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Funny / Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm

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  • Sonya continuing to call Jax "blubber butt" despite his dismay during "The Secret of Quan Chi."
  • An unintentional one in "Acid Tongue". Cause of an Animation Error, when Jax is sitting in the Dragon Jet, lamenting on his arms not working, his legs are coloured the same as his Skin Tone, making it look like he's sitting in the Dragon Jet naked! The timing of Jax's dialogue during this scene is almost a little too perfect, considering the error.
    Jax: "I've never felt so naked, and alone in my life!".
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  • Would you believe this was Quan Chi's debut appearance? This meme worthy face sums his cartoon incarnation up. It's just too amazing to pass up.
  • In "Swords of Ilkan", Sonya is trying to get to know Kitana better, so Jax makes up an excuse to fly with Liu Kang so the girls can share a jet. He didn't exactly think the plan through, leading to this exchange:
    Liu Kang: So what's up, Jax?
    Jax: Huh? ...Oh! Oh, yeah, uh... how're you enjoying the weather?
    (Liu raises a confused eyebrow)

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