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Julies mom died in a car accident.
It would give Kane a Freudian Excuse as to why he hates cars so much.Also maybe she liked racing/was a driver and always talked to him about the freedom she felt when driving. So one day she drove too fast and ended up in a car crash. Thus Kane saw that freedom leads to people not knowing their limits and thus to them hurting/killing themselves.
  • Jossed, according to the "People Of Motorcity" blog, Julie's mom died during childbirth

Tooley is Kane's Replacement Goldfish for Mike.
It would explain why Kane keeps him around in the first place, what with him being dumb as a bag of hammers. Kain had both his partner (Jacob) and protege (Mike) light out on him, but Tooley is loyal to a fault.

Mike knows Julie is Kane's daughter.
Think about it. Mike was Kane's protege, close enough for his betrayal to cause Kane a lot of emotional distress. How the hell could he be that close to Kane and not know his daughter?
  • Kane could be a big believer in keeping work at work, and he doesn't seem like the type to gush about his family. Also, it's entirely possible Mike may have known about Julie, but never met her. The "you don't know him like I do" scene in the first episode suggests he's unaware they're related.
  • Or Mike's line about knowing Kane better could be reference to the fact that Mike knows Kane as a ruthless tyrant, while Julie spent most of her life knowing him only as a doting father.
    • Except they played the scene as a classic "He doesn't realize, and she's not telling" interaction — Mike's comment was carefree and offhand, and Julie did the whole lip-biting "You have no idea" gesture. We've seen enough of Mike, in particular, to know that he's pretty tuned in to his friends' emotions. I doubt he would have been so flippant if he knew.
  • Jossed, if you take Disney XD's character profiles at face value.
  • It was hinted that Mike maybe learned Julie's secret at the end of "A Better Tomorrow".

Counter to the above: Mike doesn't know, and it'll cause problems later on.
One option is that Kane finds out about Julie's double life before the Burners do, and uses that information to his advantage. (Personally, I'm looking forward to a scene where both parties find out at once.)
Kane: Julie?
Julie: Dad?
Everyone Else: Say what?
  • Maybe Kane was planning on introducing Julie and Mike when Mike graduated from protege to successor. Who knows: maybe he had an Arranged Marriage planned, and didn't want Like Brother and Sister to occur as a result of raising them together. After all, who better to present as a potential suitor than the person who would ensure that KaneCo stayed in power?

Possibly, no one knows that Julie is Kane's daughter.
In "Texas-ify It" Julie helps some civilians of Detroit Deluxe openly and doesn't seem to be concerned with being recognized. Maybe due to politics and people like the Terras, Kane keeps Julie's identity as his daughter under wraps for her safety?
  • I like it.
  • Claire knows.
  • People seem to really believe she is just an intern at Kane Co.
  • Confirmed. Kane says in "Vega" that he keeps her identity a secret so she won't be a target for his enemies.

Kane knows Julie is a Burner.
Kane knows his daughter is betraying him on a daily basis. The problem is, after losing Mike, Kane has serious issues with losing those close to him. He keeps Tooley around because he knows Tooley is someone he can put trust without fear of abandonment. He'd confront her on it, but deep down Kane is so averse to the idea of losing another person near him that he willfully blinds himself to the truth.
  • Jossed yet again, if you trust Julie's profile on the Disney XD website.

There will be a Sixth Ranger, and he/she will drive a motorcycle.
And his/her identity will be unknown for a while because he/she is always wearing a helmet.
  • Like Durara?
  • Mike has one in the original pilot.

Claire will become the Sixth Ranger.
Either that, or she'll end up moving down to Motorcity at some point because of something Kane does. Hell, if Kane discovers Julie is a Burner and she's forced to permanently move to Motorcity, Claire may end up moving with her best friend out of loyalty.

Mike's sister will become the Sixth Ranger
She would make her debut in Season 2.

Texas is in some way related to Kamina... some way.
Texas' entire world is basically condensed Spiral thinking. His urge to 'Texas-ify' is his urge to ever increase the level of Texas-icity. Kane is an anti-Spiral collaborator who uses Bread and Circuses and bland, self-expression-free high technology to keep people from being inspired.

Mike was really close to Kane.
That would explain why Mike has the biggest grudge against him, and why Kane is really after Mike. Mike was like a son to Kane and possibly his protege.
  • Mike probably had a really high position.
    • (Before you give me a "well duh", we don't exactly know how high up the ladder he was)
    • I'm giving you a "well, duh" anyway. The flashbacks and their dialogue in the first episode pretty well confirm Mike's "special little project" status. ("I gave you everything; how could you choose this sewer over me", etc. etc.)
      • Kane could probably argue that to anyone who lived in Detroit Deluxe...
      • It probably isn't terribly common for Deluxians to move to Motor City.
      • Maybe Mike was one of the few people who betrayed Kane.
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  • Anyway, this gal was right, Kane raised Mike and made him commander.

Mike and Julie are in a relationship.
Albeit a casual one. When the Burners are hiding at they Skylark Motel, they are in a room with two double beds and one single. The logical sleep arrangements would be Julie getting the single as she's the only girl, Mike and Chuck sharing because they're best friends, and Texas and Dutch sharing by default. Instead, Chuck is in the single, and Julie is in a double, which means when Mike finally slept, he would have been sharing with Julie, which I can't see Mike or Julie doing unless they were together.
  • I don't think Mike was planning on sleeping. Also, I thought Chuck was on the floor.

The new villain from the episode Vendetta is Red X.
He's just made some modifications to his logo.
  • I'll give you a possible Expy.

If Kane gets his hands on Mike...
And he probably will, he will brainwash and/or remove a certain memory and make Mike his "son" and commander again.
  • Or he does like the Duke did (and I'm very sorry for that sentence structure): Capture Mike's friends and use them as leverage to get Mike to cooperate. Which, again, brings up the whole Julie issue ...
  • Looks like Kane is going to try to kill him...

Red is Kane's (illegitimate) son.
Any idea who his mom is then?

Claire will end up being bait and/or a hostage at some point.
When Kane discovers Julie is a Burner, he'll threaten her best friend to keep to Julie in place, leading to her temporarily quitting the Burners. May lead to some sort of Heroic Sacrifice on Claire's part so Julie can rejoin them.
  • Either that, or Claire pulls a Took a Level in Badass to help Julie out.
  • He'll find out in a way he'll be able to keep her from knowing he found out and then he'll plant a bug to make her na unwitting spy.

KaneCo is the successor company to Omni Consumer Products.
After OCP declares bankruptcy due to an unrecoverable public relations disaster, Kane buys all of OCP's intellectual property and its "ownership" of the city of Detroit. Detroit Deluxe is essentially a rebranded Delta City come to realization: a state-of-the-art, clean, efficient, and almost crime-free metropolis under totalitarian control by a morally corrupt Mega-Corp.

Texas is the only Burner who has spent their whole life in Motorcity.
Even Chuck, whose parentage we know nothing about, seems to at least have a clue about how things are run in Deluxe. Texas genuinely seems to not have any idea how things work up there, like in the episode "Reunion" when Kane is docking all the buildings. The other Burners seem to know at least why the buildings are descending, because the buildings docking and launching would be a relatively normal occurrence in Deluxe. Texas' reaction: "Did we break the city or something?" In addition, his mannerisms, especially his lack of tact or subtly, could result from growing up in an environment where he didn't need to worry about saying/doing the wrong thing and being punished by Kane for it.
  • This was confirmed in the series bible. Texas was born and raised in Motorcity.

Texas knew his story was bogus
We—and the Kane Co employees—are supposed to believe that Texas is just that conceited and/or dumb as to believe he single-handedly took care of every threat to Motorcity thus far. That his memory is so twisted by his ego, he actually believes his version of events is how everything went down. But when Texas is shown hard evidence that he didn't do everything he said he did, he isn't even slightly phased. He isn't surprised or disappointed that he isn't as awesome as his story made him out to be. He just calmly tells Kane that the Burners are going to rescue him and take down Kane's forces, which happens not a minute later. Seems to me like the whole story was just a distraction to stall for time until the Burners could find Texas and rescue him.

The United States as we know it no longer exists.
Detroit Deluxe is practically a city state. It has its own government, its own army, its own propaganda... surely a city such as this would not exist if the U.S. government as we know it had anything to say? It openly violates at least two Constitutional amendments. Perhaps the future United States has dissolved into many little city states. Or maybe each state is its own country now and Kane just happens to have a ridiculous amount of power within the government.
  • Seems to be the case, there doesn't seem to be any civilization near there. The supposed nearest city is Cleveland, if it even exists (according to "Vega").
  • Going off that, Mike says that everything outside of Detroit Deluxe is a wasteland.
  • Kane bought Detroit from the United States.

Texas is a descendent of Kronk.
They have the same voice, same IQ, same grip on reality, and similar looks and personalities. Also, it would be awesome.
  • I second this a hundred times over.

Who is Red
Perhaps he was the nonfaceless goon with blonde hair (Jenzen) next to Mike. Maybe he looked up to Mike and after Mike left, he probably hated him so much and sought to obsessively kill him, taking on the markings of the destroyed buildings to remind him of Mike's betrayal. This explains why he hates Mike exclusively, and would easily ally with Kane, who's soldiers also helped destroy the house. Mentions of losing his home could just be lies, or guilt tripping Mike.
  • It was pretty heavily implied, to the point of being stated outright, that Red lived in the building Mike was sent to demolish. Allying himself with Kane is just another sign of his lust for revenge overwhelming his reason.
  • The thing about that is that we never see Red, or rather, there is never a lingering on any of the fleeing members for us to assume which one became him (unlike the goon who looks like he could have some importance on the sole account of being distinguishable). While, yes, Mike makes a guess, Red confirming it could just be another means to hurt him psychologically.

That armor is bulky, and the voice is distorted, so it could be anyone under there. If Season 2 had happened, at some point the Burners would be chasing down some aggressive, pushy guy they thought was Red, only to find out that some quiet girl their own age who'd been following them the whole time was their real enemy.

The Duke used to be an actual rock star before the apocalypse
A super rich and famous rock star, which would explain how wealthy he is compared to the rest of the residents and gangs of Motorcity, and to an extent his huge ego. Not wanting to have to live under Kane's rules, Duke took all his wealth underground and set up his own little domain, as opposed to working up from scratch like most of the other gangs seem to have done.
  • Considering he's voiced by none other than Dee Snider, this makes a fair amount of sense.

Julie was an illegitimate child
Possibly Kane had an affair a long time ago, being something of a celebrity and all (or during the time he was working his way up), therefore had a mistress. She became pregnant and initially didn't tell him or had lost contact with him, until she was dying and sent Julie to live with Kane OR after she was born, her mother abandoned her with Kane. This could mean Kane didn't initially ever plan on becoming a parent but grew to care about Julie. This could also explain why only three people know she is his daughter, as having an illegitimate child could be bad for publicity and the public knows Kane has never married.

Keir is Beck
Consider this: We know that many of the crew from Tron: Uprising worked on Motorcity. We also know that there's a very popular theory that Rinzler, from Tron: Legacy, is Beck. We also know that the third Tron film, at least at some point, was about programs leaving the Grid. We also know that it's very likely that Motorcity takes place After the End. So after Beck comes back from being Rinzler, he gets out of the Gird, becomes weary with a stagnant life, and travels the world. The end comes, he's in Detroit, Kane takes over...

Red [[was also jealous of Mike becoming a
Rebel Leader]]It kind of makes more sense why he's his top priority over Kane. First the guy works with the people who destroyed his home, then after he quits, he becomes some kind of hero? Yeah, as someone with his own reason to despise Kane Co, he probably wanted revenge against them first, and Mike is beating him to it. Besides, Mike's an easier target to go after before he starts gunning for Kane next.

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