and Chuck:
  • They are pretty close and have affectionate nicknames for each other: Mikey and Chuckles.
  • Throughout the series they are physically affectionate, Mike often puts his arm around Chuck and Chuck runs to Mike when startled
  • In "Power Trip" Chuck opts to stand up and hold onto Mike when there is room on the vehicle to hold onto it/sit down like everybody else.
  • Three episodes, "Blond Thunder", "Ride of the Fantasy Vans", and "Fearless" are Chuck centric episodes dedicated to developing the relationship between Mike and Chuck.
  • In "A Better Tomorrow" Mike starts using a motorcycle after he self destructs his car to defeat the Genesis Pod. After seeing Mike on the motorcycle Chuck says, "You broke out the chopper without me? That was supposed to be our thing!"

Julie and Claire:
  • Claire calls Julie by her affectionate nickname: Jules
  • Claire is the only one who knows of Julie's deepest secret to the Burners
  • The whole episode of "Julie and the Amazons" is rich with Julie/Claire Les Yay.
    • Julie becomes intensely jealous of Claire's new friends in "Julie and the Amazons"
    • The influence The Amazons have on Claire upsets Julie
      Jules: What's with the haircut?
      Claire: Don't you love it? And my clothes were a mess so Foxy lent me this [gestures to matching Amazon suit]
      Claire: [squeals] She's so cool!
      Julie: Yeah she's uh, swell
      Claire: What's that supposed to mean?
      Julie: Nothing! Ugh I'm sorry I'm just not used to your, your new look
    • The Amazons show Claire how cool cars, racing and Motorcity can be. Julie expresses jealously that she wasn't the one who changed Claire.
      Julie: We'll you lied to me about not liking cars and Motorcity!
      Claire: I didn't lie I just, I just didn't know.
      Julie: Funny! I've been trying to tell you for months but apparently I didn't have a cool enough wardrobe or haircut for you to listen!
      Claire: You know you didn't used to dress like that. Or talk about cars. Then you met Mike and, everything changed
      Claire: Everyone in Deluxe thinks the Burners are the enemy. Everyone. But I don't. You know why? Because you told me to believe in them. I always have your back.
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    • Claire defends the Burners because of Julie
      Foxy: You made it clear you don't care about The Burners. So why should I?
      Claire: Ok I know I rag on them sometimes and yeah they're totally weird. But they're loyal, and funny in their own bizarre way.
      Claire: And you know what! They make Julie happy, so that makes them my friends too.
  • From the moment she first sees them, Claire shows the signs of a crush on The Amazons, a female-only gang.

Dutch and Texas:

  • Dutch and Texas sleep in the same bed together and practically snuggle in "Vendetta".
  • In the pilot Texas and Dutch share this exchange:
    Texas: My hands are registered as legal weapons!
    "Luv"note : Your breath should be classified as a legal weapon!
    Texas: Well then stop trying to kiss me!
  • Dutch also likes to henpeck Texas as if they were an old married couple, example where this is evident is "The Duke of Detroit" and "Like Father, Like Daughter".



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