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Being a Lighter and Softer series compared to Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero, the Legends series is bound to provide a few laughs or so.

Mega Man Legends 1

  • The hammy-ass narrator from the opening.
    "On a world covered by eeeennnnnddless water..."
  • When the Reaverbot boss follows Mega Man out of the tower at the start of the game. His reaction is priceless.
  • When you save the Junk Store man early on, he asks for your name, and you can tell him either Mega Man, or Hippopotamus. If you tell him Hippopotamus, he actually calls you that for the rest of the game.
    • The Japanese version takes it up a notch: You can say that your name is "Kaba" which besides being Hippo in Japanese is also an instance of being called "baka (stupid)".
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  • Anytime Tron Bonne acts like a Tsundere to Mega Man. The first meeting for instance, where Tron has been chased up a street light by the little dog Paprika.
  • During the otherwise not very funny boat battle, we get this rather hilarious exchange while the Bonnes chases Mega Man and Roll's boat down a canal:
    Tesiel Bonne: What's the matter? If you don't watch it, you're gonna end up with a big hole in your backside! Ha ha ha ha ha!
    Roll Caskett: I can't shake them...Mega Man...Mega Man, are you all right? You didn't fall off or anything did you?
  • There are a few occasions where you get bonus dialogue options in conversations, options which, while usually wrong as far as advancing the plot or sidequest, are universally hilarious. For example, Mega Man encounters a painter in Uptown who comments that something's missing from the painting she's working on and asks him what he thinks it needs. The player can either reply "Some red" or "Some talent."
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  • During the battle with the Marlwolf, Teisel boasts about it being invincible to Mega Man's weapons, which is true... However, the Servbots keep repeatedly opening the hatch to attack Mega, in turn giving Mega Man a way of damaging it. Teisel, being genre savvy enough to realize that this is what's leading to their downfall, proceeds to spend the rest of the battle screaming at them to quit opening the hatch.
    Teisel: What do you think you're doing? Hurry up and close the hatch!
    Teisel: I thought I told you to close the hatch!

Mega Man Legends 2

  • Mega Man walks in on Roll taking a bath, and she screams at him over a black screen. When the screen fades back in, Mega Man is back outside pumping his fist in victory. He doesn't even seem to be shocked this time unlike in the previous game, as if he actually meant to do it.
    • When you check her diary afterward, she remarks the same thing happened twice already, and ponders whether he's done it on purpose. It also doesn't help that Data practically told Mega Man to check the bathroom just to cause this.
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  • During the battle on Nino Island, after shooting down all the Birdbot assault teams:
    Copilot Birdbot: All of our assault teams have been shot down!
    Green Birdbot: Inconceivablllllle!!
    Red Birdbot: I told you not to underestimate them! How come we have to go to so much trouble over one little blue guy?
    Blue Birdbot: *hits the Green Birdbot over the head!* Blue guy!? What are you talking about, me!? Blue!? Huh!? Are you talking about me!?
    Red Birdbot: No, not you! The guy down there!
    Copilot Birdbot: Curses! Our plan may have failed, but we can't let that blue guy off this easy! For our fallen comrades! Battlestations!
    Blue Birdbot: Yeah! Get the blue guy! Keh keh keh keh, keh keh!!
  • Also, after you fight Klaymoore the second time... his back goes out. The old timer has to, while stammering in pain, ask his partner Bola to take him out of the ruins.
    • Hell, Bola's comment just sells it.
    Bola: *poofs in, sighs* I thought I was your partner, not your nursemaid.
  • Teisel Bonne's Even Evil Has Standards moment during the raid on Saul Kada:
    Teisel Bonne: Listen up everybody! Take everything of value that isn't nailed down, you hear me?! I mean everything— I don't want there to even be a toothpick left, got it!
    Servbot 1: Master Tiesel, we've taken all the food and supplies and loaded them onto the ship!
    Servbot 2: Uhm, what should we do with the toilet paper?
    Teisel Bonne: We may be pirates, but we're not barbarians. We'll let them keep the toilet paper.
  • After Tron's robot gets blown up in the Saul Kada Ruins, the camera pans to Mega Man going really red in the face, and this exchange takes place:
    Tron Bonne: *coughing* Well, there goes another *coughs* Gustaff, but it doesn't matter, you're too late, we won! Bon is on his way up to the surface with the key. *coughs* What? Why is your face red? Why is everybody looking at me that way?
    One Servbot: Um, Miss Tron, your um clothes have been, um, kind of, um, ripped off...
    Other Servbot: Actually, your clothes are, um, gooone.
    Tron Bonne: What... ah... *screams* ...y-you dummies! Why didn't you tell me before?!? R-retreat, retreat!
    Both Servbots: R-R-Roger!
  • There's something to be said about the Gemeinschaft's engine being nothing more than Bon hauling ass on the tracks as fast as his massive robot arms can carry him. It really does speak volumes about how completely flat broke the Bonnes have gotten by that point.
    • In the same battle, the second phase begins with the Gemeinschaft firing rockets at you, which inexplicably have Servbots riding on top of them for seemingly no other reason than Rule of Funny. The best way to fight the train at this point? Catch the rockets out of the air and toss them back... with the Servbots still riding them.

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

  • In any of the bank robbery stages, shoot a Beacon Bomb at a police car. The Servbots quickly chopshop the thing and come running back to you carrying various car parts, gleefully shouting "Yay! Yay!"
  • The very first time you beacon bomb a house the animation shows what the servbots do, the very first thing the first servbot in the house does is turn on the tv!
  • In one of the crate missions Tron informs her servbots that they're going to be stealing TVs. Immediately one of the servbots asks if they have cable. Then afterwards she also informs them that they won't be keeping any of them which leaves the servbots understandably disappointed.
  • Right before the third mission on the farm stage, we get this:
    Tron: Horses! Thoroughbreds sell for astronomical amounts of zenny!
    Servbot: Horses can't be astronauts, Miss Tron.
    Tron: *Gives an incredibly dumbfounded expression* ......
    Tron: *Suddenly smiling again* Anyway!
  • After going through hell and back to save Tiesel and Bon Bonne and getting a giant golden refractor the bonnes throw a party, after awhile Tron starts talking with her favorite servbot commenting on how hard it's been working and how it had trash duty that day all the while Tiesel was gloating over how they got back at Loathe and Glyde, cue the servbot saying that he emptied the storage room. Tron tenatively asks if he remembered to leave the giant treasure box which had the giant golden refractor in it and was their payoff for all that hard work alone. Cue the servbot saying he got rid of everything in the storage room. Cue Tron going ballistic, Tiesel looking petrified and then when the screen fades to black we get this...
    Favorite Servbot: Smoke? Is something on fire?

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