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Spoilers Off applies to the Moments subpages. BEWARE OF UNMARKED SPOILERS

  • After Phillip proposes to Aurora and she accepts:
    Phillip: We have to tell our parents!
    Aurora: ...Do we?
    [Diaval, spying on them in his raven form, squawks indignantly.]
  • Diaval gently breaks it to Maleficent that Phillip proposed, and begs her to remain calm. She... does not do that.
  • Early on, Phillip is talking to one of his soldiers about the wedding. Although the scene is tense with the guard's attitude towards "Moorfolk", there is this entertaining bit at the start.
    Soldier: So, will I be your best man, or do you intend to pick someone from the Moors?
    Phillip: If that's your way of asking if she said 'yes'-
    Soldier: Well, I had no doubt she would say 'yes'!
  • The dark and grim lady has No Social Skills. A literal raven has better social skills than her.
    • Maleficent practices her smile with her reflection in the river.
      Diaval: Try it with a little less fang.
    • Diaval suggests she say "so kind of you to invite me" in a way that doesn't sound like a death threat.
    • When he suggests a curtsy, Maleficent gives a quick look best summed up as "I am two seconds from changing you into a worm."
    • She pulls off the greeting. And then...
      King John: I trust you had no trouble finding the castle.
      Maleficent: Why would I've trouble?
      King John: (awkward cough)
      Diaval: (whispering) He's making small talk. I'll explain it later.
  • It's quick, but Diaval telling the human attendant to "shoo!" when the guy tries to take his mistress's cloak instead of him.
  • Maleficent tries to warn Aurora about how terrible humans can be.
    Aurora: I am human.
    Maleficent: And I have never held that against you.
    • Aurora tries to convince Maleficent that Phillip is really kind.
    Maleficent: Kind of what?
  • Maleficent strides into the main city and sees various citizens terrified of her.
    Maleficent: Pitchforks. Humans are hilarious.
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  • While it’s unknown whether Ingrith or anyone else knows about Diaval’s true form, there’s some Black Comedy about Diaval being understandably uncomfortable being served a bird dinner, with him and Maleficent sharing an awkward look with each other.
  • There's something darkly funny about how Ingrith opens her secret passage by twisting the head of a dressing dummy like she's snapping a neck.
  • During Ingrith and Aurora's confrontation in the secret lab, Ingrith seemingly steps out of the shadows...then notices the beam of light coming from the window and decides to go around it like avoiding a particularly disgusting puddle...all the while giving her Motive Rant.
  • After dying, turning into a phoenix, and rescuing Aurora from a fall from a tower, Maleficent turns to Diaval and says, "I missed you." Diaval asks if she hit her head.
  • The end of Ingrith: She's landed face first on the ground and ranting on how there can be no peace between humans and the Moors and turns into a goat midway through it.
    • A few minutes later, Phillip sees a goat wearing his mother's jewelry wandering about and whispers "is that...?" Diaval insists that "Maleficent can turn her back" only for the king to suggest that maybe they all prefer Ingrith stays that way.
  • During the lead-up to the wedding, Diaval cheerfully apologizes to the humans around him in case some of them were among those he maimed while in bear form.
  • At the wedding, Diaval is crying Tears of Joy. Maleficent tells him to pull himself together... then starts tearing up herself.
  • Maleficent tells Phillip and Aurora "I'll be there for the christening" and gives a wink. As she flies off, Phillip gives Aurora an uncertain look. At least this time, we know there won't be any cursing to death or death-like sleep.
    • It ALSO implies that Aurora is ALREADY pregnant after ONE night of marriage... boy, Philip’s fertile!


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