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  • When Maleficent and Stefan first meet, the latter calls her tree...people...ugly to look at. Maleficent assures them that they are "classically handsome".
  • After Maleficent rescues Diaval and turns him into a human, his first reaction is to indignantly say "What have you done to my beautiful self?!" Maleficent promptly mocks him by asking if he'd have preferred being beaten to death, and he snaps back "I'm not certain!"
  • When Maleficent finds Baby Aurora in the cottage and tries to frighten her from the window, but the baby just smiles. The tone of the whole scene makes you half-expect Maleficent to stick her tongue out at baby Aurora.
    Maleficent: (dryly) I hate you. Beastie.
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  • Later when Maleficent makes it rain inside the cottage, scaring the pixies. Diaval shoots her a look.
    Maleficent: Oh, come on. That's funny.
  • Diaval is very displeased at being turned into a dog.
    Maleficent: It was a wolf, not a dog.
    Diaval: It's the same thing - they're dirty, vicious, and they hunt birds!
    Maleficent: (exasperated) Fine, next time I'll turn you into a mealy worm!
    Diaval: I'll be a mealy worm, gladly! Anything but a filthy, stinking - *gets transformed into a raven* Awk!
  • Maleficent's reaction to Aurora gleefully claiming to know who she is.
    Aurora: You're my Fairy Godmother!
    Maleficent: What.
    • The expression on Maleficent's face is priceless, transitioning from a menacing yet dignified and composed demeanour, to being completely flabbergasted by Aurora's words. "What an awkward situation" indeed.
  • When Aurora plans to tell the pixies that she wants to stay in the Moors, she practices to herself and mutters that they accidentally fed her spiders once.
  • When Toddler Aurora finds Maleficent, hugs her and demands to be picked up. After failed attempts to get her to leave, Maleficent obliges and the girl immediately starts playing with her horns. All of this is made better by the fact that Toddler Aurora is played by Jolie's youngest daughter, Vivienne, the only four year-old they could find not scared out of her wits by the costume.
    Maleficent: I don't like children.
    • As soon as she's eye level with Maleficent, Aurora grabs onto her horns. The look on the evil fairy's face is glorious.
  • Most of the scenes with the three fairies that aren't dramatic can count as this, especially ones where Maleficent is screwing with them For the Evulz, like the aforementioned rain scene, and another one where they get into a fight over their hair. They also at one point almost forget Aurora, and try to feed her vegetables as an infant.
    • Hilarious in Hindsight for those who watched the Harry Potter films, as one of the fairies is played by the same actress who played Dolores Umbridge. Besides the fact that both characters are related to magic, seeing a Sadist Teacher evil witch turned into a funny incompetent bumbling fairy is priceless.
    • "I said no magic!"[1]
  • During their final assault on the castle, Diaval and Maleficent have this exchange.
    Maleficent: Then don't come. It's not your fight.
    Diaval: Well. Thank you very much. I need you Diaval! I can't do this without you Diaval!
    Maleficent: (dryly) I can hear you.
  • The scene where Aurora participates in a mud war between some of the trolls. They're throwing it around, having a good time...until one of them misses and hits Maleficent on the cheek. The trolls' instant reaction is to panic as Maleficent glares at them, until she hears Diaval cackling with laughter. In response, she uses her magic to pour mud all over his head.
  • Poor Philip spends most of his screentime being towed around unconscious by Diaval like so much luggage. He's even used as a distraction to lure a castle guard close enough for Maleficent to choke up on her staff, step out of hiding, and knock the man out cold.
    • Diaval's facial expressions seal it. He's clearly annoyed at being the one to tote Philip around like a child with a balloon.
    • During said distraction scene, you can see Diaval giving Maleficent an appreciative look after she knocks the guard out.
  • Philip's flustered and horrified reaction to the fairies' "gently encouraging" (or rather, forcefully shoving) him to kiss the unconscious Aurora.
  • Maleficent's penchant for shutting people up mid-sentence. With Diaval it's usually by turning him into a bird, but with Phillip and, on one occasion, Aurora, she just puts them to sleep while they're still talking. Watching them go from lively and animated to comatose in about a second is very amusing.
  • Darkly humorous is how Maleficent deals with some soldiers that have snuck into the Moors: by lifting them into the air with magic and spinning them around as though they were in a tornado. She's grinning the whole time, too.
  • When Diaval wants to be transformed into his human form, his way of telling Maleficent seems to be flapping and cawing in her face until he annoys her enough to acquiesce.
  • After getting into another argument, the Three Fairies have a small fight that ends with Knotgrass getting a blue splotch on her face. Aurora then walks in to tell them about how she's moving in with Maleficent, only to stop and stare at Knotgrass's face. What really sells it is Aurora tilting her head while making an expression that just screams utter confusion.
  • If you've seen the movie already and decide to watch again, the moment Knotgrass says she and her colleagues are "VERY good with children" at Aurora's christening will make you burst with laughter.
  • Anytime Stefan goes into Violent Glaswegian mode.
    • Really, the Scottish accents in this movie alone.
    Captain of the Guard: The wall cannae be burnt! It is indestructible!
  • Maleficent introduces herself to Phillip, who's come back looking for Aurora.
    Phillip: I'm looking for a girl.
    Maleficent: [utterly deadpan] Of course you are. [effortlessly knocks him out without even blinking]
  • Maleficent puts Phillip to sleep so he face-plants his horse's neck. Then, she tells Diaval, "I need a horse" and grins.
  • "True love doesn't just fall from trees, you know." Cue Maleficent dropping Phillip in front of them.


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