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The Recap page for Nelvana's horror-mystery cartoon Moville Mysteries, which follows three high schoolers - Mosley "Mo" Moville, Mimi Valentine, and Tommy "Hitch" Hitchcock - as they encounter strange occurrences around their hometown of Ouigee Falls.

It is currently under construction.

    Season 1:

September 7, 2002 - November 30, 2002 

  1. "Raiders of the Lost Jock Strap": The series pilot. Tired of their high school sports team always losing, Mo and his friends search for the legendary lucky jock strap of a long-dead champion athlete. (Originally aired September 7, 2002)
  2. "The Tell Tale Recliner": Milo Mazinski, a classmate of Mo's with a reputation as a chronic liar, meets his match when his father buys a new reclining chair that seems determined to get him to spill the truth. (Originally aired September 14, 2002)
  3. "The Day Rico Became Smart": Rico Caliente, an incredibly dumb but good-natured jock at Mo's school, becomes a super-genius after a hit to the head, but soon finds that his new intelligence is unappreciated by those around him. (Originally aired September 21, 2002)
  4. "How Green Was My Lunch Meat": When the school cafeteria introduces "mystery meat", Mo teams up with conspiracy nut Billy "BB" Boons to find if it's secretly the creation of aliens intent of enslaving humanity. (Originally aired September 28, 2002)
  5. "The Moville Witch Project": Mo and his friends conduct a séance to contact the spirits of their ancestors, which gets Mimi possessed by an ancestor of hers who was burned at stake for witchcraft. (Originally aired October 5, 2002)
  6. "Swarm Enough For Ya?": A massive plague of mosquitoes terrorizing Ouigee Falls is soon followed by the arrival of a strange exterminator that Mo is convinced is actually a vampire using the mosquitoes as a cover-up. (Originally aired October 12, 2002)
  7. "The Good Old Days": Mo finds himself mysteriously transported to Ouigee Falls in the early 1900s, where a headless horseman is terrorizing the townspeople, including his grandmother when she was a child. (Originally aired October 19, 2002)
  8. "Curse of the Mommies": Alyssa, Beverly, and Veronica, three teenage girls in Mo's neighborhood, find their lives turned upside-down when they wish upon a comet for their mothers to stop being uncool. (Originally aired October 26, 2002)
  9. "Ghoooul!!": The school soccer coach Coach Konkout takes on a new and more ruthless personality after being visited by the ghost of his father and told by him that only winners deserve his respect. (Originally aired November 2, 2002)
  10. "The Novelty Kid": Norman Stang, a classmate of Mo infamous for never paying his debts, find a catalogue of novelty items that actually work, but soon discovers the company behind said toys doesn't tolerate I.O.U.s. (Originally aired November 9, 2002)
  11. "The Creep Next Door": BB is convinced that his new neighbors across the street are in fact vampires, and fears the worst when their son starts trying to befriend him and Mo. (Originally aired November 16, 2002)
  12. "Crushed By an Angel": After a near-death experience, Hitch encounters his guardian angel, who soon starts developing romantic feelings for him and his risk-taking ways ... only to attract the attention of her ex-boyfriend. (Originally aired November 23, 2002)
  13. "How Now Meowing Cow": While on a high school field trip, Mo's class stop at a farm, where he and his friends discover the farmer who runs the place is secretly breeding genetically-engineered hybrid animals. (Originally aired November 30, 2002)

    Season 2:

February 12, 2003 - May 14, 2003 

  1. "The Night and Day and Night of the Hunter": (Originally aired February 12, 2003)
  2. "Follow That Mo": (Originally aired February 19, 2003)
  3. "Big Toe, Big Evil": (Originally aired February 26, 2003)
  4. "Mirror, Mirror Off The Wall": (Originally aired March 5, 2003)
  5. "Pet Shop Of No Return": (Originally aired March 12, 2003)
  6. "Something Fishy In Lake Gimmee-Gimmee-Itchee-Owee": (Originally aired March 26, 2003)
  7. "Don't touch that Dial": (Originally aired April 2, 2003)
  8. "Sold Your Soul For... What?": (Originally aired April 9, 2003)
  9. "Just My Luck": (Originally aired April 16, 2003)
  10. "A Hitch In Time": (Originally aired April 23, 2003)
  11. "Gnome Sweet Gnome": (Originally aired April 30, 2003)
  12. "Goo On You": (Originally aired May 7, 2003)
  13. "Scarin' O' The Green": (Originally aired May 14, 2003)

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