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Tear Jerker / Motorcity

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  • Mike and Chuck's fight in "Fearless" is pretty raw, especially given that they hardly ever fight.
  • Mike being unable to save the homes of several Motorcitizens while he was working for Kane was pretty intense and sad as well. Even though no one died. Also the Empathy Doll Shot.
  • Dutch's reunion with his family in "Reunion," especially his estranged younger brother, Dar.
    Dutch: Listen, I know I didn't leave on the best of terms and I wanted to call but I didn't want to cause any trouble for you and I didn't know how you felt about everything or if you were mad-
    [Dutch's father hugs him]
    Dutch: Man, it's good to see you guys.
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  • Dutch's graffiti montage in "Going Dutch," detailing how he ended up in Motorcity with the Burners.
  • The finale has Mike self-destructing Mutt.
    • Also earlier in said episode was Mike's fake Julie-hostage. It's kind of sad for Julie, as she's at the risk of revealing her secret to both Mike and her father. It's also a bit sentimental to see Kane really worried for Julie's safety. And then about a minute later after Kane throws Mike off the building, as Mike thinks he's going to die, he actually accepts it by shutting his eyes... before he's rescued by the Duke.
    • Kane's speech throughout his fight with Mike has him express how torn apart he really was about Mike leaving him, and how he wished they were still together all the way through. This implies he's not all that happy about having to drop Mike to his apparent death.
    Kane: This was supposed to be our victory Chilton. Ours! ...You were supposed to be standing by my side, as we built a better world from Motorcity's ashes! ...YOU WERE LIKE A SON TO ME!! YOU COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL!!!
    Mike: That was never gonna happen!
    Kane: I know that now...

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