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Tear Jerker / Mega Man Legends

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy.

Mega Man Legends

  • The very backstory of this series: Humanity went extinct thousands of years ago from massive flooding with only the human-like carbons surviving. It's quite hard for the series' fan to swallow the fact that, for everything Mega Man, Dr. Light, X, and Zero fought for, the era of humanity and robots co-existing didn't last forever.
  • Despite being villains, the Bonnes' implied death after Mega Man shoots down the Fouke-Wolf is this. Teisel comforting Tron as they go down is the kicker:
    Tron: I'm... s-sorry, Teisel. ...I lost.
    Teisel: ...Don't worry your pretty little head over it, Tron. We tried our best, but sometimes your best isn't good enough. We lost fair and square. That's life...
    • And of course, there's Mega Man and Roll's reaction to this happening.
      Roll: They did eject....right?
      Mega Man: *Shaking his head* No Roll, I don't think they did.
      Roll: Maybe....Maybe we should've gone easier on them....
    • It's especially bad when one remembers that Tron is only 14 and Bon is a baby. It comes as a relief to everyone when the Bonnes are revealed to have survived.

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne


Mega Man Legends 2

  • At one point, Tron comes up with the idea of using a voice modifier to make it sound like Roll doesn't really care about Mega Man. While Roll does manage to chime in later, when Megaman actually believed these awful things, one can see a tear roll down one of his eyes. Considering how close he and Roll are, this must've been heartbreaking for him to hear.
    • Even though she brought it upon herself, it is sad to see Tron after the fight watching Mega Man and Roll have their cute little conversation about dinner while she stands on the sidelines alone. You can tell she wishes she had that kind of relationship with Mega Man.
    • The thing about all this though, is that when Tron accuses Roll of essentially keeping some of Mega Man's money for herself: There IS a feature in-game where buying gifts for Roll gives you a 10% discount on her upgrade costs. While it's heartwarming for most fans, it honestly leaves a bad implication because Mega Man might have been paying 10% MORE for his stuff up untill then, so Tron possibly might not have been completely making it up, or could have even found out somehow.
  • The music that accompanies both the Shuttle Bay (which leads to the final stage), as well as the Mother Zone. There's a sadness to both of them, especially when you realize that this game is the last canonical game in the Mega Man timeline, thousands of years into the future, long after many of your favorite characters from each iteration have passed away.
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  • A rarely shown counterpart scene to the infamous scene of walking in on Roll in the bath, occurs if you get bad karma in Legends 2 and are also mean to Roll. You find her depressed and laying in bed, and when spoken to she explains Mega Man is doing so many bad things, and she's worrying about him changing from how he used to be. The player can apologize and cheer her up, or can Kick the Dog and call her a busybody and tell her to leave you alone.
  • The ending of Legends 2 has Mega Man stuck on the moon.
    Data: Sorry, Mega Man, but it looks like you might be stuck up there for a little while more...


  • Meta-example: Legends 3's sudden cancellation.